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It becomes clear how the events in Kazakhstan and Ukraine were...

NATO and the West's hope was that Putin would succumb to temptation and send military to Kazakhstan, and tie up Russian troops, while Ukrainian troops would strike at Donbas. Putin did not bite.

The boomerang principle: a physicist on the consequences of the uranium...

Russian sanctions can severely impact European and American hydrocarbon and nuclear energy markets. Russia plays chess while The West continues its stubborn game of chicken.

Detailed Statements of the Heads of State of the CSTO about...

The attempted coup in Kazakhstan covered eleven regions at the same time, but the main attack was directed against Almaty, the largest city and their financial center.

NEO – What Viruses are being studied by US Military Bio-Laboratories...

Jim W. Dean - We have the irony of US and EU demands for China to allow investigators into the Wuhan Lab for a Covid origin hunt, when the US has bio labs around the world where no monitoring access is allowed.

NEO – The “Silk Road Rally” sports unite Eurasia

Jim W. Dean - With the EU and US basically 'built out', the last thing they want to see with an already economic powerhouse in Asia is its potential to double and quadruple its economy.

Premier Trump Wins Debate

Kazakhstan sends its congratulations.

Kazakhgate revealed the true situation in the Belgian Parliament

Patokh Chodiev: How a billionaire was embroiled in the political struggle