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On This Day in 1991, Anglican Church Peace Envoy Terry Waite...

On Nov 18, 1991, Shiite Muslim kidnappers in Lebanon freed Anglican Church envoy Terry Waite after more than four years of captivity.

40 Years Ago: When Psychotic Barbarians Massacred over 3000 Palestinians...

Remembering one of the vilest massacres in recent history. This will sicken you

Hezbollah Reveals Air Defenses

In an unprecedented acknowledgment of doubting the superiority of its own air force in the skies of Lebanon, Israel confirmed that it had received Hezbollah’s messages that posed a threat to the Israeli Air Force and its freedom of movement.

Hezbollah MP: Saudi Arabia seeking revenge on Lebanon for Yemen war...

The country that lost the war now intends to avenge its defeat against Lebanon since Lebanon stood by the oppressed nation that has been under invasion for eight years and whose country has been destroyed amid attempts by some parties to make it surrender.

Hezbollah Shoots Down Israeli Spy Drone

Asymmetrical warfare at its best. Now the US taxpayer will have to cough up another billion dollars to buy Israel more drones.

Russian Bear in Lebanon, with China not far behind

Jim W. Dean - VT wishes Lebanon well, and we hope to go back someday during better times.

Hezbollah Suspects Israel Behind Beirut Explosion

Hezbollah faces up to the explosive truth.