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Covert Warfare: How NATO’s Defense Contractors Assisted Ukraine in War?

In addition to British SAS units, and United States special forces, and covert CIA operatives, approximately 6,824 “foreign mercenaries” from 63 countries came to Ukraine to fight for the Zelensky government, per the Russian Defence Ministry.

Was Fire at Russia’s Military Research Institute Instigated by Ukraine?

Reportedly, scores of covert operatives of the SBU, Ukraine’s notorious intelligence agency, have infiltrated into Russia disguised as refugees.

Slovakia Delivered MiG-29s to Ukraine in Operation Overseen by Pentagon

The Pentagon announced Tuesday Ukraine’s military had received additional aircraft as well as parts for repairs to get damaged aircraft flying again.

British Brinkmanship: Salisbury Poisonings and Johnson’s Kyiv Visit

The number of American troops deployed in Europe now stands at 50,000 in Germany, 15,000 in Italy, 10,000 in the United Kingdom, and not to mention tens of thousands of additional US troops that have recently been deployed in Eastern Europe since the escalation of hostilities with Russia.

Pakistan’s Pivot to Russia and Ouster of Imran Khan

Connecting the dots of the 3-letter insurrection against the FLOTUS and the ouster of Imran Khan.

NATO’s ‘Weapons for Peace’ Program and Russia’s Diplomatic Demarche

Russia’s concerns about massive supplies of weapons and military equipment to the Kiev regime,” was forwarded to the State Department by the Russian Embassy in Washington, in which Russia accused NATO of trying to “pressure Ukraine to abandon peace negotiations in order to continue the bloodshed."

Plausible Deniability: Was Russian Warship Sunk by American Harpoons (and AEGIS)?

Ukraine's Operational Command South announced Thursday that it hit a Russian warship with a “Ukrainian-made Neptune anti-ship missile” that was operating roughly 60 miles south off the coast of Odesa in southeast Ukraine and that it had started to sink.

Putin’s Scuttled Peace Initiative: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

“I often get these questions, can’t we hurry it up?’ We can. But it depends on the intensity of hostilities and the intensity of hostilities is directly related to casualties,” said President Putin.

Make No Mistake: Putin Will Use Nukes First

The Ukraine conflict is clearly spiraling out of control and has the potential not only of dragging NATO powers into the war.

Is U.S. President Biden Being Pushed to Start Third World War?

The Plan of NATO’s military strategists appears to be to establish refugee settlements in the border regions of Ukraine’s neighboring countries Poland and Romania and then provide guerrilla warfare training and lethal arms to able-bodied men in order to mount a war of attrition against Russia’s security forces.

NATO to Fight Russia to Last Ukrainian

In a show of solidarity with Ukraine, several European nations recently announced they would not criminalize but rather expedite citizens joining NATO’s war effort in Ukraine.

Iran Nuclear Deal: Forestalling Spillover of Ukraine War in Gulf

The media hype surrounding restoration of Iran nuclear pact should be viewed against the backdrop of escalation of hostilities between the US and Russia.

Blackwater Mercenaries: NATO’s Secret Weapon in Ukraine War

A fire broke out in one of Europe’s largest nuclear power plants near Kyiv. The fire has been extinguished after the plant was captured by Russian troops and no radiation leakage has been detected.

Ukraine Bear Trap: Neo-Nazis, Syrian Jihadists and Hybrid Warfare

Besides providing lethal drones to Ukraine and closing Bosphorus straits to warships, Erdogan reportedly introduced Syria’s battle hardened militants to the Ukraine conflict.

Ukraine Intervention: How NATO Stirred Resting Bear into Action?

The militaries of the NATO member states operate under the integrated military command led by the Pentagon.

Nazi Invasion of Russia and ‘Ukraine Crisis’ Hysteria

If the United States has purported “strategic interests” across the Atlantic Ocean in Europe, then is it too hard to imagine that Russia could also have vital security interests along its western borders in Ukraine?

How is Restoring Iran Nuclear Pact Vital for Global Energy Security?

Background on the Iran nuclear agreement in light of Iran's geo-strategic prominence.

How Russia’s Patronage Expedited Taliban’s Kabul Takeover?

The fate of Afghanistan was sealed as soon as the US forces evacuated Bagram airbase in the dead of the night on July 1, six weeks before the inevitable fall of Kabul on August 15.

ISIS Prison Break: False Flag by Kurds to Keep US Forces...

According to Syrian sources, what really transpired at the high-security al-Sina’a prison was that the Kurdish guards incited an insurrection on the night of Jan. 20 and let hundreds of prisoners escape. The SDF forces mounted a ten-day manhunt for the fugitives and killed hundreds of unarmed prisoners who were hiding in adjacent areas.

Is Trump Campaign Funded by Subversive Anti-China Group?

A clandestine organization of Chinese dissidents based in the US enjoyed, until the November 2020 presidential election, the protection of the US security establishment, and was used to mount psychological warfare against the Chinese government.

How ISIS Leader was Betrayed by Rivals and Killed by US?

Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), led by al-Nusra Front Emir Abu Muhammad al-Jolani, controls most of the territory in Syria’s northwestern Idlib province with the tacit approval of Turkish security forces that have established numerous military outposts in the Syrian enclave bordering Turkey.

Regional Power Play and Killing of Bin Laden and ISIS Caliphs

The New York Times has chronicled the most detailed “official story” of the killing of al-Baghdadi’s shadowy successor at Syria’s border along Turkey in a Special Ops night raid, but the whole screed is based on the testimony of five unnamed witnesses, including one with the pseudonym Abu Muhammad.

How Erdogan Scapegoated ISIS Caliph to Appease Biden?

Erdogan is trying desperately hard to prove to the Biden administration that Turkey is still a reliable NATO ally that could play a vital role in the global power rivalry.

Ukraine Crisis: How Deep State Created Biden-Putin Rift?

The current brinkmanship on the Ukraine crisis is a manifestation of a situation where the negotiations of civilian presidents are twarted, while the Pentagon’s top brass determines the national security agenda pursued by the US.

Yemen Conflict: Blowback of Obama’s Botched Syria Policy

Mindful of the botched policy it had pursued in Libya and Syria, and aware of the catastrophe it had wrought in the Middle East region, the Obama administration had to yield to the dictates of Saudi Arabia and UAE.

How Deep State Brought Russia and US to Brink of War...

In March 2017, alternative media was abuzz with reports that a dam was about to collapse and the entire civilian population downstream the Euphrates River needed to be evacuated to prevent a catastrophe. But the US national security establishment had issued a gag order to mainstream media “not to sensationalize the issue.”

Gulf-Israel Accord: The Kings Have no Clothes (celebrating brutal dictatorship)

It must’ve taken some persuasive skills by the Trump administration to convince Abu Dhabi’s Zayed and Bahrain’s Khalifa to formally recognize Israel in the run-up the US presidential elections slated for November 3.

Khashoggi Murder and the Killing of al Baghdadi

While Trump has overtly withdrawn troops from Iraq, most have redeployed to Syria along with 6500 armed contractors.

Trump: The ‘Frenemy’ of the Islamic World

The Critical Infrastructure Protection Force, whose strength is numbered in tens of thousands, is also being trained and equipped by the US to guard the critical Saudi oil infrastructure along its eastern Persian Gulf coast where 90% of 266 billion barrels of Saudi oil reserves are located.

Bob Woodward: Trump Saved Saudi Crown Prince after Khashoggi Murder

Jamal Khashoggi was murdered on October 2, 2018, when the US midterm elections slated for November were only a few weeks away. The corporate media’s campaign to seek justice for the murder of Khashoggi was a smear campaign against Donald Trump and his conservative political base, which became obvious after the US midterm election results were tallied.

Was Qassem Soleimani Killed to avenge Saudi Oil Installations Attack?

The brazen attack on the Abqaiq petroleum facility and the Khurais oil field in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia on September 14 was the third major attack in the Persian Gulf against the assets of Washington and its regional clients.