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Hospitals Seek Liability Protections Before Starting Elective Surgeries

Some hospitals say the legal uncertainty is making them wary of resuming long-stalled elective procedures.

As States Reopen: Coronavirus Deaths to Increase

A new model projects that 147,000 Americans could die from the coronavirus by August – a sharp increase over a total predicted as recently as Sunday.

NIH: ‘No Single COVID-19 Vaccine Is Likely to Meet Global Need’

The authors emphasize that developing COVID-19 vaccines will require unprecedented cooperation from governments, academic institutions, industry, and global philanthropic partners

3 Top Health Officials Self-Isolate After Coronavirus Cases Inside White House

The head of the Food and Drug Administration will also self-quarantine; all three are on the coronavirus task force.

Beware: Anti-Vaxx Leaders Use Pandemic to Push for Resistance to Vaccines

Health Editor's Note: Nothing like taking fear of the unknown and using that to add to your harebrained and disturbingly harmful anti-vaxx rhetoric.....Carol Anti-vaccination leaders...

NIH: Finding the Body Cell Targets for COVID-19

The discovery suggests that SARS-CoV-2 and potentially other coronaviruses that rely on ACE2 may take advantage of the immune system’s natural defenses.

NIH Begins Study of Coronavirus Infection in U.S. Children

Preliminary evidence suggests that having an allergic condition paradoxically may reduce a person’s susceptibility to SARS-CoV-2 infection and severe COVID-19 disease.

NCI: Part of Federal Team to Evaluate Antibody Tests for Novel...

NCI has unique research capabilities and capacities

Some COVID-19 Patients ‘Crash’ During Second Week of Illness

People with the coronavirus can crash before or after they are hospitalized

The Race for a Coronavirus Vaccine

Oxford University leaps ahead in coronavirus vaccine

Yonkers Fighting COVID-19: One Shift in the ED

Half of the approximately 280 staff members who were tested for the disease were positive — with another 25 to 30 still awaiting results

NIH: Challenge of Tracking COVID-19’s Spread

The NIH has a team that’s exploring various ways to carry out digital tracing while still protecting personal privacy

U.S. Naval Ships: Floating Coronavirus Incubators

As of Wednesday morning, 3,578 US service members have tested positive for the virus, including two deaths

CDC Warning About Coronavirus

More deaths If next wave of coronavirus and flu seasons combine

Official Treatment Protocols for CV19 Set (No chloroquine/hydroxychlorquine-useless)

Expert U.S. panel develops NIH treatment guidelines for COVID-19 New Release: National Institutes of Health Antivirals: There are insufficient clinical data to recommend either for or...

Genetics: A Factor in Severity of COVID-19?

Health Editor's Note: Why do some people die from COVID-19 and others carry the virus and never show symptoms? We have people who are...

COVID-19: Facts and Stats

Health Editor's Note: While this article contains many accurate facts and statistics, it was published on March 13. In the past two weeks or...

Coronavirus: Challenging Families

We are living in a very chaotic time

CIVID-19/coronavirus: Existing conditions, age, and sex statistics

by Jim W. Dean, VT Editor ...from WorldoMeter,  Last updated: February 29, 4:40 GMT There are two sources that provide age, sex, and comorbidity statistics: The Report...