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Russia to Cut Oil Production in Response to Western Sanctions. Prices...

Oil prices jumped more than 2% on Friday, heading for weekly gains, as Moscow announced plans to reduce crude production next month in response...

Putin Bans All Oil Sales to ‘Price Cap’ States

The move is in response to a Western coalition price-limit on Russia’s seaborne oil exports

The Energy Crisis

The West’s decision to have an energy crisis took many people by surprise.

Ukraine war: UN chief Guterres slams Oil and Gas firms’ ‘Grotesque...

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has called for oil and gas companies to face special taxes.

U.S.-Saudi Relations Reset Despite MBS International Crimes and 9/11 Heavy Suspicions

Reversing his previously held position, U.S. officials have announced that President Biden will travel to Saudi Arabia in order to meet with Mohammad bin Salman

Will Biden Shoot Himself in the Foot to Impose Sanctions on...

On Thursday, President Joe Biden ordered the largest release ever from the US emergency oil reserve in a futile attempt to bring down gasoline prices that have soared to record levels following the Russo-Ukraine War.

US may act alone to ban Russian energy as Moscow warns...

Is the Biden administration is willing to act unilaterally to ban imports of Russian oil at a time when Americans are stung by soaring prices at the pump?