The West’s decision to have an energy crisis took many people by surprise. I say ‘decision’ because the crisis is the result of policy decisions including the mistaken decision to back Ukraine, despite her decision to invade the Donbas Republics and her development of ethnically targeted bio-weapons. Inevitably this mistake has driven up natural gas prices. This has been compounded in the UK by the clinically insane decisions to close the Rough natural gas storage facility, ban fracking and close down the successful Hinkley B Advanced Gas Cooled Reactor nuclear power station.  

Energy is vital, for nations, businesses and households. The Germans have long understood this and pursue a policy of energy starvation. The Oil Price Shock of 1973, which saw oil prices nearly quadruple almost overnight, was organised by Germany. It was only implemented by Arab states in the Middle East.

No Western government saw it coming. That’s partly because no Western politician who was not working for Germany understood how the Arab states were making their money. They all labored under the delusion that they made their money selling oil. At no point did anyone try and do the math.

In reality the Arabs made their money offshore, not onshore, and I don’t offshore oil wells. They traded their oil profits in high yield trading programs. Since these are controlled from Frankfurt they give the Germans considerable leverage. Forcing up the price of oil in order to damage the West was as easy as pie for the Bad Guys.

Wrecking the economies of your major customers was scarcely good business for the Arabs, if you think about it. However since the profits to be made offshore far outweighed the money to be made selling oil it didn’t matter. The same goes for banks. Nearly all Western banks trade offshore, concealing the profits from their shareholders, regulators and the tax man.

Since they make most of their profits, tax-free, offshore they needn’t worry too much about making money onshore. Remember that next time you try and call your bank! Most UK banks now treat their customers with open contempt.

Banks lend money in order to make money, at least onshore. They charge something called interest, with which all y’all will be familiar. However if the Germans are trying to destabilise their home economy, as for example with the UK after Brexit, banks will happily squeeze credit. There is a tight credit squeeze in the UK at the moment.

Financial Conduct Authority

Regulators know this, indeed the Financial Conduct Authority, a major UK regulator, hoping no doubt to engineer a recession, is forcing banks to cut back on credit. The mechanism they are using is “affordability criteria”, under which banks will only lend money to businesses and individuals who don’t need it! The criteria are a joke, but since nearly all regulators report to the Cabinet Office, which is desperate both to punish Britain for daring to break with the EU and to re-join, there is no chance of anything being done. Not under the present government at any rate, which is more house-trained than the average cockerpoo, no offense intended.

Democracies are particularly vulnerable, since it is difficult if not impossible for men and women of high intelligence to get themselves elected. In itself having comparatively stupid people run an advanced industrial economy, no offense intended, is not a problem, provided that governments have highly intelligent advisers and listen to them. That’s why Jerry targets anyone with a brain who shows signs of getting anywhere near the top of an intelligence agency or government department.

The frantic efforts made by the Cabinet Office to get Dominic Cummings fired are a classic example. It would be entirely a matter for the incoming Prime Minister, of course, but there is no reason at all why I could not be invited to join the next government, as say Lord Chancellor. (It would require a small peerage of course.) I have in fact already been sounded out, prompting a frantic search by the Cabinet Office for a house-trained idiot, no offense intended, to take the job instead.

Dominic Cummings

The possibility of bringing bright people into the government from outside the Westminster bubble is particularly troublesome for Jerry. They see Britain as the enemy, they want us to fail and having only comparatively stupid people in the government is a good way of ensuring that.

The Johnson administration post-Cummings no offense intended, is a classic study in governmental stupidity. Just look at the ease at which they were fooled into falling for the global warming scam. So far as I know the Cabinet were happy to see energy bills forced up by a quarter and British industry hammered without asking a single intelligent question.

Of course I am speaking comparatively. There are no completely stupid Cabinet Ministers in Boris Johnson’s government, despite what they may sound like on the radio or on TV. My point is that they are not particularly bright, no offense intended, and are easily manipulated by their officials. They are reasonably well educated, with respect (on the whole at any rate) and most of them can hold a conversation. The problem is that they’re not bright enough to run the country.

Britain at the moment is like a rudderless ship without bow thrusters, with no one at the helm. So far as I know, no British Cabinet Minister has even a basic grasp of world energy markets, for example. What they know about offshore high yield trading wouldn’t fill the back of a postage stamp, not even one of the tiny ones the Post Office sell you these days. (We used to do nice stamps, by the way, many of them produced when my old friend Tony Benn was Postmaster General.)

Russia doesn’t suffer this problem. A lack of democratic tradition has made it easy for a highly intelligent strong leader (nice Mr Pooters) to be elected. He in turn is a threat to the Germans and has been savagely attacked. The Russian people also don’t seem to value stupidity as highly as we do in the West.

German control of oil

There is nothing new about effective German control of energy supply. German intelligence grasped the importance of oil not long after Gottlieb Daimler, who by all accounts was quite a nice chap, invented the internal combustion engine. The military potential was obvious, although Britain got there first, with the tank, thanks to Winston Churchill and the technically advanced Admiralty. (The technology was then transferred to Germany by the German spy Maurice Hankey.)

Sopwith Tabloid

The internal combustion engine also made aircraft practicable, with the first military machines appearing in the years leading up to World War 1. The Sopwith Tabloid, for example, which first flew in 1913, the test pilot being none other than the great Harry Hawker, was capable of 92 mph. Although designed as a sporting aircraft it was swiftly adapted for military use.

Harry Hawker, Australian aviator and co-founder of Hawker Aircraft

Then in 1907 the Admiralty commissioned the world’s first diesel submarine, the advanced D class. The Imperial Germany Navy followed some five years later, with the U-19, the delay being partly down to the need to transfer the technology transfer no doubt, the German Secret Service having penetrated the Naval Intelligence Division.

D Class Submarine

Indeed it was a U-Boat of the U-19 class which transmitted the coordinates of the iceberg to the German agents Jack Phillips and Harold Bride on RMS Titanic, who in turn alerted their fellow agent First Officer William Murdoch on the bridge, who in turn rammed the ‘berg. I pay no attention of course to the ludicrous official theory that Murdoch struck the ‘berg by accident – it was seen in enough time for the Titanic to have reversed course and started sailing back to Southampton.


Oil has a much greater energy density than coal. Pumping oil on board ships is also much easier than loading bags of coal. What’s more oil bunkers can be incorporated into a ship’s anti-torpedo defenses. Not many people appreciate that although she was nuclear-powered the dear old Enterprise actually had oil bunkers, not to power the ship (she had eight reactors to do that) but as part of her anti-torpedo defenses. (She could also refuel oil-powered escorts if the occasion arose.)

USS Enterprise

On October 21st 1912 the Royal Navy laid down the first of a mighty new oil-powered class of super dreadnought, HMS Queen Elizabeth. With a shattering (for 1912) 75,000 shaft horsepower and eight huge 15” guns she terrified the Germans. Capable of 25 knots she could catch any German battleship and hammer it into submission, whilst the principal German capital ship gun, the Krupps 11”, would have struggled to penetrate her 13” armored belt.

HMS Queen Elizabeth

At Jutland German Naval Intelligence made huge efforts to keep the 5th Battle Squadron, comprising the mighty Queen Elizabeths, as far away from their battle line as possible. This included blackmailing Vice-Admiral Beatty’s Flag Lieutenant into violating Grand Fleet Battle Orders. (He was so ashamed of what he had done that after the war he threw himself off Beachy Head rather than face the admiral.)

The Queen Elizabeths suddenly made the supply of oil strategically important. It has been ever since 1912. After the war the Abwehr successfully penetrated the boards of every major British oil company. A massive intelligence effort was launched to starve Britain of oil in the next war.

This included failing to take advantage of new technologies such as welding and high pressure small tube boilers for oil tankers, refusing to use boiler water additives (successfully employed by the US Navy) and building small, slow tankers, instead of the large, fast ones the Mercantile Marine needed. New methods of drilling, such as offshore rigs, were held back. The technology was available before the war, but only used after it.

The development of new oilfields was also held back. All this was bad enough but then the Abwehr cut a deal with the violently anti-Semitic Grand Mufti, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni, who had been appointed by the Abwehr’s Herbert Samuel, to conduct a campaign of genocide against the Jews in exchange for the Grand Mufti’s help in ensuring German access to Middle East oil.

Grand Mufti, Mohammad Amin al-Husayni

This nonsense resulted in the Holocaust and the deaths, tragically, of nearly six million Jews. Nobody in British Intelligence caught on at the time. Even now, eight decades later, the Holocaust is still being blamed on the Nazis. They went along with it, of course, as they were anti-Semitic, but they didn’t instigate it, nor did they control the immense industrial resources devoted to the genocide.

Thankfully the plan failed. Various coups in oil-producing countries in the Middle East collapsed after British military intervention and the Grand Mufti’s boys were never able to deliver Cairo, much to our community partner Erwin Rommel’s disappointment.

Oil starvation has continued down to the present day. Oilfields have been abandoned early, oil companies have held back from developing new fields and new drilling technologies, oil rigs such as Piper Alpha and oil tankers have been blown up and the oil companies have bought wholesale into global warming propaganda. The DVD have also madly pushed ‘peak oil’ propaganda, which people keep buying into.

Muppets in the media, if that is not a tautology with respect, keep talking about ‘fossil fuels’ without bothering to explain how fossils could get eight miles beneath the surface of the Earth. On Britain’s beautiful Jurassic Coast you can see dinosaur fossils from the beach. It’s a rare fossil hunter who needs to dig eight miles down.

Climate Change

The crisis has been exacerbated by Western governments buying wholesale into the climate change nonsense. In the UK alone pointless climate change levies are driving up energy bills by roughly 25%. As the bills for this hoax start to land on doormats, voters are becoming increasingly reluctant to subsidise politicians’ stupidity from their hard-earned, overtaxed income.

As I have explained before the biggest factor affecting planetary climate is the Sun, that big yellow thing up in the sky. There are signs that we are about to enter another Maunder Minimum, that is to say a prolonged period of reduced solar activity.

Since the planet is in a cooling, not warming, phase, the last thing we want to do is to make it colder. Assuming we did the only way to do that would be to deepen the Earth’s orbit, something way beyond current technology. (A colleague in British Mensa has actually suggested a way in which that could done, on a timescale of about a million years, using solar sails anchored to the planetary surface, something to consider in a billion or so years when the Sun starts to expand.)

A political shock in the UK

The Bad Guys don’t get it all their own way. In 1939 British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, a real scumbag, no offense intended, and wily Abwehr chief Admiral Canaris carved up World War II and agreed to have a Phoney War, which would be followed by a Phoney Peace.

Wales-Smith, Arthur Douglas; Rear-Admiral Sir Henry Harwood (1888-1950); National Maritime Museum;

All that changed shortly after dawn in the South Atlantic on December 13th. Commodore Harold Harwood, flying his flag in the light cruiser HMS Ajax, sent the following dramatic signal to the Admiralty: Immediate. One Pocket Battleship 034 degrees south 049 degrees west course 275. A couple of minutes later, at 0620 ship’s (P) time the heavy cruiser HMS Exeter opened fire on the pocket battleship Admiral Graf Spee with her forward main battery of four 8”/50 cal. guns.

Kapitän zur See Hans Langsdorff, who was doing a gold run (naval historians still labor under the delusion that the Graf Spee was a raider, not a gold transport), was so astonished that he closed the British squadron and went up to the Graf Spee’s fighting top to get a better look. The shock he felt when he saw Exeter, flying her Battle Ensigns, open up her ‘A’ arcs and commence firing heavy 1500 lb broadsides may well be imagined. World War II was on!

A similar shock may be headed Germany’s way if, as seems likely, that nice lady Liz Truss wins the Tory leadership contest on September 5th. She is unlikely to allow herself to become meekly house-trained like Theresa May and Boris Johnson, no offense intended. She may even want to govern the country, which would of course mean firing Simon ‘von’ Case, the Cabinet Secretary, who is doing the job at the moment.

Although not a person of high intelligence, with great respect (she is an MP, after all – the last MP with high intelligence was my old friend Enoch Powell, nearly 50 years ago), she is a woman. Women are more inclined to listen than us chaps. If she chooses highly intelligent advisers, or has one or two highly intelligent people in her Cabinet (by which I mean peers with an IQ of 175 or above) then things may start to happen.

SS Newton Beech

There was an interesting postscript to the Battle of the River Plate by the way. On October 5th the SS Newton Beech was able to get out a Raider (RRR) signal, which was ignored by Captain Fallowfield on the County class heavy cruiser HMS Cumberland, a ship even more powerful than Exeter. In ordinary circumstances Fallowfield would have been court-martialled for not going to the Newton Beech’s aid. He was however let off by the First Sea Lord, Admiral Pound, a.k.a. ‘Dodgy Dudley’, for the very obvious reason that he had been following Pound’s orders. The war hadn’t started in October, not for real at any rate.

Murder of Daria Dugina

Daria Dugina

I condemn without reservation the shameful murder of this nice young lady. I respectfully agree with the FSB’s analysis that the intended target was her distinguished father, Aleksandr Dugin and that the attack was set up by the notorious Ukrainian SBU, using a female member of the neo-Nazi Azov Battalion. I have little doubt that the SBU received assistance, from either the DVD in Dachau, Correa Group in Frankfurt or the CIA in Langley.

If Langley were involved they need to butt out quickly. For a US intel agency to involve itself in assassinations in Russia would be insanely dangerous, inviting Russian hits on the Biden Administration in return. As it is I have no doubt that the Russians will hammer the Ukrainians.


It didn’t take long! PayPal apparently don’t like VT (I can’t think why) and have closed my account. I’m taking them to the Financial Ombudsman but that process could take months. In the meantime, should you wish to support my work, feel free to email me at and I’ll advise payment details in response to genuine offers of help.


With so much going on I forgot to bore all y’all with my holiday snaps! The Irish west coast was gorgeous, as always.

Michael’s Daimler on the Ring of Kerry

Next column

I aim to get my column out each Saturday, although I often overrun my self-imposed deadline. However it’s subject to the day job. I had to go to Manchester to argue a Habeas Corpus application in the High Court, with the leave of the learned judge, on Friday. Since this is coming out mid-week I’m aiming to get the next column out next weekend.


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  1. The world is hurtling into the next Grand Solar Minimum (GSM), which some are calling the Eddy Minimum. The reduced solar activity has for the last few years caused extreme waviness of the jetstream (called Meridional flow, vs. the normal stable Zonal flow). Extreme waviness = extreme temps. So I must ask, what is behind Germany’s stubborn insistence on renewable energy? One day soon, we just might thank Russia for bringing up the Gas crisis right now to wake us up, while there is still time to reverse course before the worst of the GSM is upon us. Here’s a factoid about the Dalton Minimum (1790-1820) which was a MILD minimum: “Historical documentation reveals that the Oberlach Station in Germany, for example, experienced a 2C decline over just 20 years, which devastated the country’s food production.” It was worse in the Maunder Minimum. During a Minimum, mid-continent climates will get much colder than elsewhere.

  2. Stating that Mohammed Amin al-Husseini was appointed by the Abwehr is a nonsense. He became grand mufti of Jerusalem in 1921 while Palestine was under British mandate. How could he have been violently anti-semitic when he himself was a semite, a true semite. Actually he was violently antizionist and he was right because he was visionary. He knew beforehand what was going to happen to his people. As for the 6-millions story, the figures of the Jewish census before and after WW2 show that the Jewish population had not dramatically changed.

  3. The fake Energy crisis is necessarily connected to the fake Climate Change crisis. And both are getting dire. The Countersignal yesterday reported that they obtained leaked architectural plans and documents showing that in Canada, Environment & Climate Change Canada (ECCC) will have a building housing climate Gestapo, complete with interrogation rooms, an armory, etc. (see EXCLUSIVE LEAK: Trudeau installing weapons armouries, interrogation rooms for Ministry of Climate Change). The craziest part of it to me, is that the building will also house Weather forecasting staff, as if they have anything to do with climate! The Impact Assessment Act (IAA), recently passed, grants the climate officers sweeping powers. They are already trespassing on Sask. farmers’ land to measure nitrogen levels. Pushback has come from the Sask. government, which informed Trudeau that the federal climate police will be arrested if caught trespassing (under the Saskatchewan Trespass to Property Act) and warned that these actions could carry with them serious penalties, including fines of up to $200,000 and up to six months in prison.

  4. I have little doubt also that the SBU received assistance…. not from DVD ,Correa Group or the CIA but more probably from MI6 and Mossad

    • If MI6, then it would have been the work of GO2, the German-controlled group in MI6. If CIA, then likely it was done by Correa Group, the Frankfurt-based German wing of CIA. Both GO2 and Correa are divisions of the secret German DVD. Europe, including Russians, need to wake up and smell the coffee! Putin already has smelled the coffee, as has the Polish government, and kudos to them. And what is that coffee? Germany controls the EU and NATO, but they want more.

    • Doesn’t feel like MI6. This was designed to torture Alexander Dugin for the remainder of his life. Only one organisation is that depraved.
      Started to read ‘The fourth political theory’. A shame it came about like this.
      The plug needs to be pulled on Europe and it’s partners. We the people need to be forced into choosing a path. Our emperors have no clothes

  5. These are very good observations, indeed worhy tribude to Your high IQ:
    “The Oil Price Shock of 1973, which saw oil prices nearly quadruple almost overnight, was organised by Germany. It was only implemented by Arab states in the Middle East.”
    “No Western government saw it coming. That’s partly because no Western politician who was not working for Germany understood how the Arab states were making their money.”
    I assume that by “Germany” You are referring to the folks of Germanic-speaking and German Dialect (Jiddisch) speakers in the middle of the Middle East who are partly the principle movers of German, Cuty of London and Wall Street schemes and skams?
    As for the 1973 oil crisis itself, F. William Engdahl has spun a rather plausible yarn telling us planned very early in the spring of that year at the Swedish resort hotel of Saltsjöbaden, 30 km east of Stockholm which is well worth reading once again.

  6. I suppose the Brits gave the Germans their rocket technology, and language also.
    Lest we forget, the United States after WW2 provided the Marshall Plan to rebuild not only the German economy, but England, the European and Japanese economy as well. This was to counter the appeal/fear of Communism. What special privileges did the U.S. receive for that?
    What about the war reparations the Germans paid the French, Dutch, Polish, English and the U.S? This being done after their country was annihilated, raped and pillaged by the allies.
    6 million dead you say. Ah, but yes, doesn’t your dearest royal family, aka ‘The Crown’, have a very special relationship with the chosen people. The ‘appointed people of god’ are bedfellows with the ‘chosen people of god’.
    Is the photo from Kerry, Ireland, ‘Ladies View’? Methinks you be honouring your murderous Queen Victoria with that one. Hope you had a good trip. If you had made it to the Rebel County (Cork), l would have taken you out for a coffee and pastry. Always next time

    • Then on with the cause ’till our aim is accomplished
      Those who would fault us are cowardly and mean
      So stand in the fight ’till the tyrant is vanquished
      Expelled from our Dear little Island of Green
      With the foes of our land we have fought a long battle
      Soon they will get their last death-dealing blow
      When old Nick has received them, their brains he will rattle
      For the wrongs they have done to the County Mayo

    • When Irish eyes are smiling,
      Sure, ’tis like the morn in Spring.
      In the lilt of Irish laughter
      You can hear the angels sing.
      When Irish hearts are happy,
      All the world seems bright and gay.
      And when Irish eyes are smiling,
      Sure, they steal your heart away.

  7. These manipulated energy crises are only possible because of some Big Lies which have been fed to the western public for many years:
    1.that oil and gas are fossil fuels. (Reality is that they are generated by the earth, and are Renewable energy.)
    2.that the earth is warming uncontrollably, and it’s anthropogenic. (Reality is that the earth’s climate changes due to cycles of the Earth, Sun, and solar system as it travels through the Milky Way, both short-term and very long-term cycles.)
    3.that CO2 is what’s causing the global warming. (Reality is that it’s the reverse.)
    4.that CO2 is evil. (Reality is that CO2 is plant food, and that whenever CO2 is plentiful, the earth is greener.)

    • It’s vital to destroy the Big Lies, unless people want to freeze in the dark, without food. Communications media is key, I think. We need to get to the (otherwise) smart and good people who believe all of the above 4 lies. A good example is Jeremy Grantham, the famous “bubble hunter”. He’s brilliant when it comes to long-term financial cycles, and “reversion to the mean”. Yet he genuinely seems to believe all 4 of the Big Lies (I hope he’s not an enemy agent, and faking it.). He is such a believer, that ALL of his philanthropy is based on trying to prevent mankind from creating more CO2. It’s distressing to me to see that his money is wasted on this, when he could be doing so much good in other related areas, like reducing pollutants in the air, land, and water. Or he could provide wells and clean water to poor countries, etc. He is concerned about the low birth rates causing a labor shortage. Perhaps he could throw money at that particular problem.

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