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How Russia learned to stop worrying about US-led oil sanctions by...

The measure could also prove to be more disruptive for Western European nations, which relied on Russia for about 40% of their refined product imports. Perhaps most importantly, Russian diesel made up for a deficit in their own production.

American Shame in Syria: US Persecutes Population with the Sanctions but...

the US occupation forces and their mercenaries steal up to 66,000 barrels every single day from the fields occupied in the Syrian eastern region

Is Russia kicking the West out of key energy deals?

The Kremlin has decided that ownership of the LNG operation should be changed to a new domestic entity

Russia Calls for International Conference to End Biden’s Renewed War on...

In a press conference held today in Moscow via video conferencing, Klimov said, that the Syrian people have the right to protect their interests and decide their own fate.

Oil Prices Tumble as Saudi Arabia Flexes Its Muscles

It now appears that a full-blown oil price war is in the making. This comes as many believe the coronavirus will reduce demand as economic growth slows.

NEO: The Nasty Secret Behind Aramco, ISIS and Trump in Syria

The Saudi Arabian oil company, Aramco, is now hiring oil workers throughout Deir Ezzor Province inside Syria as part of a joint effort, nominally with an unknown American entity and with a full partnership with both ISIS and the United States Army.

UAE Tanker on Fire, Under Investigation

U.S. Navy Confirms "Incident" Off Coast Of UAE As Oil Tanker Burns

What’s behind the West’s hatred of Iran?

Stuart Littlewood - If Britain and America had played fair and allowed the Iranians to determine their own future instead of using economic terrorism to bring the country to its knees Iran might have been “the only democracy in the Middle East” today.

US says has right to “defend” (plunder) Syria oilfields

Donald Trump plays the Ugly American role to perfection.

Duff on Press TV: Oil Sanctions, Iran Waivers and Market...

Oil and Arms Industry still running the Global Game

US Expects Zero Impact on Global Oil Markets From Iran Sanctions...

Jim W. Dean - As I type, lran is conducting its major annual air defense drill, but where the US has no aircraft carrier in the region

Petro-Islam: The Nexus between Oil and Terrorism

  By Nauman Sadiq for VT Inquisitive observers of the Middle Eastern politics would naturally wonder why do Western powers prop up the Gulf’s petro-monarchies, knowing...

Iraq Oil Ministry: Qatar Petroleum interested in investing in Iraq’s energy...

This is amazing and wonderful because Qatar is moving forward successfully with Iraq and Iran. From Reuters: * Iraq’s Oil Ministry said on Wednesday Qatar Petroleum...

As London lures Saudi oil giant, RT looks at UK’s history...

Russia Today: Serious questions are being raised over controversial proposals that could lure the multi-trillion share listing of Saudi Arabia oil giant Aramco to...

US Air Strikes and the Oil War (Duff on Press TV)

Fresh US-led airstrikes in Syria have claimed civilian lives.

The Neo Southern Front

For over past hundred years, West Asia has been the theatre of conflicts and proxies. Most countries in the conflict did so due to history, dynasties and religion that attract attracted invasions from North Africans, Romans, Byzantines, Persians, Turks, French, Germans and Anglo-US forces. Since 1930s, petro dollars have provided the impetus.

PressTV: US keeps stealing Iraq’s oil despite Mattis comments: Analyst

Despite remarks by Defense Secretary James Mattis, US presence in Iraq is aimed at “stealing oil,” an analyst says. Gordon Duff, senior editor at VT,...

US ‘Only Interested’ in Independent Kurdistan Due to Oil, But It...

  "In the last five years the United States has added oil-rich countries to its sphere of influence. According to its data, there are oil deposits in Kurdish territories...

Wikileaks Goes After Turkey Over ISIS Oil Sales

When oil began flowing out of Iraq after the 2003 American invasion, more than half went through Turkey.

NEO – Saudi Arabia’s Economic Troubles and Woes

Jim W. Dean - The Saudis are scrambling to sail their ship of state through stormy waters. They have come a long way since their thinking they had Iran on the mats, by keeping its oil off the market to run prices higher and maybe watch Israel or the US bomb its facilities.

Oil market enters bear territory as glut fears revive

For the second consecutive day US crude prices have dropped below $40 a barrel on growing concerns over global oversupply.

Economic Iranian Boom

Iran has moved from number 12 out of 14 of Mid East countries in Foreign Direct investment (FDI). That is an amazing recovery from the regional perspective, with Iran now just behind the Saudis and the UAE, and we are only halfway through 2016.

The smell of the Saudi Riyal is spreading

Mustafa Hegiri, director of terrorist group known as Kurdistan Democratic Party of Kurdistan Iraq spearhead by Massoud Barzani, after Ashnavieh conflicts and excellent blow by the Revolutionary Guards, the Revolutionary Guards of the Islamic Revolution of Iran in a statement said " it is through this portal new armed groups will flow to Iran.

Biden For President?

Or just the Same Game Plan with a different Puppet?

In the Name of the Profit: New RT documentary exposes dirty...

Exclusive eye witness reports and documents, abandoned by retreating jihadists and found by RT Documentary crew members in a region liberated by Syrian Kurds,...

Russian forces destroyed 200 terrorists’ oil facilities in Syria — General...

Russia’s aviation has destroyed more than 200 terrorist-controlled oil facilities and over 2,000 vehicles for fuel delivery since the start of its counter-terror operation in Syria, Head of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Department Sergey Rudskoy said on Wednesday.

Iraqi warplanes destroy Daesh oil convoy in Nineveh province

Jim W. Dean - Despite all the international laws against providing material support to terrorism none of those backing the terrorists in Syria and Iraq have been charged or sanctioned.

Saudi Arabia to set up $2tn mega-fund for post oil era

The world’s largest crude exporter Saudi Arabia plans to create a huge sovereign wealth fund for the country’s most prized assets to prepare for...

Barzani Kurds Outed by VT Forced to Cut Off ISIS Oil

Kurdish Peshmerga forces have cut the Islamic State’s (ISIS) oil smuggling routes from Kirkuk, stopping what was reportedly a burgeoning trade between the militants and oil pirates, a top Kurdish official told Rudaw.

Azerbaijani oil money squandered by authorities

In a report the Virtualaz website published documents that indicated people close to the Azerbaijani authorities had hidden hands behind appropriating their national oil money.

Illegal oil traffic across Syrian-Turkish border continues — Lavrov

Illegal oil traffic across the Syrian-Turkish border is still observed, Moscow insists on full compliance with UN Security Council resolutions demanding cessation of trade with terrorists, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday following talks with his German counterpart Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Are the Barzani Kurds Lying about their Oil Theft deal with...

If you want to see classic con and deception, keep reading and no matter what, don't slide off your chair.

Guardian: Oil and gas industry has pumped millions into Republican campaigns

Fossil fuel millionaires collectively pumped more than $100m into Republican presidential contenders’ efforts last year – in an unprecedented investment by the oil and gas industry in the party’s future.

Plummeting Oil Prices Force Big US Shale Players to the Wall

US banks are filling their reserves in preparation for a wave of defaults, as low oil prices force US shale producers into bankruptcy. US Oil...

The Oil Economy is Toast

By Tom Randall at Bloomberg.com Superior electric cars are on their way, and they could begin to wreck oil markets within a decade.

Two-thirds of US shale oil rigs shut down – Total CEO

Oversupply of oil on the global market amounts to two percent according to Pouyanne, and the price of it is now impossible to predict.

Why Are They Lying, the Kurdish Oil Partnership with ISIS

Jim and Gordon - We will try to keep these morning Sitreps (situation reports) coming, with the map work included. That is how we routinely do a lot of our Skype briefings for a variety of official and unofficial audiences.

Russia’s Lavrov, UAE leadership to discuss situation in Syria, oil market

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is to meet the leadership of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday to discuss the situation in the region, the situation in Syria and on the oil market.

BofA: The Oil Crash Is Kicking Off One of the Largest...

Economists are still hotly debating whether the oil crash has been a net positive for advanced economies. Optimists argue that cheap oil is a good...

Turkey Lose More Oil Trucks that Accidentally Venture into Syria

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEriOFRnoAc https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iVQfpVXTqg0