US says has right to “defend” (plunder) Syria oilfields

Trump's Shameless Psychopathy vs. Previous Presidents' Hypocrisy


Press TV interview featuring Kevin Barrett, VT Editor

“The Pentagon claims that revenues from US-controlled oilfields in northeastern Syria are channeled into (terrorist) forces backed by the US in the country.” -Press TV

Smedley Butler, who would have founded VT if the internet had existed back then, famously said “War Is a Racket.” Normally US presidents don’t admit that. They say they’re defending democracy, human rights, oppressed minorities—anything but oil and gangsters and corporate profits.

Donald Trump, with his tasteless, charmingly psychopathic lack of hypocrisy, has changed all that. From now on, we’re officially in the Middle East to steal oil and enable Zionist genocide, and don’t you forget it!


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  1. Recently a four star general spoke to a news conference and stated the U.S. was going to leave about 600 troops in Syria to fight ISIS. But this top general made no reference to any permission or invitation by the Syrian government to be there? Just imagine the indignation of this same General if his counterpart in Syria made a similar statement about them camping out in the middle of the U.S.! Do we have a four star general who is so ignorant he never even learned any common manners our courtesy let alone the rules of international law regarding sovereign nations like Syria and the U.S.? Evidently the scum really does rise to the top in the U.S. Military today doesn’t it? This worthless general should be fired immediately like the traitors on 9/11/01 who did not lift a finger to defend the country that day.

    • In 1945 General Donovan, head of the OSS, paid a criminal assassin in our own military $10,000 to plan and murder General Patton, the greatest American General of WWII according to the German Generals. Suppose General Patton had survived and was today the top U.S. General. What would he do to this general lying to the public the other day? Whatever it would be it would be much more than a slap on the face.

  2. The late Wayne Barrett, top investigative journalist for the Village Voice in New York, documented that Israel Lover Trump was a liar and con artist for over 30 years. He has not changed and will not change. Perhaps Wayne Barrett was related to Kevin. First Trump tried to bribe him. When that failed he tried to threaten him. Nothing worked. Trump is a liar, cheater and con artist. Also read the article TrumpTower for more lies and deceptions. All this is why he doesn’t want his tax returns opened up to public scrutiny.

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