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NEO – The Dark Secrets behind COVID-19

As VT has done so many times in the past, we want to be on record for taking away the cover of 'I did not know', from those who did know, should have, or just looked away.

US military to destroy last batch of missiles carrying deadly VX...

The Blue Grass Army Depot in Kentucky is one of only two remaining chemical weapons stockpile locations in the US.

Internal emails exonerate OPCW’s Dr. Brendan Whelan on Douma attack in...

Jim W. Dean - We thank the little kid below and his father for their testimony on how the jihadis pretended to be treating them for a gas attack, when it was just dust from normal shelling.

US and allies denounced for Intel takeover of the OPCW to...

Concerning the alleged Syrian gas attacks, if the claim of evidence suppression, selective use of data, and exclusion of key investigators are not unfounded, then it is important that the events should be dealt with openly and correctly.

It is time to replace the OPCW with a new uncompromised...

Jim W. Dean - So now the big question we face is who would have jurisdiction to proceed with such an investigation of OCPW and could they ever be trusted?

NEO – Lies and censorship, a second pandemic

by Gordon Duff, VT Sr. Editor, ...with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow, of the Russian Academy of Science (Est: 1816) - First published ... May 21,...

OPCW leadership needs criminal investigation of its Douma conduct

Jim W. Dean - It is way past time to dig into the immunity aspects of the OPCW and any similar UN "related groups" to create some legal procedure to investigation criminal malfeasance inside these bodies