Fourth OPCW whistleblower says staff ‘frightened into silence’ as watchdog brought into ‘shameful disrepute’ over Douma probe

…from Russia Today, Moscow
[ Editor’s Note: Nothing threatens the security of the general public than having officially funded government bodies falsify serious investigations which include threatening bodily harm to key witnesses without some mechanism for outside investigation and punishment.
I  did not expect that these bodies would have full immunity in such cases, as that would be a green flag for the Deep State intel crowd to penetrate and use those organizations was they please, as with the scourge of false flag events that have happened now for two decades with investigations that were a bad joke.
While UN member governments might have some immunity it is time to look into whether these other supposedly independently body groups should.
The OPCW is described as and “inter-governmental body” due to its 193 members. It’s executive group consists of 41 state party members. What they call the Technical Secretariat is the where the personnel are all located like those who did the Douma investigation involved in the continuing scandal on the Douma attack in Syria, a scam that would be obvious to a rookie investigator.
“The OPCW has the power to say whether chemical weapons were used in an attack it has investigated. In June 2018, it granted itself new powers to assign blame for attacks.[5][6]at
The organisation is not an agency of the United Nations, but cooperates both on policy and practical issues. On 7 September 2000 the OPCW and the United Nations signed a cooperation agreement outlining how they were to coordinate their activities.[14] The inspectors furthermore travel on the United Nations Laissez-Passer in which a sticker is placed explaining their position, and privileges and immunities.[15] …wiki
It is way past time to dig into the immunity aspects of the OPCW and any similar UN “related groups” to create some legal procedure to investigation criminal malfeasance inside these bodies, as to have no such avenue is a danger to the public itself.
In short this a no brainer, and if such a prospect was fought tooth and nail by the organizations, then the remedy would be for their personnel that did not like it could go seek other employment
Update: from the BBC, June 27, 2018

The world’s foremost chemical weapons watchdog has granted itself new powers to assign blame for attacks, despite protests by Russia. Until now, the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) could only say whether chemical weapons were used – but not who had used them.

Britain successfully argued that new powers were needed to deal with repeated chemical attacks in Syria. Russia said the move went “beyond the mandate” of the watchdog. It also said the organisation was facing an “artificially created crisis”.

The members of the OPCW, however, voted in large numbers for the measure, winning the vote by 82 to 24 – exceeding the two-thirds majority needed.Britain proposed the measure, and Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said it would “strengthen the ban on chemical weapons and prevent impunity for their use”.

… Jim W. Dean ]

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The amaturish Douma mistake, the staging of this aerial gas canister that went through a concrete hi-rise roof with nary a scratch on it.

– First published … March 13, 2020

A fourth whistleblower has come forward to defend two senior OPCW inspectors who revealed the watchdog tried to cover up evidence in the Douma chemical weapons probe, saying that other employees were “frightened into silence.”

In a statement to the Grayzone, the latest whistleblower said they were “horrified” but “unsurprised” by recent events within the organization, describing the “mistreatment” of “two highly regarded and accomplished professionals” as “abhorrent.”

The employee wrote that he is “one of many who were stunned and frightened into silence by the reality how the organization operates,” and that the “threat of personal harm” to those who speak out is “not an illusion.” 

The fourth whistleblower emerged after the OPCW leadership attempted to smear and discredit veteran inspector Ian Henderson and an individual known as ‘Alex’ who challenged the organization’s narrative on the alleged Syrian government attack on Douma in 2018.

third whistleblower has also previously defended the integrity of the first two who spoke out and expressed concern for the safety and security of those who dissent from the official narrative.

The Grayzone said it had independently verified the identity of the fourth whistleblower and their position at the OPCW, but granted them anonymity “to protect them from potential retaliation.”

Last week, Henderson and ‘Alex’ both wrote to OPCW Director-General Fernando Arias, accusing the organization of trying to “smear” their reputations and questioning why two top inspectors with “impeccable records” would suddenly “go rogue.”

The letters followed an effort by the chemical weapons watchdog to discredit them, rubbish their serious concerns, and frame them merely as two disgruntled former employees.

“I fully support their endeavors, in that it is for the greater good and not for personal gain or in the name of any political agenda,” the fourth whistleblower wrote, adding that the inspectors are “trying to protect the integrity of the organization which has been hijacked and brought into shameful disrepute.”

After a detailed study, Henderson, who led the probe on the ground in Douma, concluded that gas cylinders found at the scene had likely been manually placed, which suggests the attack may have been a false flag staged by anti-government militants. The incident, however, was swiftly used to justify US, UK and French airstrikes on Syria before OPCW investigators had even arrived at the scene.

Yet, the OPCW disregarded Henderson’s evidence without explanation and in its official report implied that the gas cylinders were dropped by Syrian military planes – allegedly after “unacceptable pressure” was applied by the US government.


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  1. With the exception of the brave whistle blowers who blew the scam OPCW should face charges of perpetrating war crimes under the Nuremberg Code.

  2. Quote: “The Nobel Peace Prize 2013 was awarded to the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons “for its extensive efforts to eliminate chemical weapons”. OPCW’s Director-General Ahmet Üzümcü said the award will only spur the organisation’s efforts, commitment and dedication.”

    Jim is totally correct. What if this fancy sounding organization has been hi jacked by the very evil folks who seek to use chemical weapons like Donald Adolph Trump and his four star cronies in the corrupt U.S. Military against civilians in Syria so they can steal the oil and the country? Yet there appear to be no controls on this organization!

    • What stunned me is I don’t often use wiki for sourcing other than ABC stuff, which I was looking for to see is anyone was “watching the watchers”, and what a big surprise to find they “granted itself new powers to assign blame for attacks” in 2018. So now I am wondering how many other similar organizations can give themselves such power.

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