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[ Editor’s Note: Three targets hit, obviously overkill, and appears to be an open message that one target will be bombed for every US coalition soldier killed. Actually, this is three more dead in addition to those killed already by the US itself, something that slipped by most sleepy Americans.

By that I mean that no Americans or the British guy would be dead if not for the insanely stupid Soleimani group assassination. Their blood is on the hands of the command that betrayed them, putting them in harms way for retaliation when the big US base did not even have air defense, so they were sitting ducks.

Look at the mixed size of the craters here at this airbase. The large one on the left is the size of, or bigger, than the Iranian ballistic missile hits on the Ain Assad US airbase Soleimani revenge strike.  So this looks like some payback for that strike.

The PMU popular militia units have long been officially part of the Iraqi military. The US can call them Iranian militia, but it will be lying to the American people, nothing new there. They were trained by Iranians, given equipment, trainers and advisers during the desperate fight with ISIS, and helped turn the tide and win that war, for a while anyway.

The soldiers in this strike are all Iraqi, and the US knows that killing them will undermine and continue the political chaos inside Iraq, which is exactly what it wants.

Mixed large and small craters, not a combat drone attack

Iraq can condemn the US aggression of its sovereignty all it wants but the US is going nowhere, as I suspect it has made pledges it does not want to break, like to the Saudis.

What can Iraq do? The US holds all of its dollar reserves and could stop its oil exports if it wanted, let’s say to keep oil prices up at this time, or whack it with sanctions. Oh yes, that’s how gangsters roll when they get control of a government, the US one in this case.

I don’t think the US is done with wrecking its reputation, not by a long shot. Notice as you watch the video, the tour shows no bomb blast protection areas in any of the buildings or outside anywhere that can be seen, where personnel could shelter in to avoid the worst of the blast … Jim W. Dean ]

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This was a big bomb strike, unlikely a drone one

– First published … March 13, 2020

The recent U.S. strikes on Iraq have claimed the lives of soldiers, policemen and a civilian, the Iraqi military’s Joint Command revealed on March 13.

In an official statement, the Joint Command said several U.S. warplanes carried out a “blatant aggression,” attacking several positions of the army’s 19th Commandos Division, the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) 46th Brigade, Babylon’s Police Regiments as well as an under construction airport near Karbala city.

As a result of the U.S. airstrikes:

  • Three soldiers of the 19th Commandos Division were killed. Four others were injured, two of them are in a critical condition.
  • Two policemen of Babylon’s Police Regiments were killed. The bodies of the policemen are yet to be recovered from under the rubble.
  • Five fighters of the PMU’s 46th Brigade were injured.
  • A civilian worker in Karbala’s airport was killed.

The Joint Command stressed that these are only the initial results of the airstrikes. This indicates that the total number of casualties could rise in the upcoming few hours.

“The leadership stresses its strong condemnation of this attack that targeted the Iraqi military, violating the principle of partnership and alliance between Iraqi security forces and those who planned and carried out this treacherous attack [the U.S.], which caused the loss of lives of Iraqi fighters,” the Joint Command’s statement reads.

The U.S. Department of Defense claimed that the strikes had targeted “weapons storage facilities” of Kata’ib Hezbollah (KH). The losses, however, indicate that this was inaccurate.

The strikes were carried out in response to the March 11 Camp Taji attack, in which three service members of the U.S.-led coalition were killed.

The fierce U.S. response, which didn’t discriminate between KH and Iraqi government forces will very likely leave a dent in Washington’s relations with Baghdad. The attack could also speed up Iraqi measures to expel U.S. forces from the country.


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  1. It’s like 86ing some obnoxious drunk who trashes the place when forced to leave. Their “measured” response was something like the old Roman Legion, the Nazis and the Israelis in its overkill. “Defensive” my ass.

    • You’re welcome Jim. If history is our guide they’ll probably “go postal” like say General George Armstrong Custer in his campaign against the Sioux and the Cheyenne.

  2. Here we go again, a never ending cycle of war. US should get the hell out of Iraq and stop using mob tactics, they will not work in the long run and meanwhile, more dead and injured on both sides. The level of hate has drastically increased towards the West, with US and its owner the Zionist state in the middle. Gen. Soleimani today is much stronger figure in the ME. Even when reading about these wars of conquest and theft brings about an odor of rotting flesh in the mind. All these wars for the greater Israel, with Christian Zionists on the fore-front – having been drunk on the wine of the Babylonian Cabal. Now everyone that can count to 10 understand that Covid-19 came from a Lab, what they’re not sure of is which Lab in US/Israel! Don’t expect love and postcards from ME, just pack your shit and get out on the first train out.

    • US/Coalition will not leave until it’s driven out. US Government will carry out the instructions it’s been given by it’s masters.

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