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The UK Government, BDS and the Jews

BDS, originally intended to mount economic and political pressure on Israel and its supporters, achieved the opposite. It united the Jews, both Zionists and the so called ‘anti.'

Neocons have destroyed academic freedom

Apparently Hawkins was forced out of Wheaton Colleges for saying that "Muslims and Christians worship the same God." But only a lunatic would question that statement.

Uri Avnery – Optimism of the Will

Jim W. Dean - Uri comes to the support of UN's Ban Ki-Moon, who turned the screws a bit tighter on the Likud party extremists in Israel, the current group keeping all peace progress in the icebox.

Controlled Opposition and Jewish Dissent

Connect the dots, this is how they do it...

Ban Ki-moon to Benjamin Netanyahu: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet, Buster!

Whether Ban Ki-moon notices it or not, he is indirectly bringing practical reason to the political landscape, which was long overdue.

ISRAEL: Drunk on Hate and Mad at the World

Israel these days seems to be increasingly at odds with a good portion of the rest of the world. In just the past few months it has quarreled with...

Uri Avnery – US Jewish billionaires fund stealing West Bank Palestinian...

Jim W. Dean - Uri takes us into the belly of the Zionist beast today with a multi-pronged attack. He covers settler aggression in taking over West Bank land, and American Jewish billionaires funding that effort through the support of fascist Israeli groups.

Vandals Strike Jerusalem Church on Eve of Christian Zionist Conference in...

That last one, perhaps the vilest of all, is a reference to Jesus...

Withholding the Dead: One of Israel’s More Macabre Practices

So if Israel has retained custody of so many Palestinian bodies over time, the question is where are the cadavers being stored?

Zionists to Hold Conference Monday Aimed at Luring Christians Back to...

"To any Christians who may plan on attending this event on Monday, I have only a few words to say..."