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VT RADIO: ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT, The 1000 Year Mission Creep...

VT's Paul Fitzgerald and Elizabeth Gould share their latest book The Valediction: Resurrection with VT Radio Host Johnny Punish

The Hegelian Dialectic is a Mental Trap that Only Leads to...

I have called the western oligarchs cowards, and cowards they are, having selected the weapon of choice for cowards, poison. Georg Hegel, a windbag of monumental proportions wrote their bible.

President Carter, Do You Swear to Tell the Truth, the Whole...

After 20 years of occupation, America’s silent retreat from Afghanistan’s Bagram Airfield in the middle of the night on July 5, 2021 marked the end of an era.

A Grand Illusion of Imperial Power: Part 1

A straight line can be drawn between today’s political hysteria and the 1970s era of right-wing Soviet hysteria as Russia stands accused of “meddling” in American democracy. And then there is that hidden “meddler” behind the meddling; Britain. The extent of British meddling in America since the early 20th century would shock even the most devout cheerleaders of ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele and his “dirty dossier”.

A Grand Illusion of Imperial Power: Part 2, VT Classic

The Safari Club's anti-Communist agenda came to the White House with Brzezinski in 1977. Opportunities arose for a 1,500-strong network of assassins to act on Brzezinski's agenda to lure the Soviets into their own Vietnam.

VT Classic: We’re all CIA Assets! What can be done, a...

How did we come from being aligned against the war in Vietnam in the 1960s to preparing for a world war against just about everyone on the planet today?