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Pentagon Whores, the film, VT Lesson of the Week

The Pentagon Wars movie for SDM5002 Systems Engineering assignment.

F-35 fighter jet remains plagued by ‘deficiencies’: Pentagon

Jim W. Dean - Yes, I know this is an old story, but with an important new twist in that the continued deficiencies of the F-35 are detailed by the Pentagon's own testing expert.

Stupid Is as Stupid Does, Pentagon Plans Laser Drone Defense

The Pentagon's Missile Defense System is working on plans to develop a high-altitude, long-endurance drone armed with a compact, electrically powered laser capable of...

NEO – America’s Military: They Simply Can’t be Trusted

If you ask someone in the Pentagon when Russia invaded Ukraine and how many tank divisions are there, waiting to attack Western Europe, they will take out their phones and show you photos of the Russian tanks -- photos long proven to have been a decade old, long exposed as a hoax.

Breaking: Two US Navy boats in Iranian custody Released with Crews...

Iran on Wednesday released the 10 US marines that it had detained after their trespassing of its territorial waters in the Persian Gulf.

Rogue Pentagon Officials Thwart White House Efforts to Close Guantanamo

An investigation has revealed the tactics used by Pentagon officials to prevent the transferal or freeing of prisoners from Guantanamo, despite the wishes of the...