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NEO – The Iran Nuclear Saga: US-Israel Hammer Out a “Plan...

Even though the presidential candidate Joe Biden had vowed to “move quickly” to re-join the Iran nuclear deal, this has not happened.

Why Won’t Joe Biden Withdraw from Syria?

The Biden administration is not ending all ‘endless wars,’ but may be intensifying in ways to keep itself involved in the region. It is through Syria that the US can check Iranian and Russian presence or activity in the Middle East.

NEO – Why is Joe Biden Resetting his China Policy?

by Salman Rafi Sheikh, with New Eastern Outlook, Moscow First published 17 September 2021 Joe Biden’s most recent 90 minutes call with China’s Xi has created...

Biden Administration Rips US-Saudi Alliance Apart

The arrival of Joe Biden in the White House has set in motion forces that could dramatically redefine the nature of US ties with one of its closest allies in the ‘war on terror’ i.e., the Saudis.

NEO – Kamala Harris reveals Washington’s Desperation to Contain China

There is no appetite in Southeast Asia to ally with the US against a regional state and get entangled in confrontation.

NEO – The US has little to offer to Southeast Asia

Jim W. Dean - Is the US military thrust into SE Asia the proverbial 'bull in a China closet' ?

NEO – Pompeo’s departing kick to Turkey only weakens NATO

Pompeo has accused Turkey of undermining NATO, and is not the only one within the current US “deep state” who think Turkey has gone rogue.

NEO – India dumps Iran for US bear hug

While India’s deliberate move away from Iran has taken place against the backdrop of US sanctions on Iran, imposed in the wake of Trump’s decision to force-scrap the JCPOA, these moves are fundamentally rooted in a strategic consensus with the US over Iran.

NEO – Europe’s decisive moves to shun ‘Trans-Atlanticism’

Instead of choosing to echo Pompeo’s idea of building a ‘global coalition’ against China, the European Council has encouraged China to “assume greater responsibility in dealing with global challenges.”

NEO: Trump threatens war with Iran in a bid to...

Jim W. Dean - Already Republican activists are publicizing several ways that the presidential election would be determined without 'voter participation'.

NEO – Russia-China switch to counter US-Indo-Pacific-strategy mode

Salman Rafi Sheikh -- The “Indo-Pacific Strategy” is largely aimed at entrenching the US in the region with a view to countering the increasing Russian and Chinese economic and political influence.

NEO – On the Emerging rival Blocs in the Middle East

Salman Rafi Sheikh -- If violence begets violence, alliance produces a counter-alliance.

NEO – Implications of Trump’s ‘Snap Back’ fiasco

Jim W. Dean - A quadruple play battle for a shift of power is on the line besides the presidential race.

NEO: US alone in its ‘Trade War’ on China

Tthe US is obviously heating things up, but it is highly unlikely that the US will have many 'allies and partners’ willing to join the US bandwagon.

NEO – What is the US ’New Central Asia Strategy’ all...

Jim W. Dean - One could fairly say the US is in the "de-construction" business. It has destroyed Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan, Yemen, Venezuela, etc...purely for the gain of a few.