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Judge Orders Fauci to Cough Up Emails with White House &...

A federal judge on Tuesday ordered Dr. Anthony Fauci and the White House press secretary to hand over their communications with five social media giants.

Shameful: Ukraine’s CIA Funded Fake Factory

The new video explores how fakes surrounding the Ukraine conflict are made and spread and designed specifically for the Russian, Western and Ukrainian audiences. Experts reveal secrets of the ‘fake factory’ and tell how to fight lies.

VT Battles for Social Media Space Under an Agenda Driven Censorship...

We list the Social Media Platforms that VT has a relationship with, and encourage our readers who use these platforms to follow and share.

Houston We Have a Problem and It could be the Grand...

Sentient Republicans are beginning to question their own assumptions.

Two Cheers for Trump! Religion IS Essential, Social Media MUST BE...

Internet companies were granted immunity from content-based lawsuits for one reason and one reason only: They promised to be 100% neutral platforms, NOT publishers.

5 Steps for Building a Social Media Campaign

What’s one of the best ways to reach with your target market and interact with your existing consumer base?