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Why Russia’s Sukhoi Su-35 Fighters are Nightmare for Iran’s Adversaries

Deeper cooperation with Russia and gaining new technologies will boost Iran’s defense industry resulting in a substantive economic effect, according to him.

Russia is not an enemy of the West – Putin

Putin went on to describe the West as two entities. On one hand, the traditional, primarily Christian West “is close to us in some ways,” he said, noting that “we have in many respects common and ancient roots.”

Putin lashes out at West’s ‘vanishing’ hegemony, outlines Russia’s goals

It is necessary to "restore respect to international law, and to its fundamental norms and principles."

West seeks to impose global war on mankind, says Russian intel...

Today, when the liberally-totalitarian West seeks to impose a global war on all mankind, it is crucial for us to be able to learn proper lessons from Russia’s enormous historical experience," Naryshkin told reporters after a wreath-laying ceremony at a memorial to those fallen in World War I in Moscow.

Multi-polar world: Why the current crisis is bringing India and Russia...

In difficult times, the ability to find common interests and develop mutually-beneficial practice-oriented projects is particularly pertinent. This is how friendship is tested.

Today’s Brief, post-independence

In the video brainstorming session between Johnson and self-made military intelligence experts Alex Christoforou and Alexander, Larry Johnson disproves my theory that there is no intelligent life at the CIA.

West bars Kiev from thinking about peace

“At the moment, the western nations are actively betting on the continued war.”

Washington’s Sanctions War Kneecaps the West, Not Russia

The Washington-forced "default" is so preposterous as to suggest that officialdom has taken total leave of its senses. As it happens, Russia last week codified plans to pay bondholders in rubles under a decree signed by President Putin.

Dark Goddess Returns

The Continuing Existence of THE WEST Literally depends upon some form of Personal Awareness Taking Root.

Gen. Milley Says ‘Numbers Clearly Favor the Russians’ in Ukraine

“I would say the numbers clearly favor the Russians, in terms of artillery,” Milley said at a joint press conference with Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin. “In terms of artillery, they do outnumber, they out-gun and out-range.”

The Dead End Road of Lies

Another day, another lie. Like so many honest people who want to tell the truth but are prevented from doing so, society is being suicided right before our eyes.

The West’s Suicide, Incompetence as a Virtue – Saker

Mariupol, Dmitry Medvedev, West's suicide, incompetence as a virtue. Narcissism of the West.

March 17: President Putin War Updates and a Rather Brilliant...

Putin addresses The West's modus operandi in its culture war against Russian culture and society.

Putin still kicking Khazarian butts

Putin: "They do not even hide the fact that they have spent $5 billion on it, not to mention cookies given away on Maidan, and so on."