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Russian President Vladimir Putin declared on Thursday that Russia is an “independent” civilization that does not consider itself an enemy of the West. Instead, he sees the “aggressive” and “neo-colonial” liberal elite in charge of the West as a foe.

“In the current conditions of a tough conflict, I will say some things directly,” Putin told a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club. “Russia, being an independent, original civilization, has never considered and does not consider itself an enemy of the West.”

Hatred for American, British, French or German people “are the same form of racism as Russophobia and anti-Semitism,” he added.

Putin went on to describe the West as two entities. On one hand, the traditional, primarily Christian West “is close to us in some ways,” he said, noting that “we have in many respects common and ancient roots.”

Putin calls for ‘dialogue on equal terms’ with the West

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Putin calls for ‘dialogue on equal terms’ with the West

“But there is another West – aggressive, cosmopolitan, neo-colonial, acting as an instrument of neo-liberal ideas. It is precisely with the dictates of this West that Russia, of course, will never put up with,” he continued.

While Putin undoubtedly sees the conflict in Ukraine as an existential struggle against the West – describing his forces as fighting the “entire Western military machine” and blaming the derailment of peace talks and sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipelines on the “Anglo-Saxons,” he has drawn a distinction between Western elites and Western society before.

Speaking at a ceremony following the accession of four formerly Ukrainian regions into the Russian Federation last month, Putin declared that “the Western elites target all societies, including the citizens of Western countries themselves.”

While the West expands primarily to secure its “mercantile interest,” he stated at Thursday’s meeting, it also pushes its cultural exports on an unreceptive world. “If Western elites believe they can launch new trends like dozens of genders and gay parades, they have the right to do so,” he said. “But they don’t have the right to demand that others follow the same direction.”

Putin also condemned the “pure Satanism” of Western liberal culture in his speech last month, noting that “many like-minded people in Europe and the United States” feel the same way.

The Valdai Discussion Club is an annual international event in Russia conceived as a platform for floating ideas that the host nation considers important to discuss with other global players. The forum was created in 2004.


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  1. My dad was among the US soldiers who met up with Russian soldiers on the Elbe River in Germany on April 25, 1945. He never had a bad word to say about the Russians for as long as he lived. He was not taken in by all the Cold War bullshit that dominated the USA back in the 1950s. Nor was he a big fan of the militarism that has turned the Vietnam War into a moneymaker for the MIC and the [Ashkenazim]. He would have been aghast at how those very same Ashkenazim and their Zionist servants who’ve pushed us into every war since WWII. Now we’re attacking the Russians over Ukraine, which could very easily end up in WWIII. That has been the Zionist wet dream since forever.

  2. I am appreciating the focus and persuasive clarity of your writing, Jonas, as well as the overall direction of VT as of late. Thank you for this essay. If anyone is in touch with Gordon, I’d highly recommend Reishi tincture for profound healing of head injuries. Blessings –

  3. [“Dear :man alexis, jonas e. Right and Wrong.Russia is not an enemy and the NGO-INCORPORATIONS with RUSSIAN FEDERATION INC. is an enemy for their own humans as well as all other NGO INCORPORATIONS within the G O D System of the FREEMASON-ILUMINATI with their ZIONISM and the KASACHSTRIAN MAFIA Families. HEADQUARTER NUR SULTAN,was Astana,look at the Architecture, demonstrating the PRODUCT NWO(TM)GOD=GOLD-OIL-DIAMONDS=ROCKEFELLER-OPPENHEIMER-ROTHSCHILD=NAEU-EURABIA-EURASIA.So it was not a coincident of the BRICS-Meeting in NUR SULTAN with EURABIA and EURASIA MASONBROTHER to make new BUSINESSPLANS to be ready for the UNO CORP. Remember: LORD HASTINGS1952 WEE found the nato to keep AMERICA in, the GERMANS down and RUSSIA out.So who is the real WAR-TERRORIST? GB-US-CHINA the three ALIENS. And beware of, all seven Continents are under the Control of the US MUNICIPAL GOV. CORP. doing the GOV-ADMINs with the IRS and DEP.of the TREASURY and ALL are BANKRUPT and need the”TRADE-WAR”be installed to delete their DEBT as DEBTORS by killing us as CREDITORS,to declare LOST on SEA to plunder the COLATERAL-ACCOUNTS and making the GREAT the DEPOPULATION PLAN. ILO-MAN PUTIN is a MASONBROTHER of the GOLDEN ARCH and GOLDEN EURASIA and following the ILO-TERMS of Conditions.he biggest enemy are the ZIONISM with their private commercial KAPITALISM, based always on bankruptcy and sailing under the Jurisd.of the Royal Admiralty Land&Sea controlled by the Canon Law”].

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