Did Henry Kissinger Kill the New World Order by Saying Russia Is an Indispensable Component of the International Order?

“Yes, that is true: Russia is a force to be reckoned with.”


…by Jonas E. Alexis


Did Henry Kissinger indirectly nail the New World Order by saying that Russia is “an indispensable component of the international order”?[1] He may not have killed it, but he certainly did not help its agents.

This is a different Kisssinger, who perpetuated the lie that Assad used chemical weapons. And let us be quite blunt: Kissinger is incontrovertibly a war criminal and has a long history of plotting covert operations in places like Germany, Chile, Cambodia, etc.

“When the Khmer Rouge was carrying out genocide in Cambodia in 1975, killing millions of people, Kissinger declared ‘You should tell the Cambodians that we will be friends with them.’ We are prepared to improve relations with them,” he said, adding ‘They are murderous thugs, but we won’t let that stand in the way.’

“Kissinger also met with representatives from far-right Latin American dictatorships and told them the U.S. would help them ‘to succeed’ in their campaign of systematic state terrorism against left-wing movements, known as Operation Condor.

“When popular Marxist leader Salvador Allende was democratically elected president of Chile in 1970, Kissinger and Nixon ordered the U.S. government to ‘make the economy scream.’”[2]

Kissinger literally used the C.I.A. to create violent revolution in Chile, which “overthrew Chile’s democratically elected socialist government on Sept. 11, 1973 — the first 9/11 attack, if you will.”[3]

As Abby Martin adequately put it back in 2014, Kissinger should be rotting behind a padded cell. Obviously he is not in a cell at this present moment, but judgment delayed does not necessarily mean judgment denied. Dante would say that Kissinger will eventually get his punishment in the afterlife.

Perhaps Kissinger knew that this day is coming. Perhaps this is why he is trying to amend his wicked deeds by telling the truth about Putin. Perhaps his conscience is hunting him and would not allow him to sleep at night. Or perhaps Kissinger is trying to regain his international fame by leading everyone into an ideological trap, which gives lip service to Russia.

We cannot understand his full intention at this present moment. But he certainly is not helping the New World Order by saying things like this:

“Any effort to improve relations must include a dialogue about the emerging world order.”[4]

This emerging world order is none other than Russia, which has been incessantly attacked by NATO.[5]

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