Network News Monkeys


by  Preston James

Remember the old cartoon with the three wise monkeys sitting in a row gesturing with their hands to “hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil”?

This was the Social Credo that most Baby-Boomers were raised with. It was the idea “avoid evil thoughts and talk, and do not listen to it from others”. The intent was good, keeping kids from being corrupted by bad morals.

But this “no evil” credo quickly expanded to an over generalized “No Talk” and “Don’t Question Authority” rules in many families and the overall purpose intended was actually to prevent conflict and the questioning parental authority no matter what.

Although these “No Talk”, Don’t Question Authority” rules served their purpose for many parents and minimized arguing within families, it also prevented healthy communication patterns as well and in many cases instilled dysfunctional attitudes and behaviors in their children.

These “No talk” and “Don’t Question Authority” rules created seriously dysfunctional communication styles that have persisted in many Baby-Boomers and would later doom them to unhappy or failed marriages and lots of conflict with their children.

The Establishment has promoted these dysfunctional communication rules and used them to manipulate and con numerous young Americans to needlessly enlist or allow themselves to be drafted to fight in illegal, unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual foreign wars on behalf of the World’s largest Organized crime syndicate, the Khazarian Mafia (KM).

It was the KM that gained control over the USG and most of its institutions of government when it hijacked America’s Monetary Creation and Distribution System in 1913 and began charging American interest to use what should have been their own free money in the first place.

Whole successful careers for Psychologists and Marriage & Family Therapists have been made from trying to counteract these dysfunctional rules and to teach effective communication skills to Baby-Boomers and their children who have often been influenced by these rules.

The continuing hegemony of these two dysfunctional communication rules against truthful and open communication has served our criminal USG as a strong roadblock to later independent thinking and questioning of Establishment story-lines disseminated through the Network News.

And we now know for certain that all the Network News stories disseminated are usually big lies, false-narrative and USG propaganda.

We now know for certain that the Establishment has taken advantage of this “No Talk, Don’t Question Authority” Credo to keep the American Public bamboozled with big lies, false-narratives and propaganda and to keep them willing to be served up as cannon fodder for other people’s aggressive wars of acquisition.

Yes, these two dysfunctional communication rules became a strong “respect and don’t ever question USG authority” norm which was instilled in baby-Boomers during childhood.

This norm has persisted and allowed American to be conned into numerous post WW2 illegal unConstitutional, unprovoked, undeclared, un-winnnable, wars of aggression for the Banksters and their crony corporations.

The USG still tells monstrous lies which can easily be shown to be false if one does some in depth Internet research using reputable alternative News experts, and then connects the dots.

The big lies, false-narrative and propaganda repeatedly and unendingly dispensed by the Network News Talking Heads is why so many Americans still believe these monstrous lies: Lies such as Oswald shot JFK; While located in a cave in Afghanistan using his cell phone Osama bin Laden was able to direct 19 Islamic terrorists with box cutters to successfully attack the Twin trade Towers in NYC and the Pentagon 9-11-01; or Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction including nukes; or Iraqi soldiers took the babies out their incubators and threw them on the floor of the hospital to die; or Iran is building nukes and will have them deployed anytime now; or Seal team Six assassinated Osama bin Laden; or Assad is torturing and murdering his own people and the Syrian war is a civil war only; or Russia invaded the Ukraine and took over Crimea; or real limbs were blown off victims at the Boston Bombing by the Tsarnaevs; or Adam Lanza single-handedly murdered 20 children and six adults at Sandy Hook School.

The American public bought into all these monstrous lies, each of which has been proved to be completely false by numerous teams off credible researchers. The reason they did so is because they view the USG and their Network news talking head representatives as benevolent parent figures that would never lie to them. Yes, the American public has suffered from a serious inability to understand how their USG Officials can such be two-faced liars, deceivers and bamboozlers and actually work to represent the interests of the Khazarian Mafia and NOT the interests of We The People.

This Don’t Question Authority Credo has been imprinted in the psyches of most baby-Boomers and their children. It takes many breeches to undo this and there have been a number over the years which has arisen.

Americans are just starting to wake up to the fact that their USG is filled with two-faced liars and deceivers that are there to get rich, gain power and represent the wealthy powerful special interest that put them there.

The Establishment been able to pull this feat off to con and bamboozle the American people with all this BS and lies, and transforming them into into Sheeple, consolidating all mass media into six Major Mass Media Corporations run by six Media Moguls who work for the KM and are part of an illegal News Monopoly and Network News Cartel.

This is where the Network news talking heads play such an important part. They are actually little more than well paid Judas Goats leading Americans to “slaughter”.

This removal of any normally expected corrections by the American People will eventually lead to complete economic collapse and asset stripping of everything we ever worked for and even worse for any children and grandchildren unless reversed quite soon.

Network News Spokespersons (aka Talking Heads) are selected who are attractive, easy to listen to and have convincing deliveries.

Almost every word out of their mouth is a big lie, a false narrative or blatant USG propaganda. Of course they are allowed to do harmless little local stories in a moderately factual way as long as they do not imply truth in national events that the Establishment is trying to keep hidden forever.

The Network News reporters, “correspondents” and Talking Heads get direct access to official USG sources in exchange for soft-peddling the stories and/or reporting the KM story-line.

Whenever the Network News goes after a politician or official it is only because a policy to do so has been set at a very high level in the USG by a top policy-maker who is usually hiding in the background pulling the strings.

Sometimes as with the Pentagon, the Network News is paid to do a fluff story. Occasionally it can be due to conflict between different KM or other competing faction trying to acquire more power or institute a correction.

The six major networks are controlled by six major media moguls who are part of an illegal mass media monopoly, best viewed as a News Cartel. These six moguls answer to one Intel related international investment group which is responsible to communicating the main Establishment talking points and themes for that particular day.

All differences and conflicts which seem spontaneously emerging are actually pre-scripted and approved, and conform to policy set by only a few Top Policy-makers. This like the Wizard of Oz hiding behind the curtain pulling the levers of the USG and Network News machinery.

So once we examine what the Network News Talking Heads are really dispensing we must conclude they are actually News Monkeys and their Operational Credo is see no truth, hear no truth, speak no truth. It’s like they are living in a cocoon of lies and deceit, insulated from the real world around them. If they ever did see and hear the truth and started speaking about it they would be breaking script, they would be fired, and they would be blacklisted, never to work in media again anywhere.

Talking heads are selected for crowd appeal.

They are usually attractive individuals with a nice delivery. Obviously to be able to keep their jobs they must insulate themselves from real truth about what is happening in the World or else their careers are ruined.

This results in many of them becoming two-faced knowing liars and deceivers like most elected and appointed officials. Doubt this, just try to give one an important story about government or police corruption and watch them hem and haw and avoid dealing with it.

If these constantly lying Talking Heads do their jobs as required and keep insulated and play the game they can earn great rewards and will typically be projected up the Establishment Food-chain.

Everyday more and more good Americans abandon the Network news and use the Internet to find out what is really going on.

They visit numerous alternative news websites and pick and choose truth nuggets that resonate and connect the dots themselves in their own head.

As these increasing numbers of alternative news consumers become more and more sophisticated and informed about National and World affairs, a day of reckoning between the Establishment and the American People approaches.

It’s a fact that the Establishment has used the Network news to mind-kontrol the American people and keep them from knowing the sinister evil that the USG and its special interest major corporations and banks have been doing to We The People for at least 50 years.

Actually they have gained control necessary to do this because they assassinated JFK, MLK and RFK in a major ongoing coup d’etat. Once the American masses learn this as a group will probably be about the time they have lost everything. But once they do there will be hell to pay for these establishment two-faced liars and deceivers at every level.

In American law it’s a thin line between being an accessory after the crime and ignorance or not knowing.

As soon as it is proved someone that aided in a RICO crime of the USG knowing did so they become an accessory after the fact if they keep supporting any associated USG cover-up. That day is rapidly approaching when most Americans will know that the attack on America on 9-11-01 was a stand-down Gladio-style False-flag attack and that nobody died at Sandy Hook.

This Sandy Hook cover-up involves the whole State Government of Connecticut and all the way up to Eric Holder while he was US Attorney General. The Connecticut State Police are involved, as are numerous well paid crisis actors pretending to be survivors and actual families when they are not.


Just how bad has it gotten because of over 50 years of Talking Head Controlled major Mass Media mind-kontrol via News Control of the American People?

It has gotten so bad that anyone who tells the truth has up until now and still is for the most part labelled as a conspiracy theorists, a conspiracy nut or a crackpot or possible domestic terrorist.

As George Orwell once stated, “In a time of universal deceit-telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Obviously this applies to contemporary America as never before.

The factual knowledge of what is really happening in our corrupt USG at every level is now beginning to spread like wildfire across America. If the spread of truth is not stopped it will eventually result in the exposure of all this big lies, false-narratives and propaganda dispensed by these Network Talking Heads on behalf of the USG, the Establishment and the KM who pulls all the strings of these two remarkably evil entities.

If either the 9-1-01 attack on America, the phony Boston Black Powder Puffer-Bombing, or the Sandy Hoax House of Cards collapses it will then be possible to prosecute these six Major Network News Moguls for being “after the fact accessories” to these horrendous crimes and part of the World’s largest Organized Crime syndicate, which they actually are.

There is no statute of limitations for murder or for fraud. 3,000+ another 130,000 were murdered by the 9-11-01 KM perps from their attack on America on 9-11-01. They had the Tsarnaev brother and his friend murdered over the fake Boston marathon Bombing and at least one witness was murdered over Sandy hoax.

Over 100 witnesses of the JFK assassination were murdered and the Dixie mob, the CIA, the Enterprise (Pentagon) and the FBI to protect the Clintons, Iran-Contra and the Mena, Arkansas Cocaine trafficking operations. All because GHWB was the Clintons’ case officer and used them to run cover for all these RICO KM syndicate operations.

Their success in providing cover has been well rewarded ever since but may be quite limited soon due to new and quite powerful forces inside the Pentagon that want to clean house and are making sure all their recent sins are exposed to the public. Obviously the current regime was placed in power to complete the KM’s Globalist NWO Agenda and help maintain the current cover-up of all these recent false-flags including the KM attack on America of 9-11-01. So far the attainment of these intended goals have been thwarted substantially.

These murders and fraud of the associated cover-ups of the six Major Mass Media Moguls makes them liable for serious felony prosecutions and criminal and civil RICO, along with the actual KM and Intel perps and the Cutouts responsible for all these Gladio-style inside-job False-flag operations and their cover-up.



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