Why has Zionist regime invited Turkey to Gaza?


erdoganTurkey has requested free access to Gaza and claims it plans to get the absolute control of the region and rid it from Israel. But perhaps such a move would be an effective tool for the Zionist regime in Gaza as another lever of pressuring on Hamas leaders.

Most issues about Turkey/Israel relations improve negotiations are studied. The Israeli government has apologized to Turkey and the amount of compensation is agreed on. The only problem that remains is Turkish free access to Gaza which is in fact an outrageous demand. We are now talking about Israel’s security, and the region is under the control of a terrorist organization, without mercy and hostile, the prosperity of which are in snot that interesting for Israel. The same way Israel never asks the Turkish siege of Kurd under ground forces on Turkish border to end.

Hamas started reigning Gaza since 2007 at which time Israel left Gaza. Since then, for almost a decade the Israeli regime has been trying to shatter Hamas’ face using blockades and prevent these armed groups from obtaining ballistic missiles and other weapons to finally overthrow Hamas. But all these efforts have failed. During this period, the Occupation has waged three hard wars against Hamas (operation Cast Lead in January 2008, operation Pillar of Defense in November 2012 and operation Firm Cliff in July 2014), all of which resulted in nothing but failure. Experts believe Hamas has been able to revive much of its capacity and capability.

Opponents argue in the country and say we failed because IDF has never ordered the destruction of Hamas. Perhaps this is true, but the only way to win this stage, is to re-conquer Gaza and its two million residents, with care and protection of their lives, providing health care services, creating sewage network and education for its oppressed citizens. No other alternative will ever solve this problem. Any attempt to defeat Hamas and kill its leaders and then drop the region will only prepare the rise of extremist elements like Islamic Jihad, supported by Iran or groups like Isis. This has so far made us abandon Hamas. Despite all the disappointment of such a policy, the occupation has for many years put Gaza under siege, while providing all the region’s needs such as food, electricity and fuel, health services and building materials. This policy has two objectives: controlling trade activities aimed at preventing weapons smuggling, and persuading people that Hamas is incompetent as a government and will damage people’s welfare. Maybethe second goal is reached to some extent since the population of the region suffer from deprivation, and many of them are from the government are unhappy with the way they are governed. But so far, none of the elements of the first goal is achieved. After a decade of siege, Hamas now has thousands of missiles and other advanced weapons in the area.

In the current negotiations, a different option is presented: removing this burden from Zionist regime and leaving the region to Turkey. This idea comprises of building a seaport in Gaza created and managed by Turkey. Ankara government is responsible for transporting a bulk of Gaza needs through another port, for example in northern Cyprus which is under Turkish control. The Occupation will ask Turkey as part of the deal to accept the responsibility of preventing arms flow to Gaza and if they take on this task they will do it completely. Of course, no one can stop this weapon flow.


Gazans will try, in every possible way to attain these weapons and can even hide mortars in teddy bears, but Turks will also do their best to stop this. For preventing the transfer of weapons they may even demand international supervisory board sat the request of the Zionist occupation. They say this way Israel will lose the full control of the region but it probably provides new influential tools to put pressure on Hamas leaders that have nothing to lose now. In the long run controlling those who come for education, tourism, visiting relatives and even immigration will be a trouble for leaders. This approach is not risk-free, but after since the senseless long siege and waging three wars and so much destruction without defeat, it probably means another try. However, we must admit that the possibility of opening Gaza to the world would be extremely difficult for right wing city dwellers that now control most regime Zionist state devices.


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