Putin, Le Pen and Trump to destroy Brexit play



The British eurosceptics claimed that their like-minded fellow Marine Le Pen’s visit to Great Britain would be undesirable. Even Nigel Farage, leader of the UKIP separatists party doesn’t believe that Marine Le Pen’s “intrusion” would be useful for Britain. The Brexit story reminds of a well-rehearsed play with a foregone result.

On the eve of referendum

The closer referendum of 23 June is, the more evident fright of the Western establishment is, that the British will vote for leave. Strange as it may seem, even adherents of this decision are being afraid. Gisela Stuart, who co-chairs Vote Leave addressed the Home Department, asking to ban leader of the French party National Front entering the country. She intended to take the floor in London in May to support Britain’s independence from the EU.

Moreover, Stuart accused Marine Le Pen of extremism, which probably sits ill with the British “contras”. And although the British Home Department refused to ban the coming visit, questions are still in the air. Why is London so afraid of Marine? Isn’t Brexit a well-rehearsed play, which may get the knock after all?

Marine Le Pen is a politician who is capable of achieving its targets. She claimed during her latest visit to Romania that each country, as well as Great Britain, has right to decide whether to stay in the EU.

She promised to arrange such a referendum in France in case she becomes a President in 2017. Now Marine Le Pen with a 27% rating outruns Francois Hollande and Nicolas Sarkozy, except for Alain Juppé.

One third of the votes is not a half, but an impressive success of her Austrian colleague at the presidential elections in Austria evidences that everything is possible under a skilful campaign. All the more so under rising discontent of the European people with the EU elites, who turn the “common house” into a hostel and cancel all the previous social achievements.

So, the case is not about Le Pen’s “extremism” at all, but about the fact that real salaries of the Europeans have not been growing for 6 or 7 years so far, but for unemployment, taking into account that local population has a lot of competitors among immigrants.

New forces in Europe

The case is that new forces occur, that say that they will settle all the problems. Why not to give them a try? The Western establishment surely considers it to be a threat to its well-being. As one eurosceptic, Secretary of State for Justice Michael Gove said, a union is being formed by “Vladimir Putin, Marine Le Pen, and Donald Trump, who can disperse chaos all over the world and destroy our democracy”.

Chaos in the context of world’s rebuilding? Maybe. To destroy democracy? And why is it so good “your” democracy? The Europeans and Americans don’t understand why they live worse and worse, while their elites better and better. And they make sure that elites are corrupt, that they evade taxpaying via offshore companies, and that is the most terrible crime in the world of Protestants and Catholics. Voters may surely be frightened with ultra-rights, who cooperate with Putin as much as they like. But here is a question. Who did Brussels and Washington cooperated with during a coup d’etat in Ukraine?

What about “ultra-rightness” of the National Front, Freedom Party, and Alternative for Germany, as Jesus Christ used to say, “You will know them by their fruits”. Don’t nationalist parties win these elections in an unconstitutional way?

Given this there occurs an impression that Brexit is a well-rehearsed play with a foregone result. The aim is to let off steam of those discontent, achieve some reliefs in Brussels and continue policy Washington needs, that is enslavement of the EU via uncontrolled migration, unnecessary for Europeans conflicts with Russia and onerous Transatlantic agreement.

Brexit is quite a serious play

It (case with Le Pen) is an absurdity, just hunting any alternative opinion in the West,” Nataliya Narochnitskaya, Director of the Paris-based Institute of Democracy and Cooperation, told Pravda.Ru. National Front is a parliamentary party, these are absolutely reasonable people, who speak of France, its future, of things that may harm government and may help it”.

It’s a small alternative to left-liberal establishment, that is currently dealing with ideological totalitarianism. It is clear that the British Home Department considered another answer regarding Le Pen to be impossible, not be ashamed across the whole Europe, Nataliya Narochnitskaya said.

Taboo is enforced in Europe regarding any discussions, the political scientist concluded. “They realize it clearly that there are orthodox values, which one cannot reject, but which can be defended openly only by brave men, who are not afraid that they will be labeled as marginals, extremists. For the time being Europe is doomed not to settle problems which it faces, and which destroy it, as in order to settle them, one should name them properly at least”.

Nataliya Narochnitskaya believes that Brexit is “quite a serious play, results of which are predetermined to a large extent”. And these “tales” about Putin’s alliance with Le Pen and Trump are needed to frighten voters.

“The Western establishment has convinced itself and tries to convince all the others that opinions and talks from Russia, its authorities are absurd, that these are monsters and outcasts of the world history and politics, as they differ from the Western mainstream.

Consequently, they believe that a normal politician cannot be loyal to Russia, love it, and what is more wish to cooperate with it, and if he does wish, just for some money. Thus, everyone who speaks in a constructive way in the West, is shown in the main Mass Media as Russia’s influence agent, or extraordinary freak, one should stay well clear off in politics,” Nataliya Narochnitskaya concluded.

Lyuba Lulko, Pravda.Ru

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