Time for Plato’s Golden People




By Santiago Sunset for VT 

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, than there is great possibility that it is a duck; but if does not swim neither quack any more, than it is obviously about a dead duck. In this particular case of a corpse, we are talking about the UN.

Number of valiant authors has already expressed deep concern about current possibilities of Western type of democracy such as we know it, which is actually global today, and its misfortunate by-product the UN, to redirect ominous course of history in a way to allow greater influence of each human as a corrective force to current civilizational condition. So let us examine what tells us the introductory part of the UN Charter about this fastidiously tied Gordian knot:


  • to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice in our lifetime has brought untold sorrow to mankind, and
  • to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and
  • to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and
  • to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,”

Ah, well, all these noble goals failed to the one. But let us examine the rest of this for more than seventy years running fairytale:


  • to practice tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbours, and
  • to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security, and
  • to ensure, by the acceptance of principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used, save in the common interest, and
  • to employ international machinery for the promotion of the economic and social advancement of all peoples,”

Failed, failed, failed to the one. But there is more:



Accordingly, our respective Governments, through representatives assembled in the city of San Francisco, who have exhibited their full powers found to be in good and due form, have agreed to the present Charter of the United Nations and do hereby establish an international organization to be known as the United Nations.”

Or the Dead Duck Organization, the DDO, as it will be known from its foundation onward. The choices at our disposal, to make a decisive hawk, a protector of peace out of this terribly smelling dead duck, are actually miserable at this moment: humanity is divided and utterly confused in its aims; its intellectual elite, at least its academic part—by vocation entrusted to lead people into historic change—by huge percentage is conformed, and thus deprived of ability to kindle critical opinion and fighting spirit of humanity; in the same way has been pacified the vast majority of political representatives, and immoral offer with bribe of the sort “Just enjoy your academic shade; we don’t care as long as you don’t care what we are doing with the world!” still stays the most efficient mechanism of controlling the most potent  among humans to initiate some possible change of paradigm of humanity. The world top organization that was founded to bring more hope to humanity, the UN, is useless today; by disheartening words of Boutros Ghali, the sixth Secretary-General of the UN:

“I can do nothing. I have no army. I have no money. I have no experts. I am borrowing everything. If the member state don’t want (to do something), what can I do?”

Precisely. Actually, it has to be so: if the proverbial Dylan’s the best lack all convictions and the worst are still full of passionate intensity of ignorance, than those in the purposely useless middle of the vortex of the world politics—and that is precisely the position of today’s the UN—inevitably ought to lack both passion and convictions. Just as it was the situation at the opening to the major world crisis in 1914 and especially in 1938.

On the other hand, without strong and ethically convinced guidance by the best among humans, the so called “ordinary” people, that is, billiards of humans deliberately uneducated, have not the slightest chance to focus their cognitive attention to the main problem, that is, how bitterly humanity has been divided into opposed entities, guided by social, cultural, religious and ideological division and confrontation. The result is endless war among humanity, as the oldest expression of human inability to understand and control destructive half of the force of life that drives our nature and the nature in itself.

Untouchable above this historical civilizational maddened carousel spinning ever faster, calmly controlling the axes of power lasts through millennia everlasting phenomenon of political-economic elite of humanity. As social history claims, these elites have been established at the very beginning of history, through the mechanism of The Bloody Struggle, which brought the most savage, clever, hideous killers and plotters to become the rulers upon humanity, The First Nobility. They became hereditary kings and emperors, during seventeenth and eighteenth century to disperse into broad political, economic and religious elite. Their ideological heirs still share a great deal in political decision making.

In this or that way the mechanism of The Bloody Struggle still thrives on, encouraging the most primitive among humans, opportunists of each and every sort from the ranks of leftist and rightist and centrists equally, these ethically ruined people, political thugs and even mass-killers to become icons of humanity and leaders of nations, even Nobel Peace Prize and Nobel Prize in Literature winners.

Today we usually label them as “politicians”, or even “distinguished intellectuals of the world”. But what is their heritage? Has the world become a safer, decent place to live? This and such leadership of Western civilization bestowed humanity with constant war for more than hundred years—from the WWI humanity is either in focused or defocused hot war, or preparing for war as it is today.

In that meaning nothing new in the world; which means that today’s tarnished icons of social criticism who repeatedly claim for years “The war is coming, the war is coming!” actually mislead with their simplified judgment of the nature of the current crisis. And why shouldn’t they: inciting and spreading the culture of fear is the most efficient way of running their business, that is, herding their frightened flock of confused auditorium of subscribers.

Yes we know, we know the world war is terribly realistic possibility. But war never falls from the skies—a war is a consequence of numerous human choices. So, its cause is not settled in political crisis in the world only. The full truth is that every war is just a consequence of natural, inborn hostility among world nobility for domination upon people. In other words, The Bloody Struggle actually never ended, leading humanity today into deep structural crisis of civilizational sense—instead of already reaching cosmic era, which is technologically possible if humanity would merge its efforts instead wasting assets into purpose of endless militarization, humanity delays furthermore civilizational progression, closing into tarnished anthropocentric model rather than bravely choosing a new page of history, a new identificational cosmic model of humanity.

All the rest, wars at first place, plus the culture of hostility among people, plus the crisis of philosophy and religion, is just the consequence, since the huge part of humanity have finally accepted to be reduced at Eliot’s The Hollow Man:

Shape without form, shade without colour,

 Paralyzed force, gesture without motion;


Still, it is not over, not yet. The final word of humanity is not yet told. So,  if talking about politicians, in fifty years—but I hope much sooner—if someone would present himself or herself, whatever, as a “politician”, I wish such performing will be equal to an instant invitation to permanent hospitalization in a psychiatric institution.

Summary, the whole history until present times has been run by already mentioned Dylan’s The Worst, while The Best always hesitated to acquire the power upon humanity, understanding astonishing amount of knowledge and responsibility required to successfully perform such a task. Utopians were that unique people, actually utterly realistic in spite of derogation and distortion of the meaning of this term in nowadays, who tried to level these opposite demands on implementation of political power, to be applied confidently and firmly,  but at the same time to be entirely humane in its expression.

Plato was one of those utterly honest and responsible guys, belonging to small but brave immortal troop of genuine social reformers. Taught by experience of Athens’ democracy, in particular by Draco the Legislator’s and Solon the Reformer’s successful attempt to end political violence and social anarchy in Athens of 7th to 6th century BC, Plato was, actually, the first philosopher who established kind of political platform demanding double-quality needed for successful leadership at any historic time: that is, firmness in struggle against enemies of democracy, and honesty and generosity in time of peace. Thus he imagined his Golden People, warriors and intellectuals simultaneously, to protect and cherish the society of his imaginary The State.

However, Plato’s concept actually never prevailed in history—all to the one brave and noble warriors were disabled the very moment their services became sufficient: disarmed, hanged, sometimes dismembered, cooked in oil bath, shoot down, decapitated and so on by the will of kings and emperors, even Presidents, who were always one immoral step in advance when it was about drawing political guns. Even in recent history, during The Second World War and in its aftermath there was number of extraordinary generals who never came even close to the opportunity to become political leaders, in spite their more than obvious excellence as leaders and brilliant intellectuals. And why was that so? Simply, they would have been too efficient as politicians, if had been elected to guide nations.

Thus, Hitler forced to death his famous generals like—aside all controversies—brave man and loyal soldier Erwin Rommel, among number of others. Stalin was unquenchable addict in serial executions, including of his most celebrated generals, like Mikhail Tukhachevsky in 1937. Speaking about Tukhachevsky, upon hearing the accusations Tukhachevsky was so astonished that he was heard to say, “I feel I’m dreaming.”[1]  But it was not a dream, and it had been happening to many before, and he should have been prepared to that and ready to respond adequately as a warrior. Rommel, too, though never a member of Nazi Party cherished trust and loyalty to Hitler to the last moment, just like hundreds and thousands of indirectly involved Wehrmacht officers and German citizens practiced that received death penalty after unsuccessful 20 July 1944 plot against Hitler—even blind loyalty to own nation is problematic thing enough, but loyalty to a mad dictator is utter intellectualistic self deceiving, and never pays.




Brave soldiers, loyal citizens, betrayed by their political leaders: Erwin Rommel,

Mikhail Tukhachevsky, Carl Friedrich Goerdeler [2]


Similarly, the leader of German Resistance Carl Friedrich Goerdeler to the last of his days put great confidence into hypothetical Wehrmacht’s willingness to overthrow Hitler. Much to Goerdeler’s deep disappointment, it was Army troops led by major Otto Ernst Remer rather than the SS who crushed the putsch of 20 July, marking the final time Goerdeler’s hopes in the Army were to be dashed,  with consequence of approximately 4980 executed German army officers and citizens.[3] Awaiting to be executed, Goerdeler bestowed a bitter message to future generations of humanity: “I ask the world to accept our martyrdom as penance for the German people.”[4]

Yet the penance was never accepted. Instead, after the WWII imposing collective fault on German nation continued through decades, in spite the fact that Germany never more conducted military action of any sort: all of the wars from the WWII onward were conducted by other states in the world, at first place on the part of the most powerful countries of the West. It may be rightfully assumed that exactly this conditioning directly resulted in today’s so easy modeling of German official politics into benefit of Neo-con the US policy, including unbelievable passiveness with which majority of German nation allowed A. Merkel, that pale shadow of what a real Chancellor should be, to “lead” disastrous internal and external politics, at first place agreeing on sanctions to Russia and directly encouraging of immigration flood; all the events that shook the very foundations, the very concept of consensual Europe: simply, Merkel (and other Western politicians) never ever asked for consent in the form of referendum on the part of her own nation, or on the part of other constitutional members of the EU, on the matter if people want immigration flood, or conflict with Russia.

These events were the rock upon which stumbled The Europe of Equal Nations, the Europe that never happened, exposing itself as a simple political-economic investiture of Old European Nobility gathered around and represented by the so called “Brussels administration”; the Europe is rapidly disguising itself in its resurrecting historic realm and colonial civilizational manner—as the New Holy Roman Empire. As picturesque example of colonialist attitude of the EU elitocracy towards southern European states, let us remind of initial unyielding demand-precondition to some of the same states: if they intend at first place to become members of the EU, than they should previously close their shipyards; into benefit of, what else, northern ship-building industry. And these shipyards were the only worthy part of their national industry. After the “Brexit” this trajectory toward reduction of the EU on certain form of the New Holy Roman Empire, with its own army (fighting against whom, for god’s sake?!! Perhaps against own people?), and under even more stringent control of northern states became even more obvious. Unless…

Unless Europeans find in their heart that the dream about Europe of Equal Nations is not dead, that more than 700 millions have will, faith, courage and determination to accept responsibility and take reforms about their continental homeland, far from any kind of ideological or religious or nationalistic reconquista that already cost Europe dearly through her history. In that meaning, the decisive will be the stance of German nation. And yet, week, confused, combat un-thought and for constructive social conflict disheartened population cannot undertake such task. Paradoxically, it seems that peace in 21st century will depend much more on responsibility and pragmatic influence of professional soldiers rather than civil politicians: professional soldiers, as a rule, often respect the value of peace among people much more than eager politicians that never tasted bitterness of war.

But times change, times always change. And now, we have one of these firm and intelligent guys with military background, Mr. Putin, decisively holding the rudder of his homeland. Until implementation of Direct Democracy in the world, if and when humanity will be ready, which I doubt will be soon, it is to be expected that the forthcoming decades will bring some more of this kind under the spotlights of history.

No matter about to some point rightfully deserved glorifying, in spite today popular iconisation of Mr. Putin’s political figure let us be clear that Mr. Putin is everything but the savior of the world—no, he is not nowadays Jesus the Christ (private message to Mr. Putin: he should practice his judo a lot more), and there is no some new expression of ideology of human liberation behind today’s Russia’s political platform, only cold interests of Russian oligarchs. And yet, in this and such moment of history exactly these interests could guarantee, at least through forthcoming critical decades, one more coherent and peaceful world, just long enough until full implementation of Direct Democracy and New World Enterprise.[5]

Namely, today’s Russia is so reach, so gifted by resources, so blessed with immense amount of water, oil, food, living place and healthy population that simply has no need for any kind of violent political expansion—it is a god blessed country for everyone willing to work and prosper. In that meaning, current hysteria in Europe about Russia-as-an enemy willing and determined to invade and rob economically ruined Ukraine, or politically confused Poland, or insignificant in its wealth Latvia, Lithia, Estonia, is pure Neo-con political rubbish, so far astonishingly successful in its influence on bewildered population of Europe at first place.

Namely, fifty years of commercials and all kind of swallowed stupidity offered by the Consumer society, plus twenty five years of irresponsible Internet playground for immature part of humanity has done its nasty job very well, numbing population to the core and thus disabling for critical thinking. So, if you wish good to yourself, get rid of your TV set permanently. The same disqualifying destiny awaits the Internet, even to its complete shutting down, if will not change towards ethically responsible tool of uniting humanity, instead being today an immensely powerful tool of cherishing culture of alienation and hostility among people, thus directly encouraging confrontation at all levels of human society—without implementation of new humanistic Lore common to all people, communicational “integration” achieved by Internet cannot guarantee neither humane either stable world.

But let as turn judicious attention of readership to The Battleground America; I strongly believe that the civilizational change is at the doorstep of American nation. Namely, the contradictions of the Consumer Society are coming to its breaking point, and it will break first where intensity has reached its peak point, as Engels would formulate. Now the question is: does American nation today dispose with its own Plato’s Golden People, able and willing not so much to compose some kind of state dictatorship (which already exists actually, in the form of Neo-con culture of fear), but to firmly stand in support to forthcoming President and his mission of democratizing America anew?

And if today’s progressive social part of the US could be considered as a kind of metaphorical Alamo of the 21st century, the last fortress of American democracy as we knew it, once the lighthouse to the world and now under siege of its own monstrous child, American hyper imperialism, is there on the horizon of political events some nowadays Sam Houston to come— this time on time—into aid to defenders of democracy? The bitter and perilous truth, but truth anyway, is that the only organized social group in Western society today that disposes with leverage of efficient social coercion, to be implemented at first place upon irresponsible part of political elite into benefit of all people, is actually military; just as Draco’s and Solon’s historic position was.

So let us rephrase the question: hence, has the US enough capable people at the moment, able and willing to protect, when it comes to that, democratically elected new President of the US and his, I strongly hope so, political agenda that will be in the interest of all American people, and thus the world? And if the answer is yes, there is still another part of this nasty question, that is, does America currently have a decent candidate to be entrusted by leadership of the country? Additionally, could we agree that presidential elections should be conducted involving exclusively verified, responsible candidates, holding previously kind of certificate of ability to be presidential candidates?

Namely, if a representative of some Bus Company for example would claim “Well, dear passengers, just hop in! take your seats, no matter that we actually do not know who the hell is that guy drooling behind the wheel, and what is his competency to drive this vehicle; you know, we never put to psychological test our drivers. But he will be fine, he will manage somehow.” Tell me than, how many passengers would embark into such hilariously creasy buss?! Yet we do “embark” so recklessly into “creasy bus” of a representative democracy that has been driven by proven psychotic politicians, liars, neurotic fools, incompetent ignorant phony personalities able only to become strategists of destruction, since they never understood and never learned the beauty of responsible game of creating. Yes, I pity them in their lack of humanly warm intelligence, in the same time as I condemn them. But our ability for compassion has no place to do with when it is about securing safe drive of this civilizational bus.

However, if speaking about current presidential elections in the US, there is no time for such extravagancy like testing candidates on sanity, there is no time for anything but hope that the next the US President whoever he will be, will have smart, utterly responsible advisors, and decisive protectors from the ranks of military. So, shall we soon find us exclaiming: Saunders is politically dead! Clinton is mad! Long live Trump! I don’t know. What a choice. The US can do better.

Summary, talking about the safe drive of our civilization, the only sound choice of humanity would be immediate reform of the UN as soon as it is possible, by a special session of General Assembly. Among other constructive changes, adding a nasty twist at the end at Article 42 of the UN Charter is of the most importance:

The existing text:


Should the Security Council consider that measures provided for in Article 41 would be inadequate or have proved to be inadequate, it may take such action by air, sea, or land forces as may be necessary to maintain or restore international peace and security. Such action may include demonstrations, blockade, and other operations by air, sea, or land forces of Members of the United Nations.

And the supplementary text should be:

And for those of the lore of “politicians”, “the world leaders” as they claim, who would even think about starting a war among nations and peoples, we, people of the Earth, take an oath to pursuit them by air, sea, or land forces, even to the Universe if such will be the need, to hunt them and crush them finally, in the name of final peace among humanity.

There is no doubt that the US (Europe too) disposes with plenty of characters alike to famous defenders of Alamo, even characters comparable to James Bowie and colonel William B. Travis, represented today by huge majority of dedicated American police officers, honest military personal, responsible politicians, non conformist American intellectuals and journalists.  And yet, the US still badly lacks someone still missing under the spotlights of history, someone still invisible at the political scene, some nowadays Sam Houston to come into aid to besieged democracy.

So, Westerners, time for Plato’s Golden People. Anybody?


Santiago Sunset is a utopian writer with ten books behind (his military background is military policeman and Martial Arts expert).


[1] Stalin: Court of the Red Tsar, page 225.

[2] By Bundesarchiv, Bild 146-1993-069-06 / CC-BY-SA 3.0, CC BY-SA 3.0 de, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=5483573

[3] Kershaw, Ian. Hitler 1936–1945: Nemesis, p. 693.

[4] Rothfels, page 152

[5] For wider connotations see Santiago Sunset: “Embracing the 21st century—contributions to the Manifesto of the third millennium”; broadened paper-back edition to be available soon.


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