Vladimir Putin: NATO and Satanism Are Ideologically Indistinguishable



…by Jonas E. Alexis & Mark Dankof


We all know by now that Vladimir Putin, as flaming Neocon Lee Smith conceded in a mischievous and smarmy way last October, is “the new sheriff in town.”[1] The Observer has lamentably reported the same thing: “Today, Russia is king of the mount.”[2]

One can say that Putin has become the new sheriff because no leader in the Western world is man enough to fight against what has now become practically unreasonable, morally intolerable, politically impermissible, and intellectually repugnant. Putin basically has no choice but to fight against the ideological tidal wave threatening to wash out Russia, Syria, and much of the Middle East. As one writer put it last year, Putin

“has his back against the wall…he can’t throw in the towel because Russia’s facing an existential crisis. If he loses, then Russia’s going to wind up on the same scrap heap as Afghanistan, Iraq or Libya. You can bet on it. So the only thing he can do is win. Period. Victory isn’t an option, it’s a necessity.”[3]

Since victory is a necessity, Putin has been able to obliterate agents of the New World Order from a strictly rational point of view. Charlie Rose, Fareed Zakaria, and other US and British journalists have all learned their lessons by now: You cannot challenge Putin on a moral and intellectual plane without embarrassing or humiliating yourself.

Remember what Putin told John Simpson of the BBC when he asked Putin that Western countries believe that Russia is being aggressive? “Have you any common sense at all?,” Putin said. Putin had more damning things to say:

“US strategic aviation with nuclear weapons onboard continued to encircle us. For what? We have only 2 military bases abroad. They are in areas of known terrorism dangers…US bases on the other hand are all over the world. And you are telling me that I am the aggressor? What are the US forces doing in Europe, including nuclear weaponry? What business have they got there?

“Listen to me. Our military budget, while slightly increased from last year, is about $50 billion. The military budget of the Pentagon is almost 10 times that amount….And you’re telling me that I’m the aggressor? Is it us putting our forces on the border of the US? Is it NATO that is moving their bases closer to us?

“Does anyone even listen to us, or try to have some kind of dialogue with us? The repeated answer we get is, ‘Mind your own business, and each country can choose its own security measure.’ Very well, so will we.”

Putin moved on to add that “there are rules,” and breaking those rules ought to be illegal. That is how a rational system or government works. But instead of punishing the parties that have broken the rules, Putin said, the US and NATO want to punish Russia. “That is illegal,” he said.

In other words, the US and NATO are actually using an essentially irresponsible and intolerable principle which makes practical reason inexorably irrelevant and unnecessary in political affairs. And once politicians ignore practical reason, then rational dialogue and peaceful resolutions are impossible. Putin has been pleading with NWO agents for reasonable dialogue for more than three years, and his plea has fallen on death ears. He said publicly:

“We want to develop normal relations in the sphere of security, in the fight against terrorism, and in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons. We want to work together with [the US] on threats such as drug trafficking, organized crime, the spread of infectious disease.”

Since the New World Order and its agents have been living in a matrix, reason has become obsolete. John Simpson obviously knew that NATO was and still is spreading its armies all over Europe, most specifically around Russian borders. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has recently declared:

“Today we have decided to declare initial operational capability of the NATO ballistic missile defense system. This means that the US ships based in Spain, the radar in Turkey and the interceptor site in Romania are now able to work together under NATO command and NATO control.”[4]

But Stoltenberg risibly propounded that this move “represents no threat to Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent”![5] In the same breath, he talked about “Russian aggression” in the region and that NATO’s arm forces and weapons “will be robust and they will be multinational. They make clear that an attack on one ally will be considered an attack on the whole alliance.”[6]


And here is the funny thing: NATO says that Russia’s “threat” is bigger than ISIS’,[7] and Zionist outlets such as Newsweek can brag about inflicting “a major setback on Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Warsaw Summit on July 8 and 9,”[8] but NATO “represents no threat to Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent”! CIA directors John Brennan has even given a lecture at the Brookings Institution postulating that the United States has “to be going into foreign airspace without the prior consent of the government.”[9] But that is not a threat to any country at all.

Does that make sense at all? Are New World Order agents that stupid? Can’t Stoltenberg see that this is why people are now saying that NATO is the problem, not the solution?[10] Stoltenberg must know that, as former CIA analyst and whistleblower John Kiriakou has pointed out, NATO’s move would create “dangerous tensions.”[11]

In response to this “dangerous tensions,” Russian officials said that it is

absurd to talk about any threat coming from Russia at a time when dozens of people are dying in the center of Europe and when hundreds of people are dying in the Middle East daily [due to NATO’s aggression].”

As Putin put it to a Russian journalist a few months ago: “I am telling you as an expert, who has worked with these things for many years. There are very basic things one cannot be unaware of. I don’t believe they don’t know them.”


True. New World Order agents know what they are doing. They just don’t want to live in a world where human will is subordinated to reason. They want bloodshed. They want more territories, and they want more money to be wasted. That is one reason why Jewish Neocon Charles Krauthammer has recently written in the Chicago Tribune that NATO has to put “a kink in Putin’s aggressive behavior.”[12] Krauthammer:

“NATO will now deploy four battalions to front-line states. In Estonia, they will be led by Britain; in Lithuania, by Germany; in Latvia, by Canada; in Poland, by the United States. Not nearly enough, and not permanently based, but nonetheless significant.”[13]

But again the aggressor is Russia, not NATO? You see, Charles Krauthammer does not lack the sophistication to see that this is complete nonsense. He graduated from Oxford and Harvard, and obviously he took logic 101 and knows something called common sense. But his essentially Talmudic ideology does not allow him to see the obvious.

Jewish writer Sidney Blumenthal argues that the political ideology of the Neoconservative movement finds its “disputatious heritage of the Talmud.”[14] In a similar vein, Jewish writer Elizabeth Wurtzel describes people like herself as “hopeless Talmudists.”[15]

Krauthammer is obviously a representative of this. He actually admits that he was heavily influenced by Maimonides when he was at McGill University, under Rabbi David Hartman.[16]

This brings us to our central point, which we have articulated in numerous other articles. Whenever an entity or groups refuse to subordinate their passion to practical reason, then you can be sure that they are going to be irrational. When individuals or groups are irrational (deliberately), then the next logical step follows: they are going to use deliberate lies and fabrications to get things done. As Nietzsche himself realized, it takes energy to reject rationality and logic.

So, when organizations like NATO categorically reject reason and deliberately embrace bold lies as principles to live by, then they tacitly endorse Satanism. Whenever reason becomes obsolete, then Satanism is right around the corner.[17]

This is why Putin and thinking people everywhere cannot reason people out of an idea which was not formed on the basis of reason. This is why Putin is getting frustrated with the American Empire.[18] And this is why the Ayatollah Khomeini did not hesitate to call America the “Great Satan” way back in 1979.

The Zionist system, Khomeini articulated then, has taken over US foreign policy, and this coup d’état had and still has a detrimental impact on Iran itself. The Zionist system, Khomeini argued, wants to be everywhere. It wants to wrap around the face of every single country and suck its blood.[19]

Of course, Khomeini was not against decent Americans who were being manipulated by the Zionist system which always favors Israel above international law and reason. He was against a regime which had no intention of doing that which is right. E. Michael Jones writes that “Khomeini was referring to Iraq, which had already launched a full-scale attack on Iran, as the proxy of America and Israel.”[20]

Did Khomeini know that it was also America (and Britain) that covertly and mercilessly disposed Mohammad Mosaddegh in 1953?[21]

In any event, Khomeini’s prophecy has come back with a vengeance. The Neocons, who are representatives of “The Great Satan,” destroyed Iraq in 2003, destroyed Afghanistan, destroyed Libya, and intended to destroy Syria. Putin conflicted the Neocon game when he intervened in Syria. They have never been able to forgive him ever since he became the new sheriff in town. Your turn, Mark Dankof.


Dankof: My feelings are apparently shared by Mr. Putin himself. The Russian government has quite rightly began moving against the NGO’s linked to George Soros and other well-heeled subversives in the largely Jewish Tribal establishment promoting the toxic brew of Zionism, Central Banking, and Cultural Marxism which has completely enveloped the West and destroyed the older European Christian influences of both Europe and the United States eradicated by both World Wars in the 20th century and their aftermath.

The economic sanctions, cultural subversion, and hourly global agitation-propaganda campaign aimed at the Putin government and the Russian nation are now joined by the methodologies of black intelligence operations in places like Ukraine in February of 2014, and the overt military threat posed by the continued deployment of NATO and American military assets in Eastern Europe ever closer to Russian borders, augmented by the ongoing recruitment of countries on the Russian periphery for membership in NATO, including overtures to Montenegro, Ukraine, and Georgia.

Given the specifics of Article V of the NATO charter, and the clear possibility of Russian military activity to legitimately protect their own backyard, the spectre of the likelihood of a NATO and American military conflict with Russia is made even more probable by these provocative and unjustifiable moves which have nothing to do with the Cold War doctrine of deterrence.

The Guardian’s post on the recent Anaconda 2016  NATO war games in Poland, and the recent switching on of the U. S. ballistic missile shield in Deveselu, Romania, have brought the breaking of Bush 41’s promises to Gorbachev and the later unilateral American cancellation of the provisions of the ABM treaty to an entirely new level of dishonesty and recklessness.

My perspective on this and that of the Russian President and his Foreign Minister is shared by a number of other people.  I would commend Eric Margolis’ “War With Russia is Coming.”  Ex-CIA Station Chief and head of the Council for the National Interest, Dr. Philip Giraldi, has a July 13th release for Pat Buchanan’s The American Conservative entitled, “Russian Harassment and Other Fables.”   Dr. Giraldi’s post for The Unz Review on June 28th, “The Magnitsky Hoax?  Who Stole the Money?” adds to the mix. Finally, Robert Parry at Consortium News has an article out July 14. See “NATO Reaffirms its Bogus Russia Narrative.”

All of these gentlemen underscore two essential ingredients inherent in American and NATO policy where Russia is concerned:  Duplicity and absolute madness.  The Parry piece notes the absolutely Orwellian character of the recent Warsaw Summit Communique of the Western powers which condemn “Russian aggression” by noting the non-existent intelligence data and supporting analysis for the mantras of the Communique which repristinate memories of the Weapons of Mass Destruction fraud in the run-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the constant glossalalia of top officials of NATO and American Neo-Conservatives on the subject of Putin and Russia, and the incessant drone of falsehoods repeated daily in the lapdog mainstream Western media.

He states unequivocally:

“The leaders – at least the key ones – know that there is no credible intelligence that Russian President Vladimir Putin provoked the Ukraine crisis in 2014 or that he has any plans to invade the Baltic states, despite the fact that nearly every ‘important person’ in Official Washington and other Western capitals declares the opposite of this to be reality.

“But there have been a few moments when the truth has surfaced. For instance, in the days leading up to the just-completed NATO summit in Warsaw, General Petr Pavel, chairman of the NATO Military Committee, divulged that the deployment of NATO military battalions in the Baltic states was a political, rather than military, act.

It is not the aim of NATO to create a military barrier against broad-scale Russian aggression, because such aggression is not on the agenda and no intelligence assessment suggests such a thing,” Pavel told a news conference.

“What Pavel blurted out was what I have been told by intelligence sources over the past two-plus years – that the endless drumbeat of Western media reports about ‘Russian aggression’ results from a clever demonization campaign against Putin and a classic Washington ‘group think’ rather than from a careful intelligence analysis.”

It is critical to understand that the lies and agitation-propaganda being spun by the official American governmental and media narrative on who the aggressor and malefactor is in the present crisis mirrors the official line on how 9-11 happened and who was responsible for bringing it about.  It mirrors the official line on American Neo-Conservative and Zionist untruth about Iran and the historical tragedies in the American relationship with that country since 1953.

It mirrors the falsehoods of the United States and Israel about what really happened in Palestine in the late 1940s. It mirrors the official lies perpetrated about the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the Kennedy Assassination. For that matter, one can reach farther back in the linear historical stream to the official line perpetrated on Abraham Lincoln and the American War Between the States held so dear by American Neo-Conservatives and Lovers of Empire.

Mr. Putin’s frustration with the duplicity of the United States and NATO is compounded by the inherent madness in the direction taken by the West in all of this. This comes forth very clearly in the brief clip of his airing of frustrations aimed at the Western media after the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum of June 17th.

What is breathtaking is their full participation not simply in the lies, but in their stupefying failure to see the slope toward world war and apocalypse obviously steepening in the continued pushing of the envelope by the United States, NATO, and the EU in making global conflict and some form of nuclear exchange likely.  And over what?

It certainly isn’t the legitimate national defense of the United States and Western Europe. It has everything to do with the ongoing exportation of a brand of coercive globalism and World Government which threaten Russian autonomy as a sovereign nation-state free of the tentacles of the Beast. The implication may well be that failure to subdue the Bear by economic sanctions, demonization, and cultural subversion, will leave overt military aggression as the weapon of final resort.

Duplicity is more than matched by literal madness and insanity.  Does the American Cabal of Empire and New World Order truly believe Russia will fail to defend its national honor, history, culture, autonomy, and homeland from this unfolding onslaught?  Has The Cabal and its fawning paid agents in the Western media forgotten that Russia, unlike Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iran, is a nuclear power with a bona fide army and navy to match?

Putin’s directed remarks to foreign correspondents on June 17th in St. Petersburg underscore his disbelief in the Pavlovian dogs of Western media. The tone of his voice, his facial intonations and body language give special power to the desperately heartfelt statements in that press conference, like “I don’t know how to get through to you people.  . . . How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction?  . . .

This “irreversible direction” can only be reversed by a wholesale domestic American and European revolt against The Cabal.  It has not yet happened despite the wholesale destruction of the demographic, economic, cultural, spiritual, and political fortunes of millions in the West in the last 100 years of history.

What remains to be seen is whether or not the threat of fire raining down on European and American cities will be enough to produce sufficient will and resolve to resist the tyranny of The Cabal and the seemingly irreversible and insane course it has charted toward cataclysm, or whether the Culture of Death and the nihilism produced by that culture for those entrapped in addictions to sexual decadence, drugs, and worship of technology will render meaningful resistance impossible.

Solzhenitsyn seems ominously prophetic when he tells us that

“We are approaching the brink; already a universal spiritual demise is upon us; a physical one is about to flare up and engulf us and our children, while we continue to smile sheepishly and babble.”

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