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Koyaanisqatsi–It’s a Hopi Indian word meaning “world out of balance.” In the 1980s when the word first began making its entry into the mainstream American lexicon, most people assumed it meant “out of balance” in terms of the global environment. And that was the context in which it was usually used.

Lately, however, I’ve begun to think the original Hopi prophets may have had more in mind than simply ecological imbalance, and that they may have been referring also to the balance between good and evil.


For eons of time there has been a delicate equilibrium between these two forces. Evil kingdoms, empires, or principalities of one sort or another came along, throwing the world out of kilter for a few decades or a few centuries, but eventually they were defeated or else fell from the sheer mass and inertia of their own corruption. In either event, the equilibrium would be restored until the next evil entity came along and reared its head. A repetitive cycle it has always been, with the balance invariably coming back around to reassert itself.

The Hopi believe there have been three repetitive cycles, or “worlds,” in the past, and that the fourth world–the one in which we presently find ourselves–is close to an end. A fifth world will then emerge from the ashes of this present fourth.

And…well…as we look around, it does appear as if evil has climbed to a rather considerable promontory once more.

It is a higher promontory perhaps than evil ever achieved in any of its previous world cycles, a throne from which it is able to issue its edicts and decrees to billions of the Earth’s people. In any event, a vast portion of our planet presently cringes in its shadow. What surrounds us is truly koyaanisqatsi, a “world out of balance”–out of balance environmentally, politically, financially, and ethically–as well as in terms of good versus evil–yea, in virtually every sense of the word.

So upended have things become that those in power now have the ability to spray toxic substances into the atmosphere, poisons including aerosolized aluminum, that fall to earth impacting our health in ways we are only beginning to understand. And at least for the time being there is little, if anything, we can do about it.

My article, The Strange Times We Live In: Geoengineering and Morgellons Disease, posted back in June, drew a number of responses, including some from Morgellons patients, and I thought I would share a few of these today. The article was  published here at VT, at my own personal website, Fig Trees and Vineyards, as well as at Boldface News. On VT it got more than 6,000 reads, and one of those who posted a comment in response was “stonehillady.” Here is what she had to say:

Morgellons is real, it is the most horrendous disease you could imagine, had it for over 4 months, finally took a bath in alfalfa powder and thousands of these black flicks leeched out of every pore in body. Then, made a mixture of colloidal silver and an antifungal cream spread all over and did this for about a week and it finally healed but, later on got a lung problem and this disease settled in the lung and in my sputum were strangaloids, worms, the same kind of worms that was coming out of my skin sores, thank god, I didn’t go to regular Dr. I would have been dead, I needed to take a drug for river blindness, 3 separate times to kill the eggs. So, for you doubting Thomas’s it’s as real as you can get, these fibers are real. especially the red ones, all you have to do is put a clean white sheet or white paper near an open window even with a screen and in 24 hrs. you will notice them. Also they come out of hair brushes if you exam them closely. The red wine test is the best, though I don’t have any more sores, it has effected my lungs. So, we probably all have it and apparently negative blood types are the ones with outward rejection in the skin with these lesions and fibers and black flicks that are like glass similar like mica….leave me a comment if you want. Also almost 90% also had a form of Lyme’s disease…tested positive for that. so lymes and a negative blood type are under attack….

I also received an email from a Morgellons sufferer who, interestingly, had authored a number of articles on the subject, including three which appeared at The articles, by George Paxinos, were published in 2005, 2011, and 2012. I’ll quote a bit from George’s 2005 article:

The first thing I noticed – quite involuntarily, as I was afflicted with it — was a mystery illness that is making the rounds even here in Switzerland, a lumpy bumpy, subcutaneous rash, for which no dermatologist seems to have any cure, nor even a proper name, though thankfully, one is not told, as apparently in the United States, that one is simply imagining it, that one has “a mental illness”.

It itches like blazes, one scratches until one’s skin is raw, and the skin never properly heals either, going from rashy skin-scape of pustules of one-to-two millimetres’ diameter, that finally burst, exuding a clear-to-yellowish, sticky fluid, to a broken landscape of thinned skin, red-to-purplish in colour, that looks like the mosaic of a dried-out mud-scape, with oozing lines of suppurating, yellowish skin between little, uneven islands the colour and surface texture of fried bacon.

Strangely enough, they seemed to appear simultaneously with the onset of regular, heavy chemtrailing across our skies, parallel lines of white trails dragged behind high-flying planes, some flying through the night and laying down a spiderweb-like network of criss-crossing lines against bright moonlight, that don’t simply dissipate like familiar, ordinary contrails, but seem to have enough dense, particulate matter in them to slowly descend, forming strips of cloud that all run together in a white-out that of a beautiful morning generally put an end what had promised to be a cloudless, wonderful day.

The article also includes a quote from a news story, headlined “Mystery Illness Baffles Doctors, Frustrates Patients,” that appeared in 2005 on the website of a Fox News station in Reno, Nevada. The link is no longer viable, but I’ll quote a couple of snippets from it which George did include in his article:

SAUSALITO — Is an unknown disease hitting the Bay Area or is it just a case of mass delusion? If you ask intensive care nurse Cindy Casey she’ll tell you that the mystery disease is very real and very painful.

Mystery Illiness

Mysterious Parasite Striking Bay Area Residents (Part 1) The Inside Information On Morgellons Disease

Casey is one of at least 150 Bay Area residents battling the illness that is characterized by lesions and strange string-like fibers. Video

— Video On Demand: Health And Science Editor John Fowler Updates The Mystery Illness Story —

“It sounds really strange, it’s kind of understandable why people don’t believe us, because it sounds so weird,” Casey said. “The lesions start out as bumps that are itchy, little round raised bumps. The fibers are quite alarming.”

When she turned to doctors for help, her frustrations began to mount. Casey said dermatologists at her own hospital suggested she was mentally ill

That’s the first snippet, now here is the second:

Evidence is beginning to mount linking this syndrome to Lyme Disease from tick bites.

“The population of people with Lyme Disease believe this is another infection that travels with the Lyme organism,” said Dr. Jennifer Choate, a hematologist who helped treat Dillon. “It makes sense because it is in that group we are seeing this pattern.”

Marin microbiologist Jenny Haverty has also be studying the mystery malady.

“I accepted specimens from four different people in four different counties in the Bay Area, and I looked at them very carefully over and over again under the microscope,” she said. “The colors and shapes of the fibers of each individual were very, very similar.”

Tests on similar fibers taken from Bishop’s skin and those of several other patients in the Bay Area show them to be tiny tubes of protein. But how and why the filaments are formed remains a mystery for now.”

Always interesting–is it not?–to look at subjects the mainstream media found it acceptable to report on over a decade ago, but upon which they are mum today.

In his email, George informed me he had written articles for a twelve-year period, from 2002 to 2014, but that he no longer writes or authors anything on the subject. “Mankind is done for,” he commented. “Demons have won.”

My own response to him was as follows:

Dear George,

Thanks for your kind words regarding the article I wrote. I read your articles at Rense and can well understand the frustration you must feel these many years later at the lack of progress in resolving this issue and exposing those behind it. But I do think we are making progress in awakening people to the dangers in the skies, and I think Herndon’s paper was a major step in that direction. As for my own small contribution, for whatever it’s worth, I do plan to write future articles on the subject, and I am reminded of the words of Jesus–that with faith we can move mountains. It’s something I always try to keep in mind,

Best wishes,

Richard Edmondson

The paper I referred to is a research paper entitled “Evidence of Coal-Fly-Ash Toxic Chemical Geoengineering in the Troposphere: Consequences for Public Health,” published last year by J. Marvin Herndon, a geophysicist and former researcher at the University of California, San Diego. Herndon is a respected scientist, and his work seems to have raised public consciousness to a considerable degree about the dangers lurking in the skies above our heads.

The author found that the large amounts of aluminum and other substances detected in soil and water samples collected after heavy spraying most likely are “fingerprints” of coal-fly-ash, a toxic waste byproduct of coal-generated power plants. Coal-fly-ash is a nasty substance that, in addition to aluminum, also contains arsenic, mercury, strontium, barium, and other unsavory materials you definitely wouldn’t want to inhale into your lungs. Most nations have environmental regulations in place mandating that it be captured and stored rather than simply released up through power plant smokestacks and into the environment.

The most common theory about the spraying in our skies (i.e. the theory that has been in vogue for the past twelve to fourteen years) is that it is being done as a means of averting climate change or global warming. The particulates, so the theory goes, will reflect sunlight back into space and thereby cool the planet. In his paper, however, Herndon postulates that the spraying is actually having a warming effect. While the particulate matter may, to some degree, reflect sunlight into space, it also retards heat loss and can prevent rainfall, thus affecting the “weather and Earth’s heat balance in ways that act in opposition to cooling the Earth.”

Herndon also discusses the serious health implications from aerial spraying of aluminum:

Although aluminum is abundant in the Earth’s crust, it is highly immobile. Consequently, our planet’s biota, including humans, have not developed natural defense mechanisms for exposure to chemically mobile aluminum. It is a matter of grave concern that aluminum in a chemically mobile form can be readily extracted from coal fly ash with rainwater or in situ with body fluids. Aluminum is implicated in such neurological diseases as autism spectrum disorder (ASD), Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), all of which have markedly increased in recent years. Aluminum is thought to impair fertility in men and is also implicated in neurological disorders of bees and other creatures.

Increases in rates of autism and Alzheimer’s have been especially dramatic. In the 1970s and 80s, about one child out of every 2,000 had ASD. Today the rate is 1 in 150. There is debate on whether or not an “expanded definition” of just what falls into the “spectrum” of autism-like disorders could account for some of the rise, but clearly the rate is climbing.

A sharp spike in Alzheimer’s has been noted as well, particularly in the US. According to one study, since the year 1991, rates have gone up 82 percent in men aged 55-74, and 48 percent for women in the same age group. One theory is that people are now living longer, but that probably doesn’t account for all of it, and certainly wouldn’t account for incidents of early-onset Alzheimers now being seen in younger adults, some as young as 30. According to a 2016 report by the Alzheimer’s Association, 5.3 Americans now suffer from Alzheimer’s, of which 200,000 are under 65. By 2025, the number of Alzheimer’s patients is expected to grow to  7.1 million, and to a projected 13.8 million by the year 2050

Another reader email I got from was from Charlotte Smith, who thanked me for my “courage and hard work” and shared  three links–all quite interesting, including one to an article she had written. But before I get to her article, let me say a few words about the other two links.

One is to a video here about human evolution. The video particularly makes the point that the evolutionary process now seems to be speeding up. Human beings, for instance, have grown taller just in the past two centuries. “The average American male in 1850 was 5’7″,” says the narrator. “In 1980, he was 5’10”.” French and Chinese men grew taller as well, both averaging 5’5″ in 1850, but growing, by 1980, to 5’9,” in the case of the French, and 5’7″ in the case of the Chinese.

If we accept the fact that human evolution is occurring this rapidly, what other changes might be coming over us besides these increases in our height? And this is where we get into the second link, here, which takes us to an article about chakras.

Chakras, for the uninitiated, are the spiritual centers that range along the spine and up into our head. There are supposedly a total of seven, but the writer of the piece posits that the number is increasing–to eleven. Or in other words, evolution is adding four new ones. And that’s just within the body. For in addition to these, the writer also puts forth the notion that  two more chakras are forming outside our bodies–just above our heads. This would make for a total jump from seven to thirteen chakras.

Of course, there is no scientific evidence that chakras even exist, but I can tell you after practicing daily meditation exercises for the past nineteen years that they definitely are real. People refer to them as “spiritual centers,” and that is an accurate description. To put it into Christian terminology, think of the words of  Jesus, “Knock and the door will be opened.” The chakras are the door that you knock upon. And if you knock long enough, they are in fact opened.

In her own article, which is actually more of a letter, Charlotte talks about “the Cabal” that seems to be controlling much of the planet at this point, and she also mentions an approaching “firewall” or a “magnetic Cosmic reset” in which she says the Cabal will be toppled from power. The article is posted at Stankov’s Universal Law Press, maintained by Georgi Stankov, who postulates a hypothetical Universal Law that would hold true for both organic as well as inorganic matter.

What are currently thought of as universal laws of physics, i.e. Newton’s law of gravitation for instance, apply only to inorganic or inanimate matter, and as Stankov points out, they fail in their applications to living organisms. A genuine “universal law” would hold true for both living and non-living matter, and he proposes a “General Theory of Science” that would lead to the unification of physics and the natural sciences–a true Universal Law. Religion is a component in his theories as well, largely a syncretism of New Age and ancient Gnostic beliefs–in such things as light beings and archons–though incorporated into this also is a smidgen of David Icke, including “aliens” from an “Orion/Reptilian empire that have been the major source of all evil and wars on this planet.”

And if you visit Stankov’s site you’ll also run into the term “elohim,” a Hebrew word for “gods” or “deity,” but if Zionism is your litmus test, rest assured: Stankov describes Israel as “the most dark and criminal country on this planet,” and refers to the concept of a “chosen people” as a “forged Jewish myth.”

In any event, Stankov and his–I hesitate to use the word “followers” but will do so for lack of a better one–believe we are in the “end times” but that this is not a bad thing because it means the Cabal will be overthrown. It also presages a new era, an era in which human beings, with additional chakras, will ascend or evolve into new states of consciousness and awareness. The world will be brought back into balance.

In a way, it’s not that different from the Hopi prophecies.


On Hopi tribal lands in Arizona can be found a series of rock panels, a number of which offer some variation on the diagram above. Some of the carvings also include a swastika (actually an ancient symbol), a Christian cross, and a Maltese cross. A variety of interpretations can be found on the Internet, but common to all of them is that the Fourth World is about to end, and that those following the spiritual path set by the Creator (the lower horizontal line) will survive into the Fifth World; those on the path of worldly allures will not.

The Hopi reportedly prophesied the nuclear age (specifically a “gourd of ashes” that would fall to the earth), automobiles (“horseless wagons” that would travel on “black ribbons”), as well as airplanes that would soar upon “roads in the heavens”–interpreted by one writer as a possible reference to chemtrails. The same writer also comments:

Unlike the Maya, the Hopi are rarely specific about the dates for the shifting of these ages. It has been said that the Maya were masters of time, whereas the Hopi are masters of space. The verb tenses here are deliberate, given that the Maya no longer follow the Long Count calendar of 394-year cycles. Instead they now use the Tzolk’in calender of 260 days—an amazingly complex system nonetheless.

Possibly so. The year 2012, pinpointed by the Mayan calendar supposedly as the end of this age, came and went without too much more than the usual chaos and imbalance. Predicting dates is hard. What is clear in any event is that a collapse of some sort is coming, even if traveling at its own leisurely pace, and that in some parts of this out-of-balance world people are already experiencing it. How much longer do the rest of us really have?

Perhaps the most astounding aspect of all is the phenomenon of “those without eyes to see.” In the 1980s weather modification was invisible to most people (even though it had been going on since the 1940s ). Today it is abundantly apparent for those who bother to look up and observe. Why do so many fail to do so? Is it simply because the media refuse to acknowledge the existence of chemtrails and that for such people nothing is “real” until it’s reported in the media–or is something else at play? Some sort of mental conditioning that perhaps blocks the ability to question?

These are not easy questions to answer. But one thing is for certain. Something very abnormal is occurring in the skies. And the abnormalities seem to be spreading downward into our own bodies. Dr. Russell Blaylock is a retired neurosurgeon and author of several books, including Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients. In the following video, Blaylock discusses the aerial spraying of aluminum and its potentially devastating health impact upon humans:

Though not mentioned by Dr. Blaylock, Morgellons disease is another condition that could be linked to the aerial spraying in the skies. Some at least have posited such a link. Others have theorized that it is caused by GMO foods. At any rate, Morgellons is perhaps the most mysterious of all the mysterious new diseases that have come along since the 1980s. In my June article, I observed the following about Morgellons:

The first case was reported in 2001 by Mary Leitao, who put up a website describing her son’s illness. She named the disease Morgellons. Since then thousands more people have shown similar signs of the affliction.

Officially, the US government says all of these people are crazy, that they are suffering from “delusional parasitosis.” But are they? The disease is characterized by fibers or sometimes black specks or hexagon-shaped objects emerging from skin lesions, accompanied by sensations of bugs crawling beneath the skin. The government claims the fibers are nothing more than clothing fibers.

Odd isn’t it?–that as the government and the media deny the existence of chemtrails, so too they refuse to acknowledge the existence of Morgellons. In her email to me, Charlotte expressed the view that Morgellons fibers “are like little network fibers within the human body through which they can send signals and manipulate emotions, thoughts, behaviors, etc.”

This is a view that’s also shared by Tasha Lee, a Florida woman who has Morgellons and who has uploaded numerous videos discussing the disease’s impact as well as various holistic remedies she has tried in an effort to rid her body of the parasites. You can go here to see what appear to be foreign substances–she refers to them as a “worms”–embedded in her face; here to see Morgellons fibers under heavy magnification exhibiting magnetic qualities; and in a video here you can see black flecks clinging to the skin of her feet–perhaps not unlike those described by stonehillady. In the video below, Lee describes how she came down with the disease, what was going on in her life at the time (she and her husband had been dealing with toxic mold exposure in an apartment they were living in at the time), and states her belief that the Morgellons was caused by the spraying in the atmosphere:

My personal view is that the people who have Morgellons are the canaries in the coal mine and that we ignore what’s happening to them at our own peril.

Symptoms of this singular disease, including the presence of nanofibers in the skin, has prompted some to speculate that what may be going on is an experiment designed to alter our genetic makeup. According to a scientific paper here, nanofibers are being used to synthetically engineer human tissue. One of the challenges in this goal is “developing scaffolds that mimic the architecture of tissue at the nano scale,” and nanofibers have proven very useful in this, the authors assert, adding that:

…nanofibers, irrespective of their method of synthesis, have been used as scaffolds for musculoskeletal tissue engineering (including bone, cartilage, ligament, and skeletal muscle), skin tissue engineering, vascular tissue engineering, neural tissue engineering, and as carriers for the controlled delivery of drugs, proteins, and DNA.

If this is the case, then how long before ethically-challenged researchers apply the same technique toward engineering something more nefarious than simply a means of repairing tissue on patients who’ve undergone bodily traumas? Perhaps a quote here is worth keeping in mind:

“Gradually, by selective breeding, the congenital differences between rulers and ruled will increase until they become almost different species. A revolt of the plebs would become as unthinkable as an organized insurrection of sheep against the practice of eating mutton.”

The words are from Bertrand Russell, British philosopher, mathematician, and social critic. Russell is mostly remembered today for his “progressive” views, though at one point in his life he espoused a measure of sympathy for eugenics.

The following video, apparently made by a person with Morgellons, explores some of the darker possibilities of the disease’s origins and makes the important point that scientific research often can be “disguised” as legitimate medical research–when in reality military applications, including biological warfare uses, are being explored as well.

Interestingly, the video maker seems to perceive a continuum between Nazi medical experiments and Morgellons, drawing this analogy before finally switching the visual imagery to a scene showing Hebrew graffiti next to the English words “Kill All Arabs.”

Others have visualized a slightly different continuum between geoengineering and 9/11. A few weeks ago I came across the following meme posted on Twitter:


I assume by “same people” the person who created the meme was not referring to “Arab hijackers armed with box cutters.” The emblem of the all-seeing-eye would suggest belief in a cabal, perhaps not unlike that theorized by Charlotte. And of course that a cabal of some sort indeed exists is not an unreasonable supposition.

Ironically, the year 2001 saw not only the 9/11 attack but also the first reported case of Morgellons. And as I reported in my previous article, the first “chemtrails” seem to have materialized in the skies over America in the late 1990s. At this point, a few questions are worth asking:

  1. Why, despite abundant, overwhelming evidence produced by more than 100 architects, engineers and other professionals, do the media still to this day not report that the World Trade Center buildings were brought down by means of controlled demolition?
  2. Why do the same media also ignore the rather obvious spraying in the sky?
  3. And is it just a coincidence that the very same media also deny the existence of Morgellons?
  4. Are other more “active ingredients” being injected into the spray–such as nanoparticles or genetically modified organisms–and is the coal fly ash simply a “base” or “inactive ingredient”?
  5. Is the spraying being done by military or private contractors?
  6. Are heavy concentrations of aluminum in soil and water causing tree deaths and other adverse impacts on ecosystems?

Additionally, questions about motives behind the spraying are worth considering as well:

  1. Is it for weather modification and/or weather weaponization purposes?
  2. Given that some countries are pursuing a policy of engineering chaos in the Middle East, are a warming of the planet and the concomitant destruction of ecosystems being pursued as a means of creating chaos on a global scale?
  3. Is transhumanism a factor?
  4. Does revenge for the holocaust–assuming that Zionist Jews comprise some part of the Cabal–play into this in any way?
  5. Is population reduction a goal?

The answers to these questions aren’t clear, but if Herdon is correct and what’s being sprayed into the atmosphere is indeed coal-fly-ash, it would seem to refute the notion that the spraying has in any way a benign purpose behind it.


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