Vladimir Putin to Bloomberg and US general officers: you ain’t seen nothing yet

"Dear Satanists and New World Order agents: get ready to crap in your pants. Mark my words."
“Dear Satanists and New World Order agents: get ready to crap in your pants. Mark my words.”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Leonid Bershidsky of Bloomberg has lamented just a few days ago that Russia is actually winning the war in Syria by a landslide. “With Russian air support,” he said, “the regime forces [the Assad government] and their Iranian and Lebanese allies are pushing back and holding the siege, which cuts the rebels off from Turkey.”[1]

Bershidsky is frustrated because the US is obviously losing the war in the region. Bershidsky wants US “victory” at any cost. He wants Assad to go. He wants more bloodshed and misery in the region. In fact, terrorist groups do not bother Bershidsky at all. Listen to him very carefully here:

“The group formerly known as Jabhat al-Nusra attempted to rebrand itself as Fatah al-Sham at the end of July, ostensibly distancing itself from its mother organization, al-Qaeda. It now appears to be the driving force behind a rebel attempt to break the Syrian army’s siege.”[2]

As noted British journalist Robert Fisk has pointed out, the claim that Jabhat al-Nusra is “ostensibly distancing itself from its mother organization” is pure fantasy.[3] It is just the kind of fiction that allows the United States to support terrorist groups.

So, al-Nusra—which we all know is a terrorist group and which has created violent and bloody acts of terrorism over the years—is attempting to overthrow the Syrian government, and the US State Department even blacklisted the organization as a terrorist group.[4] But that again does not give Bershidsky a pause at all. Why?

Because Bershidsky cannot apply reason in the political universe. He is working with a perverse ideology that does not allow him to think clearly and rationally. Therefore, he is morally and intellectually blind. Bershidsky again writes,

“The U.S. appears to be allowing Assad, Putin and Iranian generals to implement their plan. If they succeed in taking Aleppo, they will face Islamic State without U.S. support. They probably would be able to defeat the terror group if they’re not forced to fight on several fronts.”[5]

What’s wrong with that? Don’t we want terrorist groups to be defeated once and for all? Didn’t the US declare “war on terror”? Why is defeating terrorist organizations keeping Bershidsky up at night? Obviously Bershidsky shows that he is working for the Powers That Be when he says, “If the U.S. allows this scenario to unfold, its credibility as an international arbiter will inevitably suffer.”[6]

What Bershidsky is implicitly saying here is that if Russia defeats terrorism in Syria, then the credibility of the United States will be at stake!

Thank you so much, Mr. Bershidsky, for showing us again that the US has never been in the business of defeating terrorism. But there is another side to Bershidsky’s promiscuous assertion here. What did this “international arbiter” produce after the war in Iraq? What happened to the civilian populations in places like Afghanistan, Libya, and now in Syria? Doesn’t Bershidsky know that terrorism has risen by 4,500 percent since the beginning of the so-called war on terror?[7] Do we really need more debacles in the Middle East?

Moreover, what happened when Neocons like Victoria Nuland tried to perpetuate lies in places like Ukraine? Well, here are some of the unintended consequences: “War turns Ukraine into ‘supermarket’ for illegal weapons.”

“The war in eastern Ukraine against Russia-backed separatists has led to the uncontrolled spread of firearms throughout the country, with experts describing Ukraine as a ‘supermarket’ where millions of illegal weapons are for sale.

“Since the armed conflict broke out in 2014, the number of crimes involving firearms has more than doubled in Ukraine, a country where gun ownership was previously very rare. Some of the weapons are also being smuggled out of the country, destined for conflict zones in the Middle East or for Europe, adding to fears of more attacks.”

Bershidsky obviously has no part in the rational world at all. I particularly contacted him to get his response on some of the fundamental issues in Syria, and he never responded. He concludes his article by saying, “The U.S. can only hope that regime forces [Russian, Syrian and Iranian forces] will somehow be defeated at Aleppo. That, judging by events on the ground, is a thin thread to hang on to.”[8]

Syrian, Russian, and Iranian forces are fighting terrorist groups in Syria, and Bershidsky wants them to fail! Whether Bershidsky likes it or not, his proposal here is inexorably diabolical and morally unlivable. It also implicitly makes him an accomplice or a pawn in the political process. But if Bershidsky is hoping that Russia and Iran fail in Syria, then it shows that Bershidsky is not prepared to hear the hard facts on the ground, where US forces have been annihilating civilians in the region.[9]

We’ve got really sad news for Bershidsky: Russia isn’t giving up on Assad anytime soon. In fact, Russia has continued to obliterate terrorist cells in the region.[10] We all know by now that Russia has enough ammunition to the job done really well.[11]

Robert H. Scales
Robert H. Scales

Robert H. Scales—a retired Army major general, a former commandant of the U.S. Army War College and the author of the forthcoming book Scales on War—has recently told the Washington Post that Russia has better weapons and better men to fight the ideological war than the US does. He wrote:

“In November, while visiting the headquarters of the U.S. Army in Europe, I received a briefing on the performance of the Russian army in Ukraine. In a perfunctory tone, the young intelligence briefer recited the details of the July 2014 Battle of Zelenopillya, in which a single Russian artillery “fire strike” almost destroyed two Ukrainian mechanized battalions in a few minutes.

“I couldn’t help imagining a U.S. armored battalion subjected to a similar fire strike. I realized then that Ukraine had become Russia’s means for showcasing what might happen if we ever fought a firepower-intensive battle against it. ‘You know, guys,’ I mused in the moment, ‘this is the first time since the beginning of the Cold War that an American war-fighting function has been bested by a foreign military.’”[12]

More recently, the Pentagon has admitted that Russia is creating “enhanced human operations” technology, and it has been reported that this move “scares the crap” out of US officials! US Deputy Secretary of Defense Bob Work has recently lamented:

“Our adversaries, quite frankly, are pursuing enhanced human operations and it scares the crap out of us.”

Bravo, Vlad. Make them wet their pants! Alexander Solzhenitsyn would have been proud of you.

Kevin Barrett’s assessment has come true again with a vengeance: Putin is putting “the fear of God in the New World Order.”

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