Assessment: Seth Rich “Hit” a Wikileaks/Mossad op to Save Flagging Trump Campaign


By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

There is no such thing as “Wikileaks.”  The organization, such as it was, broke up years ago.  Assange manages nothing from the Ecuadorian embassy or during his evening field trips to the “pedophile palaces” of the Tory elites that make up his circle of friends in Britain.

When George “W” Bush, most hated politician in the world, least popular ex-president in history, a man that makes Nixon look like a “man of the people,” withheld support for Trump, don’t you think he is doing exactly what Trump asked for?

When 50 hated Bush staffers dumped on Trump, a rogues gallery of named war criminals or universally hated neocons, the worst of Washington’s dregs, dumped on Trump when the Trump campaign was hopelessly drowning, 8 points behind in the polls and sinking, it had to be obvious.  This is an attempt to make Trump seem credible.  Didn’t anyone notice that those who signed the letter all work for Sheldon Adelson?

Sheldon Adelson is the biggest backer of Donald Trump.  Adelson actually employs Benjamin Netanyahu to aid in casino licenses and Adelson is the biggest donor to Netanyahu’s political life.

Netanyahu is the biggest mass murderer in recent history and Trumps biggest silent backer.

Julian Assange of Wikileaks has often spoken of his admiration of Netanyhau, the biggest mass murderer of recent times.

Are you yet getting the picture?

The idea that a Mossad front, Wikileaks, that has done nothing but leak (and fabricate) pro-Trump conspiracy material, that has fronted for Israel as proven as early as 2010, an organization that openly admits that Israel filters all releases, has credibility of any kind is an abuse of reason.

We begin with a lie, an openly gay mind control drone, Assange, packaged by the press, packaged by the Zionist Murdoch press empire, protected by Britain’s powerful pedophile community, that this manufactured stooge should have a voice at all is an abuse of reason.

We met Assange as an alleged date rapist of a pair of Swedish “ladies.”  This reminds us all of when Larry Flynt accused openly gay George W. Bush of getting 5 women pregnant, a cover for the White House overnight sojourns of Jeff Gannon.

The idea that Trump, tied through his mentor, mob lawyer Roy Cohn, to the kind of people who shoot people down in the street, isn’t supposed to benefit from this killing is an abuse of reason.  It was obviously done to benefit him by his supporters, and we see this as a Mossad/Wikileaks op.

The GOP is nothing but a pack of killers, Blackwater is pure GOP.  Funny enough, Negroponte showed up on yesterday’s phony anti-Trump letter though he is closely tied to the Trump camp.  “Negroponte” means “death squad.”

Then of course, Trump has promised Israel that he will end all US opposition to West Bank settlements and end all voice for the Palestinian people, all discussions over recognition of a Palestinian state or “right of return.”

The Democrats and all previous Republican presidents have honored the endless UN resolutions that demand Israeli withdrawal and the provisions of the Geneva Convention that make Trumps position a war crime.

If Seth was shot down in the street in Washington like Roland Carnaby was killed in Houston or John Wheeler III was killed in DC (dumped in Delaware) there is only one organization capable of doing this.

That organization is the Mossad.  Julian Assange is Mossad and has made that clear to anyone who pays any attention at all.

Trump’s position on the West Bank has made supporting his campaign a redline for Israel, one they will kill anyone, anywhere, for.

We aren’t going to mention what he has promised Russia over Crimea.  We love the Russians here and won’t dare accuse them of killing people to support Trump, not when Israel is there to do the dirty work for them.

What has Trump promised others?  The list is endless, notwithstanding what he can do for organized crime.

Wikileaks offers $20k reward over dead DNC staffer, but won’t confirm he leaked emails

Assange made the comments on Dutch television about a DNC staffer's murder. © Peter Nicholls
The whistleblowing organization Wikileaks wants to catch those responsible for the murder of Democratic National Committee (DNC) staffer Seth Rich and are now offering a $20,000 reward for information.

The group’s co-founder Julian Assange suggested on Dutch television that if Rich is the source of the 20,000 emails exposing the party’s sabotage of the Bernie Sanders campaign in favor of Hillary Clinton, he may have been killed over it.

However, when asked if Rich was a Wikileaks source, Assange refused to comment, merely saying they were investigating the circumstances surrounding his murder.

Wikileaks tweeted about the reward on Tuesday for information leading to the “conviction for the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich.”

Rich worked as voter expansion data director at the DNC before he was shot twice on his way home on July 10. He died later in hospital.

“If it was a robbery — it failed because he still has his watch, he still has his money — he still has his credit cards, still had his phone so it was a wasted effort except we lost a life,” his father Joel Rich told local TV station KMTV.

Assange made his comments on Dutch television show Nieuwsuur. When asked why he was commenting on Rich’s murder, he said, “Because we have to understand how high the stakes are in the United States.”

 Wikileaks offers a secure upload submission option in which no identifying data about a source is recorded, according to the whistleblowing website.

Under these circumstances, Assange and Wikileaks staff would not know who sent them the DNC emails.



Wikileaks also claimed on Tuesday that Ecuador were being pressured to end Assange’s asylum in their London embassy over fears the leak could damage the country’s reputation with the US.


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Social media ignited in reaction to the Wikileaks tweet with a range of jokes and conspiracy theories.


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WOW! BREAKING=> Julian Assange Suggests Seth Rich – Who Was MURDERED in DC – Was Wikileaks DNC…

On July 8, 2016, 27 year-old Democratic staffer Seth Conrad Rich was murdered in Washington DC. The killer or killers …



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