Plausible Deniability, the Jesuits and Citizen Cain



by Katherine Frisk

“Plausible Deniability is a phrase coined by the CIA itself “to describe the withholding of information from senior officials in order to protect them from repercussions in the event that illegal or unpopular activities by the CIA became public knowledge.”

“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…” — Napoleon I (aka Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; Emperor of the France)

Marquis de Lafatette
Marquis de Lafayette

“The Jesuits…are simply the Romish army for the earthly sovereignty of the world in the future, with the Pontiff of Rome for emperor…that’s their ideal. …It is simple lust of power, of filthy earthly gain, of domination – something like a universal serfdom with them [i.e., the Jesuits] as masters – that’s all they stand for. They don’t even believe in God perhaps.” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881; famous Russian novelist)

“It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated MOST of the wars of Europe.” — Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834; French statesman and general. He served in the American Continental Army under the command of General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.)

“…the SS organization had been constituted according to the principles of the Jesuit Order.” —Adolf Hitler

“During John Brennan’s confirmation hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee on February 7, you expressed yourself as being reassured by his values and Jesuit education, suggesting you may intend to vote to approve his nomination to be Director of the CIA. We believe your trust in Mr. Brennan is misplaced”. — Scott McDonald and Ray McGovern


Excerpt from What they have to say about Trump:

“For Trump, his two years at Fordham University, a Jesuit school in the Bronx, seem to leave little impact on his life. After his sophomore year, Trump transferred to the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania.”


What they have to say about Kaine:

“Kaine, who if elected, would be the second Catholic Vice President in American history (Joe Biden is the first), graduated Rockhurst High School in 1976, a Jesuit school in Kansas City.”

“That high school experience with the Jesuits was a key part of my transition into an adult life where instead of just accepting the answers of my parents or others, I’ve been a person who wants to go out and find the answers on my own, and the Jesuits get credit for that,” Kaine says.

After being admitted to Harvard Law School, Kaine took a year off to volunteer with the Jesuits at a vocational school in El Progreso, Honduras. In Honduras Kaine learned to speak Spanish, a skill he will likely use on the campaign trail this fall.

According to Kaine, that year was a watershed time in his life. “I think of El Progreso everyday,” Kaine said. “The people, aside from my family, are the most important in shaping who I am today.”

He also claims his experiences with the Jesuits have inspired his public service: “I do what I do for spiritual reasons. I’m always thinking about the momentary reality, but also how it connects with bigger matters of what’s important in life.”


Plausible Deniability

Many of the forces fighting to bring down Assad in Syria and who came out of Iraq in shiny new Toyota trucks, have American citizenship, are employed by mercenary companies and are not under the direct control of the Pentagon.

These mercenary companies receive their funding from “private” corporations, investors and other countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar. They are supposedly “fighting ISIS”when in fact they are training ISIS in countries like Jordan and are part and parcel of the so-called “rebel” Syrian groups, who are Al-Qadea re-branded under a variety of different names.Almost all of them are closely tied to the CIA.

A large sum of their funding comes from the narcotics industry currently running out of Afghanistan and shipped out of NATO bases, through Turkey and into the Caucuses to Russia and through the Balkans ( what once was Yugoslavia) into Europe.

Closely linked to the narcotics trade, you can also include human trafficking, slavery, rape, pedophilia and human organ harvesting. These private mercenary armies are a very lucrative business as are the wars that they conduct for the military industrial arms industry.

Because these are private mercenary armies with so-called private funding, this gives the US gov and the Pentagon “plausible deniability,” where they have a legal loophole and therefore cannot be held to account for war crimes or human rights abuses. The framework of the system is similar in structure to the TPP and the TTIP agreements where corporations are not accountable to any government, and can sue any government in their private law courts should the laws of that government result in the corporation losing profits.

This is called “corporate fascism” and is a modern version of the feudal system where the “elite” pay no taxes to the countries in which they operate and have offshore bank accounts. Taxes are only for the “little people,” not the Nobility or the Church, or as they have morphed into being in the 20th and 21st centuries, CEOs of companies, bankers and major corporate shareholders. This is not capitalism where companies pay taxes and contribute towards that countries economy and are answerable to the laws of that country regarding health regulations, wage and environment concerns with checks and balances against monopolies.

Corporate fascism and the TPP/TTIP agreements undermine the very concept of capitalism, democracy, nation statehood and equality under the law. They are “above” the law. They regard themselves as infallible.

Phil Butler : Aleppo: The Reality Is Not Good News for Americans

US Senator McCain with Syrian rebels

“Emerging reports from Syria suggest United States naval and special warfare elements may be assisting extreme jihadists break out of embattled Aleppo. Unconfirmed reports of US warships sharing intelligence with the group Jeish al-Fatah, also suggest US Special Forces elements may be trapped within the surrounded city. If confirmed, these reports would not be the biggest surprise to objective observers. Al Nusra and Al Qaeda, along with ISIL having changed identities a dozen times supersedes any adamant amazement by now. As the Syrian civil war seems to be winding down, we must begin to question America’s real role in this catastrophe.”

The bottom line here is that US “special forces” are trapped inside Aleppo and under bombardment from the Syrian army. I remember a similar situation in Ukraine in 2014. And again we have private mercenary armies not under the direct control of the Pentagon which creates the opportunity for plausible deniability. From Sputnik:

“According to media and television reports Mayor Ponomaryov stated that with regard to the “…foreign mercenaries in the ranks of Ukrainian executioners, they also suffered losses. According to Ponomarev, a private military company Analizy Systemowe Bartlomiej lost 6 people, Greystone – 14 people, Academi – 50 people. CIA and FBI have lost 25 employees, of which 13 – killed.”

Academi, previously called Blackwater, are Knights of Malta and answer to the Pope, as are many others on this list.


The Jesuits

I have come to the conclusion that the Black Nobility of Europe can trace their lineage to the descendants and intermarriage of the families of the High Priest Caiaphas, the Edomite Herod Kings and Pontius Pilate.

As readers of my work are familiar, I am also of the opinion that Jesus/Joshua was not from the tribe of Judah or the King of the Jews, a mocking edict nailed to the cross and a false accusation thrown at him when he was detained without trial, had no witnesses to speak on his behalf and was tortured.

If you follow the very obvious bread crumbs left for you from the end back to the beginning, like Hansel and Gretel in a forest of confusion, you will realize that he was Yeshua/Joshua, the son of Joseph of the tribe of Ephraim blessed as the firstborn by Israel. And by inheritance from the blessings on Joseph by Jacob, he is the Shepherd of Israel, the corner-stone, the vine, a crown and prince amongst the twelve tribes, as was Jesus amongst the twelve disciples. Jesus said that it is a wicked nation who seeks signs and omens, and the only sign would be the sign of Jonah, which was a whale-fish. The Hebrew for fish is Nun. Nun in turn was the son of Ephraim and the father of Joshua.

Samaritan Sect circa 1920
Samaritan Sect near Nablus circa 1920

Caiaphas, Herod and Pilate were complicit in the massacre of the Samaritans in 35 A.D and all three were later deposed and banished to Gaul. The Samaritans in turn have been demonized for almost 2,000 years by Christians and Jews alike and have undergone constant persecution and genocide. There are approximately 175 families left in and around Nablus (Mount Gerizim-Zion) today where Joshua dedicated the people to the law and founded Israel.

The Samaritans are descended from the tribe of Ephraim and Manasseh, Joseph’s sons and are the remainder of what once was the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Many have converted to Christianity and to Islam over a 2,000 year period, and today their descendants are found amongst the Palestinians scattered on the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, Syria, Lebanon and Turkey. Thousands live in “refugee” camps, and are subjected to human trafficking and slavery, pedophile rings and organ harvesters.

What the Assyrians accomplished 2, 700 years ago with the complicit help of the Kingdom of Judah, pales in comparison to the suffering that this house of Israel has undergone in the last 70 years. History repeats. From Jeremiah and Isaiah (17), to the first century A.D, to the 21st century where yet again Caiaphas, Herod and Pilate massacre Yeshua Ben Joseph hiding behind the masks of Judaic Talmudic Zionism, Wahhabism, the CIA, the Knights of Malta, Rome and the Jesuits.


Vatican and Black Nobility

Pope Francis lays wreath at Theodor Herzl grave, May 2014
Pope Francis lays wreath at Theodor Herzl grave, May 2014

This is the dark secret of the Vatican, the Zionist Talmud Jews and the Wahhabi sect and one that they have been protecting for over 1,000 years. This is the purpose of the Jesuit army, the Knights of Malta, the Illuminati, the P2 lodge and the Roman Empire, to protect this Black Nobility who historically all bare the guilt of murdering Yeshua 2,000 years ago.

Their objective is to remain in power under a feudal system (now taking form as the TPP and TTIP agreements), as well as to destroy Christianity, Hebrew history and Shiite Islam.

True Christianity is democratic, Apostolic and based on a federated system of governance with a Judiciary as the highest authority as Joshua had originally founded Israel. It is not a hierarchy of monarchy, bankers and legionaries in a pyramid structure where the “elite” are above the law or where the pope is “Christ’s representative on earth,” and regarded as the highest authority above any judiciary and considered “infallible.” Or a ruling “Jewish” Messiah in Jerusalem, or a House of Saud King.

Going back almost 1,000 years to the 13th century, the Vatican broke away from the Orthodox Church in Constantinople (Istanbul) and supported the crusaders who sacked that city. In order to claim plausible deniability, mercenary armies were used in the attack on the Hagia Sophia. They were funded by the Jewish Venetian bankers – today the equivalent of Goldman Sachs, financial advisors to the Vatican. This funding was repaid with interest with loot stolen from the city, whilst the religious treasures, books and ancient documents and art works were carted off to Rome and now sit in the Papal Palace.

Hagia Sofia is a former Greek Orthodox basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum in Istanbul, and a tourist draw
Hagia Sofia is a former Greek Orthodox basilica, later a mosque, and now a museum


Byzantine account of the sack by Nicetas Chroniates

“How shall I begin to tell of the deeds wrought by these nefarious men ! Alas, the images, which ought to have been adored, were trodden under foot ! Alas, the relics of the holy martyrs were thrown into unclean places ! Then was seen what one shudders to hear, namely, the divine body and blood of Christ was spilled upon the ground or thrown about. They snatched the precious reliquaries, thrust into their bosoms the ornaments which these contained, and used the broken remnants for pans and drinking cups — precursors of Antichrist, authors and heralds of his nefarious deeds which we momentarily expect. Manifestly, indeed, by that race then, just as formerly, Christ was robbed and insulted and His garments were divided by lot; only one thing was lacking, that His side, pierced by a spear, should pour rivers of divine blood on the ground.

Nor can the violation of the Great Church be listened to with equanimity. For the sacred altar, formed of all kinds of precious materials and admired by the whole world, was broken into bits and distributed among the soldiers, as was all the other sacred wealth of so great and infinite splendor.

Sack of Constantinople
Sack of Constantinople

When the sacred vases and utensils of unsurpassable art and grace and rare material, and the fine silver, wrought with gold, which encircled the screen of the tribunal and the ambo, of admirable workmanship, and the door and many other ornaments, were to be borne away as booty, mules and saddled horses were led to the very sanctuary of the temple. Some of these which were unable to keep their footing on the splendid and slippery pavement, were stabbed when they fell, so that the sacred pavement was polluted with blood and filth.

Nay more, a certain harlot, a sharer in their guilt, a minister of the furies, a servant of the demons, a worker of incantations and poisonings, insulting Christ, sat in the patriarch’s seat, singing an obscene song and dancing frequently. B’or, indeed, were these crimes committed and others left undone, on the ground that these were of lesser guilt, the others of greater. But with one consent all the most heinous sins and crimes were committed by all with equal zeal. Could those, who showed so great madness against God Himself, have spared the honorable matrons and maidens or the virgins consecrated to God?

Nothing was more difficult and laborious than to soften by prayers, to render benevolent, these wrathful barbarians, vomiting forth bile at every unpleasing word, so that nothing failed to inflame their fury. Whoever attempted it was derided as insane and a man of intemperate language. Often they drew their daggers against any one who opposed them at all or hindered their demands.

No one was without a share in the grief. In the alleys, in the streets, in the temples, complaints, weeping, lamentations, grief, the groaning of men, the shrieks of women, wounds, rape, captivity, the separation of those most closely united. Nobles wandered about ignominiously, those of venerable age in tears, the rich in poverty. Thus it was in the streets, on the corners, in the temple, in the dens, for no place remained unassailed or defended the suppliants. All places everywhere were filled full of all kinds of crime. Oh, immortal God, how great the afflictions of the men, how great the distress !”

The Vatican still claims that it was not complicit in this barbaric attack by Christians on Christians. Pope Innocent III was far from innocent. While he was attacking Christians in the east with mercenary armies, he was also attacking them in the west in the Languedoc.



“The routiers rampaged through the streets, killing and plundering, while those citizens who could run sought refuge in the churches — the cathedral, the churches of St Mary Magdalene and of St Jude. Yet the churches did not provide safety against the raging mob of invaders. The doors of the churches were broken open, and all inside were slaughtered.

Beziers Cathedral
Beziers Cathedral

After the massacre it came to the distribution of the city’s spoils. The crusader knights became enraged that the rabble of the army had already taken the plunder. They took control of the situation, chased them from the occupied houses and took their booty away. In turn, the angry and disappointed routiers responded by burning down the town. In the engulfing fire, the plunder was lost, and the army left the city in a hurry.”

What is a routier? They were mercenary soldiers of the Middle Ages who not surprisingly acted “independently of any government, and thus “free”.” They regularly made a living by plunder when they were not employed. The same mercenaries who destroyed the Hagia Sophia and Beziers are not that much different from the mercenary armies we see today in Iraq, Syria and Ukraine. Companies like Blackwater and franchises like Al Qaeda and their many offhoots. Again the Church and the “noble”crusader knights could claim “plausible deniability.” Similar to 9/11 in fact, where George Bush junior repeated like a mantra, “it’s the terrorists!” What he should have been saying was “the terrorists are us!”

According to this version of the sacking of Baziers, “the plunder was lost.” But was it? And who exactly has benefited from the plunder that has taken place across the Middle East in the last sixteen years? If you want to change the dialogue of history, destroy the evidence as they did to the Great Library of Alexandria in the 4th century A.D and thousands of records were lost, never to be seen from again. Change the narrative and you can change history – past, present and future.

“About twenty years later, Caesarius of Heisterbach relates this story about the massacre:

When they discovered, from the admissions of some of them, that there were Catholics mingled with the heretics they said to the abbot “Sir, what shall we do, for we cannot distinguish between the faithful and the heretics.” The abbot, like the others, was afraid that many, in fear of death, would pretend to be Catholics, and after their departure, would return to their heresy, and is said to have replied “Caedite eos. Novit enim Dominus qui sunt eius – Kill them all for the Lord knoweth them that are His” (2 Tim. ii. 19) and so countless number in that town were slain.

The crusaders had achieved a quick and devastating victory. Horror and terror spread through the land, and many castles and towns submitted without further resistance. Carcassonne fell within a month and Raymond-Roger Trencavel died in captivity later that year, his lands being given to de Montfort. However, the crusaders lost the support of the local Catholic population and thus became a hated occupying force. The war became protracted, and eventually the French king entered the war and took control over the Languedoc. The Inquisition then hunted down the remaining Cathars.

During the fire, the Cathedral of Saint Nazaire, burned and collapsed. A plaque opposite the cathedral records the “Day of Butchery” perpetrated by the “northern barons”. A few parts of the Romanesque cathedral survived, and repairs started in 1215. The restoration, along with that of the rest of the city, continued until the 15th century.”

Out of these wars arose the Inquisition, which persecuted the people of Europe for the next 700 years and burnt them at the stake as heretics. What began as a covert operation using mercenaries in the 13th century turned into Roman Catholic religious and political policy that has dominated Western society ever since, and still does to this day.

Pope Paul III sanctioned the Society of Jesus, the Office of Inquisition gave free rein to the Jesuits to run this office. The inquisitor Generals were granted exceptional powers in carrying out their mandate to root out all “heretics” and millions of Christians were martyred. There is very little difference today between the Inquisition and the CIA black sites all over the world where under “extraordinary rendition” people can be literally picked up off the street, transported to any country, detained without trial or defense, tortured or even eliminated. Abu Grab, Guantanamo Bay and Chicago are the most well known examples.


The Inquisition

“Anyone who attempts to construe a personal view of God which conflicts with Church dogma must be burned without pity.” – Pope Innocent III

“The Inquisition was an ecclesiastical court and process of the Roman Catholic Church setup for the purpose towards the discovery and punishment of heresy which wielded immense power and brutality in medieval and early modern times. The Inquisitions function was principally assembled to repress all heretics of rights, depriving them of their estate and assets which became subject to the ownership of the Catholic treasury, with each relentlessly sought to destroy anyone who spoke, or even thought differently to the Catholic Church. This system for close to over six centuries became the legal framework throughout most of Europe that orchestrated one of the most confound religious orders in the course of mankind.

In 1252, Pope Innocent IV officially authorized the creation of the horrifying Inquisition torture chambers. It also included anew perpetual imprisonment or death at the stake without the bishops consent. Acquittal of the accused was now virtually impossible. Thus, with a license granted by the pope himself, Inquisitors were free to explore the depths of horror and cruelty. Dressed as black-robed fiends with black cowls over their heads, Inquisitors could extract confessions from just about anyone. The Inquisition invented every conceivable devise to inflict pain by slowly dismembering and dislocating the body.

Many of the devices were inscribed with the motto “Glory be only to God.” Bernardus Guidonis, the Inquisitor in Toulouse instructed the layman as to never argue with the unbeliever, but as to “thrust his sword into the man’s belly as far as it will go.” George Ryley Scott describes how the inquisitors, gorged with their inhumanity, and developed a degree of callousness rarely rivaled in the annals of civilization, with the ecclesiastical authorities condemning every faith outside of Christianity as demonic.

Even the very fact of having a charge brought against you, and of being summoned to the Inquisition was sufficient to strike abject terror into the bravest man or woman. For very few who entered the doors of that halls of torment emerged whole in mind and body. If they escaped with their life, they were, with rare exceptions, maimed, physically or mentally forever. Those who did happen to endure the dungeons generally went mad in captivity, screaming out in despair to escape their purgatories. Others willingly committed suicide during their confinement.

The defendant were known to incriminate themselves at any chance they had to escape the horrors. As Henry Charles Lea describes, one of the conditions of escaping the penalties was that they stated all they knew of other heretics and apostates, under the general terror, there was little hesitation in denouncing not only friends and acquaintances, but the nearest and dearest kindred – parents, children, brothers and sisters–this ultimately and indefinitely prolonged the Inquisitions through their associates.

In the ages of faith, when the priest, was little less than a God himself, a curse from his lips was often more feared than physical torments. To even establish an accusation against a bishop itself required 72 witnesses; against a deacon was 27; against an inferior dignitary was 7, and for non-members of the clergy, 2 was sufficient to convict. Whole communities went mad with grief and fear of the thought towards being denounced to the Inquisition. It spread all over Europe. Men, women, and children, all legally murdered on evidence by a church, which today would only be accepted unless the court and jury specifically composed of the inmates of a lunatic asylum.”



Here is another example of religious persecution.

St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre

“The massacre began in the night of 23–24 August 1572 (the eve of the feast of Bartholomew the Apostle), two days after the attempted assassination of Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, the military and political leader of the Huguenots. The king ordered the killing of a group of Huguenot leaders, including Coligny, and the slaughter spread throughout Paris. Lasting several weeks, the massacre expanded outward to other urban centres and the countryside. Modern estimates for the number of dead across France vary widely, from 5,000 to 30,000.

St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre

The massacre also marked a turning point in the French Wars of Religion. The Huguenot political movement was crippled by the loss of many of its prominent aristocratic leaders, as well as many re-conversions by the rank and file, and those who remained were increasingly radicalized. Though by no means unique, it “was the worst of the century’s religious massacres.” Throughout Europe, it “printed on Protestant minds the indelible conviction that Catholicism was a bloody and treacherous religion”.

Hans J. Hillerbrand in his Encyclopedia of Protestantism: 4-volume Set claims the Huguenot community reached as much as 10% of the French population on the eve of the St. Bartholomew’s Day massacre, declining to 7-8% by the end of the 16th century, and further after heavy persecution began once again with the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes by Louis XIV of France.”

And here is another:

What was the Roman Catholic Church’s support of the Ustasha of Croatia, if not a perfect example of monstrous “moral relativism”?

“”Orthodox worshippers, when not dispatched to concentration camps, suffered the same fate as their clergy. Congregations, unless willing to change their religion, were not only persecuted, hunted down and arrested; but, at times, besides being massacred by the Ustashi bayonets or machine guns, they were killed within their own churches.

There were instances even when they were burned alive within them. To terrorize the population into becoming Catholic, the Ustashi very often hanged lay Orthodox Leaders and their Orthodox parish priests during mass executions under the very eyes of the faithful. This was one of the most tangible methods of ‘persuasion’ whenever the Orthodox proved obdurate.

Those who escaped with their lives were sent to concentration camps, while about 700 that is, one quarter of the total number of Orthodox priests — were murdered by the Ustashi in this manner.”

“These were not isolated instances. The Ustashi more often than not massacred all the inhabitants of Serb villages, callously torturing and killing even children, and then setting the villages on fire. In the village of Susnjari, for instance, the Ustashi, after having killed most of the inhabitants, led away about twenty surviving children, whom they tied to the threshold of a big barn, which was then set on fire. Most of the children, of an average age of about ten, were burned alive. The few who survived, horribly scorched, were eventually killed. Eye-witnesses testified to similar occurrences:

In the village of Gorevac, on September 13, 1941, children of about 3 years of age were impaled. In some places, mothers threw themselves down with children in their arms, and one stake perforated mother and child. Some young girls had their breasts tied or cut, others had their hands made to pass through them. Men had their ears and noses sawn away, and eyes had been uprooted from their sockets.”

“The Nazis, who for a time were posted in Croatia, were so horrified at the Ustashi atrocities that they set up special commissions to investigate them. The Orthodox Church of Serbia, in fact, appealed directly to the Nazi General Dulkeman to intervene and stop the Ustashi horrors.

The Germans and the Italians managed to restrain the Ustashi while they were under their supervision. When the Nazis left Croatia, however, the Ustashi multiplied their atrocities, unreprimanded by the Government. Since the latter’s policy was one of total elimination of the Orthodox Serbian population via forcible conversions, expulsion, or straightforward massacre.

Victims were executed in groups without trial on bridges and then thrown into the river. In May 1941, the Ustashi besieged Glina. Having gathered together all the Orthodox males of over fifteen years of age from Karlovac, Sisak and Petrinja, they drove them outside the town and killed 600 of them with guns, knives and sledge hammers.” ”


Why All This Pain and suffering?

It all starts at the Great Library of Alexandria, which was burnt down by religious fanatics, both Jewish and Christian. Why did they burn it down? To get rid of ancient records that would go to prove that their texts were inaccurate and plagiarised, and that the “god” that they professed to worship was no more and no less than a local idol situated on an island in the middle of the Nile river.

alexandria library1This “god” advocated racism, sexism and professed that all his believers were the “chosen few,” a mantra repeated with many New Age movements today. All others outside of the group are the profane, all those within the group are above all others. And these days you pay a lot of money to be part of the team.

In small communities that are not exposed to outside influences the same psychology applies. They become narrow-minded and parochial and suspicious of all strangers who are automatically deemed to be a threat. What is more, newcomers to the group will not be aware of the already set hierarchy that has been established, and may or may not pose a threat to those who control the group.

If you read the words of Jesus in the four Gospels and ignore all the background noise, you will become aware that he never once mentions Adam, the Garden of Eden, Eve or original sin. Both the story and the concept were foreign to his teachings. His words never refer to Genesis 2. They do however refer to Genesis 1, specifically the Alpha and the Omega, Genesis 1 being the Alpha.

The concept of original sin “was first alluded to in the 2nd century by Irenaeus, Bishop of Lyon in his controversy with certain dualist Gnostics. Other church fathers such as Augustine also developed the doctrine.”

The Gnostics on the other hand regarded this potter “god” as Satan, and they even had a Gospel written by John the beloved disciple by which they followed their dualistic creed. In it they rejected the “god”of Genesis 2 and instead embraced the Elohim of Genesis 1. Here is an excerpt:

“And I asked of the Lord: When Satan fell, in what place dwelt he? And he answered me: My Father changed his appearance because of his pride, and the light was taken from him, and his face became like unto heated iron, and his face became wholly like that of a man: and he drew with his tail the third part of the angels of God, and was cast out from the seat of God and from the stewardship of the heavens. And Satan came down into this firmament….And he devised furthermore and made man in his likeness, and commanded the (or an) angel of the third heaven to enter into the body of clay. And he took thereof and made another body in the form of a woman, and commanded the (or an) angel of the second heaven to enter into the body of the woman. But the angel lamented when they beheld a mortal shape upon them and that they were unlike in shape. And he commanded them to do the deed of the flesh in the bodies of clay, and they knew not how to commit sin. Then did the contriver of evil devise in his mind to make paradise, and he brought the man and woman into it.”

Khnum_religk1bThis was why the early church was prepared to die in Palestine, many were crucified, in the Roman Empire at the Coliseum they were thrown to the lions and later throughout Europe during the Inquisition they were burnt at the stake. None were afraid of death, death was preferable to losing their souls.

This “god” is a far cry from the monotheistic Aten conceived by Ankaten and adopted by Joseph and the Hebrews. The “I am,” the Elohim of Genesis 1. They would not subject themselves to Khnum, this horned headed ram or later to the authority of the Pope or the Vatican, or the Talmud Jews for the matter, because they saw this “god” of Genesis 2 as Satan himself and wanted no part of his paradise. They had Gnosis and knew he was a lie and a fraud.

Today we know about the Island of Elephantine, where they worshipped the potter god Khnum. He was demi god of the earth and did not have a place in the heavens along with Isis ( Siruis) and Orisis (Orion). A Jewish community settled there between 800 and 600 B.C. and adopted many of the customs and stories of Khnum and incorporated them into their belief system along with a parochial mindset of being the “chosen people.” The island at the time was a small paradise.

Syria antiquities destroyed in desperate bid to disguise history
In the recent Syrian War, Syrian antiquities are destroyed in desperate bid to disguise history

These Jews, when they returned to Jerusalem after Cyrus the Great freed the Jews from Babylon, brought these stories with them and melded them into their historical view of themselves. The Jews from Babylon also contributed and brought the stories of Noah and adopted the story of the Goddess Ishtar into a Jewish heroine called Esther and by the first century A.D. they had accumulated vast amount of texts from both Egypt and from Sumeria and incorporated them to their own history which gives us the Bible that we have today.

But a vast amount of texts remained in Alexandria that could discredit this “god” that both Jews and some early Christians had adopted and so they burnt the Great Library down and murdered Hypatia. Since then we have been in the dark ages and have only begun to emerge from this quagmire in the last 500 years, a progressive move that has been curtailed at every point by the Vatican, the Zionists and the extremist Wahhabbi groups. Is it any wonder that they are attempting to destroy all historical and archaeological evidence in Iraq, Syria and Egypt?

As I pointed out in Who’s Who In The Zoo the implications of the two belief systems between Genesis 1 and Genesis 2 are:

“On the one hand, self empowerment, self governance, freedom, Nation State sovereignty, social, religious and racial equality and tolerance in alignment with Genesis 1.

On the other we have an autocratic dictatorship, slavery, intolerance, social inequality and religious and racial hatred. The Orthodox Zionists, the Roman Catholics and the Wahhabi are all misogynists and share a hatred of women. All three impose strict dress codes and social rules of separation. This in alignment with Genesis 2.

You have a choice. The decision is up to you. However when reading the end of Revelation, the Omega to the Alpha, keep in mind that as it was in the beginning, so it will be in the end. And the beginning is Genesis 1, not Genesis 2.”

What should be obvious by now, is that it is in the best interests the descendants of the Jew Caiaphas, the Arab Edomite Herod and the Roman Pilate, for their social, economic and political hegemony to maintain the Genesis 2 creed along with a belief that Jesus was the King of the Jews, from the line of David and Adam and created by the potter “god” of the Nile outside of the seven days of creation. In keeping with this creed come the Black Nobility with a “divine right to rule” which places them above the law, the High Priest of the Temple who is “infallible,”and a military junta that kills with impunity, imposes detention without trial, torture and assassination and funds mercenary armies that massacre any and all opposition under the cover of “plausible deniablity.

That Jesus should be descended from Joshua and the Northern Kingdom of Israel from the line of Ephraim and Joseph,preach Genesis 1 and that we are all made in the image of God within the seven days of creation and not outside of it, and advocate a federation of states, a judiciary and a constitutional court where people are entitled to justice, a defense and a fair trial with witnesses to speak on their behalf as the highest authority and where all are equal under the law, upsets the whole political apple cart and is far too close to authentic Christianity for comfort.


Citizen Cain

Tim_Kane_maxresdefaultThe United States Of America is now under complete Jesuit control.

If things work out as planned, Kaine will be the hidden hand behind Hillary as Joe Biden has been behind Obama, as the Jesuit Black Pope has been behind the White Pope. It was Joe Biden, a Jesuit, who was instrumental in the address Francis gave to Congress in 2015, on which occasion he wept tears of joy. It was also Joe Biden who played a pivotal role in the coup in Ukraine that has brought the Roman Catholic Banderites into power, who have persecuted Orthodox Russian Christians and burnt down their churches since 2014 and continue to do so.

I suspect that Clinton will step down, as did Benedict due to “ill-health” (both personalities corrupt to the core,) and in her place the VP Kaine will be the next President of the USA, as Francis replaced Benedict. A Jesuit who answers to the Pope, Rome and the Black Nobility- the Caiaphas, Herod, Pilate Alliance.

Pope Francis addresses the US Congress
Pope Francis addresses the US Congress

They will make sure that the Hagia Sophia in Turkey is never re-instated as a Christian Church and that Christianity other than Roman Catholicism will be wiped from the face of the earth.

History today is the same as history from yesterday and as happened in Croatia during WW2, the Jesuits and the Zionists will use Islamic extremists to achieve their aims in Ukraine, in Syria and in their intended war with Russia to finally destroy all Christians who do not have allegiance to the Vatican Pope.

The Catholic Church’s Holocaust in Croatia (continued under the Clinton administration and into the 21st century)

“The history is complex. In the Croatian maelstrom of ethnic and religious hatred, steered by Nazi mentors and puppet masters, Catholic Croats ironically decreed that all Muslims were Croats. This enabled the Catholic Croats to establish a majority in their enlarged territorial domain. That enlarged Independent State of Croatia was known in the dialect as Nezavisna Država Hrvatska, or the NDH. The NDH’s all-controlling killing and terror militia was the Ustasha, the worst perpetrators of depraved killing in the Holocaust.

The Independent State of Croatia was in fact a bi-ethnic murder regime sworn to exterminate the millions of Yugoslavians who were neither Catholic nor Muslim through their bi-ethnic killing machine, the Ustasha. Although Muslims were a minority in the NDH, the Bosniak Muslim faction and the Croatian Catholics jointly ruled and jointly murdered. The NDH’s fascist extremist president was staunch Hitler ally and former Jesuit seminarian, Ante Pavelic. His official title was Poglavnik, a Croatian word that approximates der Führer. The vice president was Muslim Džafer-beg Kulenovi, previously president of the Yugoslav Moslem Organization, a Bosniak nationalist organization.”

Should Trump win, the same will apply. He will either have a Jesuit VP handler and/or be replaced with a Jesuit as President. Should the USA resort to martial law, the military general who takes power will either be a Jesuit or will answer to one.

Welcome to the Cathar Crusade.

I stand alone in this desolate space
In death they are truly alive
Massacred innocence, evil took place
The angels were burning inside

Centuries later I wonder why
What secret they took to their grave
Still burning heretics under our skies
Religion’s still burning inside

At the gates and the walls of Montsegur
Blood on the stones of the citadel
At the gates and the walls of Montsegur
Blood on the stones of the citadel
At the gates and the walls of Montsegur
Blood on the stones of the citadel
At the gates and the walls of Montsegur
Blood on the stones of the citadel

As we kill them all so God will know his own
The innocents died for the Pope on his throne
Catholic greed and its paranoid zeal
Curse of the grail and the blood of the cross

Templar believers with blood on their hands
Joined in the chorus to kill on demand
Burned at the stake for their soul’s liberty
To stand with the catharsis, to die and be free

The book of Old Testament crippled and black
Satan – his weapon is lust
Leaving this evil damnation of flesh
Back to the torture of lies

The perfect ones willingly died at the stake
And all of their followers slain
As for the knowledge of God they had claimed
Religion’s still burning inside


As we kill them all so God will know his own
The innocents died for the Pope on his throne
Catholic greed and its paranoid zeal
Curse of the grail and the blood of the cross

Templar believers with blood on their hands
Joined in the chorus to kill on command
Burned at the stake for their soul’s liberty
Still running herretics under our skies

As we kill them all so God know his own
Laugh at the darkness and in god we trust
The eye in the triangle smiling with sin
No passover feast for the cursed within

Facing the sun as they went to their grave
Burn like a dog or you live like a slave
Death is the price for your soul’s liberty
To stand with the catharsis and to die and be free



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