Vladimir Putin to NATO allies: Drop dead; Russia is ready to hunt you down

"So, Mr. Morell, you wanna kill Russians? Well, good luck!"
“So, Mr. Morell, you wanna kill Russians? Well, good luck!”

…by Jonas E. Alexis


Jim W. Dean has recently said that “There is nothing quite like live fire training, and the Russian Tupolev bombers are certainly getting that, perfecting their pinpoint strike capability with the help of their GPS-guided bombs…” Recent developments have shown that Dean is right.

Business Insider, a thoroughly Zionist outlet when it comes to demonizing Russia and perpetuating lies about Vladimir Putin, has recently reported that the British army has lamented that both the UK and NATO allies are no match against Russia. The UK and NATO allies, we are told, are just “scrambling to catch up” with Russia’s state-of-the-art militarism.[1]

“Specifically, the report explains how Russia’s arsenal of weapons — which includes rocket launchers and advanced air-defence systems — are much more powerful than what Britain’s military has at its disposal.

“Even major developments Britain has planned will not match up to Russia’s firepower. A planned £3.5 million ($4.6 million) fleet of lightly armoured vehicles will be ‘disproportionately vulnerable’ to Russian rocket fire in a warfare scenario.

“It is not just physical warfare in which Moscow has a clear edge, the report says. Russian intelligence has mastered the art of hacking and disturbing radar signals, meaning the effectiveness of British and NATO weaponry and aircraft operated using GPS navigation is under serious threat.”[2]

Obviously NWO agents and Satanists continue to be scared. And obviously Putin got tired of those political whores, who refuse to use what Kant calls practical reason in the political landscape. Those whores told Russia not to bomb al-Qaeda.[3] They refused to cooperate with Russia in eliminating terrorist activities in Syria.

Russia is obviously telling them enough is enough. “We’re in a bad place as an alliance with regard to Russia’s underwater resurgence,” said Jerry Hendrix, a retired Navy captain with Center for New American Security.[4]

“The lethal hypersonic nuclear glider that looks to revolutionize defense aviation could travel the distance from Moscow to London within 13 minutes and could penetrate NATOs missile defense system.”[5]

As the Italian newspaper La Stampa as pointed out, Russia is obviously putting New World Order agents in a hot seat.[6] Because of Russia’s legitimate move in the political firmament, other countries such as China no longer fear the wrath of New World Order agents and their marionettes.[7]

"Any entity that is destroying ISIS in Syria is my enemy, and that includes Russia and Iran."
“Any entity that is destroying ISIS in Syria is my enemy, and that includes Russia and Iran.”

So, when political whores like former CIA agent Michael Morell start barking and saying things like they want to kill Russians, they are basically coming to terms with their own death. In an interview with Charlie Rose, Morell declared that America must make the Russians and Iranians “pay a price in Syria.”

Rose: “We make them pay the price by killing Russians?

Morell: “Yeah.”

Rose: “And killing Iranians?”

Morell: “Yes … You don’t tell the world about it. … But you make sure they know it in Moscow and Tehran.”

During the interview, Morell also says that we ought to kill Iranians and Russians “covertly.” In other words, the United States needs to hatch false flag operations so as to continue their diabolical presence in places like Syria. Moreover, no one has to know about this diabolical plan.

Keep in mind that Morell is now endorsing Hillary Clinton.[8] The simple fact is that not a single Zionist outlet—not even the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, Jerusalem Post, etc.—has come out and condemn Morell for his diabolical utterance. What’s even more astonishing is that Russia and Iran are obliterating terrorist groups such as ISIS in Syria.

So, what does that actually tell us? Can Morell really persuade thinking people that he is not sleeping with ISIS? Can he really say that he is not working with for the Israeli regime, which sought to remove Assad from power since the beginning of the war in Syria?[9]

Morell has actually made our job very easy. He has shown us again that the so-called war on terror is simply a smokescreen. He has also implicitly shown that New World Order agents simply have no moral and political clothes. That is why Putin is hunting them down. That is why they are crapping in their pants.


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