Editor’s note: First, a disclaimer, I found this article while doing research and do not know if it is authentic or not. However, I feel it is worth publishing as it contains much valid information about the use of Depleted Uranium and the horrible aftermath of health issues it has caused. The information about the use of DU is in no way exaggerated, in fact, if we add the use of nuclear bombs, as revealed by VT, then the potential for the destruction of the health and lives of veterans is both mind-boggling and deeply infuriating.

US Used Small Nuclear Weapons in Iraq

by SUE ARRIGO, MD (4-28-09)

The CIA has tortured me in Madrid now also, not surprisingly, but I am in good spirits nevertheless. I still have hopes of meeting with the lawyer Gonzalo Boye and judge Baltasar Garzon who are involved in the lawsuit against the Bush lawyers. But the torture and brainwashing which accompanies it make it harder for me.

Meanwhile, I am reading about Universal Jurisdiction and trying to put what I know in a framework that the Spanish legal system can use. Here are some of my writings on the subject, perhaps you will find out of it worth publishing.

Bush, Jr. posted how to make nuclear weapons on a White House website in Arabic! What follows are not national security secrets which tell Muslims how to make weapons, but show the need for the US to use restraint in its policies. This is what the citizens need to know to protect themselves from the reckless endangering of the world by men drunk on power in high places.

911 sent the world to war in the Middle East

The US and UK did not provide proof that the Muslims listed as the hijackers committed the crimes. They did not do the careful police work to track down just the guilty and punish them. It was this failure to punish only the guilty after establishing their guilt in the Courts which lead to the wars.

This failure to confine punishment to the due process of international law was a crime that undermined international law in practice in all countries. If the Spanish do not try those in the US whose duty it was to ensure international law was upheld, they allow themselves to be forced into war based on hearsay or cooked intelligence.

That is, they allow their national agenda to be hijacked based on the statements of foreign officials without their having any way to verify those statements as the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

In addition, by this failure to bring this to trials they allow their military to be sent to war without the informed consent of their populace. This is a violation of the democratic rights of the citizens to have their nation’s decisions made by the officials they elected.

Spain and other countries allow their citizens to be murdered in illegal or unjust wars based on the unsubstantiated statements of foreign officials. This is treason because it gives a foreign power the right in practice to send the nation to war and kill its citizens without due democratic process based on international law and standards of proof commensurate with the risks of nuclear fallout and war.

The US and UK used depleted uranium in Iraq. It is a third as radioactive as regular uranium and tens of thousands of rounds of it the size of small cigars were used per the official reports. In truth, the amount used was over 10 times what the US and UK officials reported. Its half-life of the destructive potential of human DNA is more than 4.5 million years.

Immediately the rate of dreadful birth defects skyrocketed, and that is just the start of an upward curve over the next 4.5 million years at a minimum. That curve is not linear. As the DNA degenerates, the ability of the body to heal the DNA decreases, and the effects of the radioactivity is compounded over time, like a high-interest loan becomes unpayable.

The radioactive dust from the use of depleted uranium in Iraq reached the UK as documented by Dr. Busby and increased the level of radiation to dangerous levels. The response of the US government was to order the radiation detectors in the UK to be turned off for some weeks so that the public would not know the extent of the danger they were subjected to against their will.

In the US, those downwind of the Nevada Test site will have many more cancers. Conservative and largely whitewashed estimates are that there will be an additional 60,000 cases of thyroid cancer due to the dust carried radiation. Since the cost of treatment of each case of cancer can be expected to be over $100,000 USD, the cost will be at a minimum $6 billion dollars in medical costs and much more in lost productivity from thyroid cancer alone.

Birth defects have a much higher lifetime cost and loss of productivity. The use of depleted uranium is undoubtedly a war crime of the greatest international concern as the US continues to use depleted uranium in its military actions in Iraq, Afghanistan, and now in Pakistan. It is equivalent to using “dirty bombs”. It is the same as using nuclear bombs except for the initial destructive blast of a few moments.

Since soldiers return to their country of origin they bring back to that nation their damaged DNA and health problems. That constitutes a serious threat to the DNA of a nation and amount to a form of passive, though not necessarily an unintended form of genocide. I say not necessarily unintended because I wrote reports to the Bush Administration in 2004 on the genocidal results of using depleted uranium and was present at a Daily Intelligence Briefing of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Tenet in which my report was discussed.

Bush said, “Who cares? We will be dead by the time people know the consequences.” Cheney said, [and I typed the transcript of the tape myself later so I heard it many times as my typing skills are not so good], “Can we speed up the damage to their DNA to disable them faster?”

I replied, “It is the children having birth defects and the leukemias.”

He said, “Can we suppress their whole society into future generations this way?”

I said, “You will be suppressing the whole world’s DNA.”

Rumsfeld said, “It doesn’t matter that our troops come homesick, it keeps them from protesting about their Post Traumatic Stress. If anything we need them to come back sicker from unnameable conditions. We don’t want to have to compensate them for this. Can it be detected? Will there be blowback on this, to our Administration?”

I replied, “Yes, definitely.”

Cheney said, “I don’t believe you. You are always trying to rain on our parade. We will go ahead.” Then realizing that was Bush’s line to say, he elbowed him lightly to get him to repeat it. Maybe Bush was on drugs like Librium for his alcoholism because he said as the tape showed, “Our Parade. We will go ahead.” like a parrot forced to repeat what Cheney said but with only limited memory and understanding of what preceded.

I did check and found White House Security Camera footage would show Cheney handing Bush a Librium to take before that meeting after Bush objected that he had already taken his Librium that morning.

I thus wrote in my follow up report to Tenet that Bush might not have been competent to make the decision and that it required re-authorization before it could be considered a valid order to continue the use of depleted uranium.

However, to the best of my knowledge, even after using every means available to me within the CIA, the Pentagon, and the White House later (as a negotiator between Tenet and Cheney on who would take the blame for not preventing 911), I was unable to find any evidence that a subsequent more valid authorization of the use of radiation in the war zones had occurred.

That conclusion that the US was using the equivalent of nuclear weapons in terms of their long term consequences without proper authorization from a mentally competent Commander-in-Chief, or duly elected one given the election fraud in 2000, [and in 2004], became the subject of a subsequent report I filed with the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Acting DCI McLaughlin soon after Tenet resigned.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff demanded that the White House supply a new written authorization for the use of so-called Depleted Uranium after realizing that it never had written authorization before, only ‘a verbal order conveyed by Cheney in early 2003. A written order was sent to the Joint Chiefs of Staff with Bush’s stamped signature above Cheney’s handwritten signature in summer 2004.

Acting DCI McLaughlin called Bush in my presence to ask him if he had told Cheney to send that order to the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Bush said it was the first he heard of the order, then he was heard to swear briefly at Cheney. He told McLaughlin that he would look into it and call him back.

The White House phone records show that less than a minute later he called David Rockefeller. The CIA’s tape of that call revealed that Bush asked David Rockefeller what the White House’s policy was on the use of depleted uranium.

Rockefeller was reticent to give a full answer and just said, “Yes.”

Bush asked him, “You mean we should use it?”

Rockefeller again said just “Yes” and then hung up on Bush.

Bush then went to speak to Cheney according to the White House Security cameras which were clear in the matter. The CIA’s recording of that conversation showed that Bush asked Cheney when he had given the order “to use radiation in Iraq”. Cheney did not give a date.

Then Bush said, “I never gave that order. You have to take it back if you did that in my name. I am not going to poison the fish that way.”

Cheney said, “There are no fish in Iraq”.

Bush said, “Yes, there are. And just as soon as it is safe there, I intend to go fishing there. I want to be able to eat the fish I catch there. You can’t mess with my going fishing in the countries we conquer.”

Cheney gave a non-committal answer. Bush pushed him on it and said, “Just because Rockefeller doesn’t go fishing, doesn’t mean you have a right to take away my fishing trips.”

Cheney said that he would find Bush a better place to go fishing and Bush left his office.

McLaughlin with me in the room and the phone on speaker called Bush back about 25 minutes after the first call. McLaughlin asked him point-blank if he had authorized the use of the depleted uranium. Bush said, “No, but David did and Cheney is going to let me go fishing soon.”

Rockefeller was not a duly elected official of the US populace.

Yet, the White House phone record and CIA tapes show that Cheney called David Rockefeller within minutes and asked him to confirm that he still wanted depleted uranium used in the war zones even though it was not proving as effective as expected in disabling the Iraqi populace.

Cheney complained to Rockefeller that the expert Rockefeller sent up to the White House claimed that the Iraqis in a large area where a new batch was to be used would all be disabled with nausea and vomiting due to radiation illness, and that hadn’t happened. [The ‘new batch’ was made by a Rockefeller subsidiary which Cheney owned substantial shares in. ]

Rockefeller said, “Don’t worry, the long term results are good.”

Cheney asked him what long term results he was speaking of. Rockefeller said, “Our profits, you fool.”

Cheney asked him about another joint illegal weapons venture they had going and that discussion lasted 20 minutes before they returned to the topic of the authorization for the depleted uranium use.

Rockefeller said, “I don’t want an order just for depleted uranium, I want it to cover the use of nuclear weapons.”

Cheney said, “First strike?”

And Rockefeller said “Yes.”

Cheney said, “I’ll have trouble getting Bush to sign that.”

Rockefeller said, “Up his drugs.”

Cheney said, “We maxed out on that option already. It doesn’t work so well when he doesn’t even remember signing something. It comes back at us later.”

McLaughlin and I were listening to this conversation live in his office. He was shaking his head in disbelief. He said to me, “I can’t let this conversation go on, what if the Russians or someone else gets hold of it [for blackmail].” He picked up his phone and asked the CIA tech division to patch him into the call between Cheney and Rockefeller.

By the time that happened about 2 minutes later, Rockefeller had told Cheney several other illegal things to do to try to coerce Bush into signing the order based on fear and Cheney had agreed to do them.

When McLaughlin cut into their conversation, he told them to discuss such things in private, not by phone.

Cheney laughed and said, “For a moment I was afraid we were busted.”

Rockefeller asked McLaughlin how much of the conversation he had heard and McLaughlin lied and said he was so busy patching in that he didn’t have time to hear anything. That was not true as CIA Tech Division did the patching and the conversation was played on speaker the whole time while McLaughlin and I waited.

His secretary was also in the room waiting at that point for McLaughlin to make a decision on another matter and he had told her to be quiet so he could concentrate on hearing the conversation.

Rockefeller asked him how he knew to interrupt their conversation and McLaughlin mentioned my name as the remote viewer who brought it to his attention.

Rockefeller said, “Torture her for it and stop monitoring my calls”, and hung up.

McLaughlin turned to me and said, “You were right. There is no valid order for the use of radiation or nuclear weapons in the war zones.”

This was an important issue because the White House had ordered the use of a new generation of small nuclear weapons which didn’t make mushroom clouds but still caused a nuclear change reaction to be used in Iraq—and the Pentagon had used them.

The next week, after Rockefeller had me tortured, I went back to the Joint Chiefs of Staff with a new report which detailed that the order to use them was not valid, at best a new order would be the result of coercion due to the duress Bush was scheduled to be put under which was cruel and inhumane treatment at the very least. I played for the Joint Chiefs of Staff the relevant parts of the CIA and White House tapes.

My presentation took up about 20 minutes. The Joint Chiefs of Staff were chagrined that they had acted without proper orders. Bizarrely, one of them called Cheney during the meeting right after my presentation and demanded that Cheney get them the proper authority which extended retroactively to cover the use of the nuclear weapons.

In retrospect, it appeared that the use of the depleted uranium and the Rockefeller’s expert’s story of the “new batch” of it was to cover the detectable after-effects of these new nuclear weapons also made by a Rockefeller company. These new nuclear weapons were small enough that the blast did not leave obvious distortions in seismographic records.

However, both the Pentagon and US Intelligence were concerned because the satellite images showed telltale signs of their use. That meant that any nation with satellites that went within a wide swarth of Iraq might detect that the US had used nuclear change reaction weapons in Iraq. Because of that, the US had sent diplomats out to about 20 of its Allies asking them to destroy their satellite images for that day.

The CIA tried to assess whether they had and I was asked to write a report on the subject. As I had negotiated over intelligence matters with the Russians, I called a few of them to ask if their satellite images had shown up anything unusual and if they said Yes, I asked what they thought it was due to.

Three of 4 of them unequivocally stated that the US had used a nuclear weapon in Iraq. One of them went so far as to tell me the precise make, model, and a serial number of one of the devices used. I was later to report to the Joint Chiefs of Staff that he got it right.

Over a dozen countries voiced an objection, most of them by back channels. It was no great secret that the US used nuclear weapons in Iraq, not just depleted uranium. But this information has not been given to the public, such as in Spain, and that omission deprives them of their democratic rights to make informed decisions.

For example, the US often claims it might have to go to war in Iran because the Iranians might be enriching uranium and might in the future make a nuclear weapon. The public has not been told that the US’s plans to go to war in Iran include its using nuclear weapons against Iran and that it has already used them in Iraq.

If it knew that they likely would not approve of the US going to war in Iran to get their oil. That would deprive the Rockefellers of that oil, and so the Rockefellers have applied lots of pressure to government officials throughout the world to keep secret the truth in these matters.

However, officials doing so are acting treasonously to follow the advice of a foreigner when it negatively impacts the health of their countrymen and their freedoms and democracy. Knowing the truth carries with it certain responsibilities – including to act to protect the world from the use of nuclear weapons and nuclear war.

Although civil law is largely silent on crimes of omission, dereliction of duty is a serious military offense. I assert that every nation has a duty to press criminal charges against those that have used nuclear weapons and depleted uranium. Otherwise, they are an accessory to genocide, both ongoing and in the future.

If a man lights a fuse wire connected to dynamite, he is responsible for the explosion even if it is not 100% certain that the fuse will set off the charge. The more likely the result of an action or inaction is, the more culpability is entailed.

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Bushes, and Skull and Bonesmen have started wars for profit for over 100 years, and are positioned to make billions by making more wars. Their deeds have caused not just a few terrorist incidents, but a whole century worth of global and regional wars.

It is virtually certain that leaving these pirates of intelligence agencies and National Treasuries at large and in possession of waste sums of blood money will result in more and bigger wars. Presidents Eisenhower and Kennedy warned of this. Since under the influence of these pirates the US dropped atomic bombs on civilians in Japan and in Iraq already and used depleted uranium in the former Yugoslavia, Iraq, and Afghanistan, there is no room for false assurance that they will not do it again given the risk of our annihilation from nuclear warfare.

Every country in the world has a duty to their citizens and to the future of their nation and the world to try these pirates of nations for their crimes against humanity.

Wars are started for profit. The profit is made illegally by in effect holding a gun to the head of the taxpayer and threatening to pull the trigger if they don’t hand over their money. That is, those planning the war have the media print propaganda; “The Nicaraguans are coming to kill you.” “The Panamanians are coming to kill you under Noreiga.” “The Iraqis are going to use WMD against you under Saddam.” “The Irans are going to use a nuclear weapon against you if you don’t let us go to war against them.”

None of it was true, but it was a credible threat to the public because the US high officials lied and said it was and the public had no way of checking as the officials refused to provide the evidence on false claims of National Security.

This piracy of national agendas, this terrorism of the public, is a crime against humanity! It is far worse than the piracy of ships or aircraft or yelling Fire in a crowded movie theater. Millions and millions of people have died from allowing this crime of starting wars for profit to go unprosecuted.

When a person murders a single person to get their money, the law sentences them to 20 years to life. When a leader of a nation has stock in weapons or reconstruction or security companies that is a clear conflict of interest which should result in jail time because the lives of millions are threatened by this conflict of interest even before the lie to force the nation to war start.

Even though the Courts in the US were under the control of the US Supreme Court which was appointed by the Shadow Government, the Courts in other nations must have known that a serious conflict of interests was occurring in the US.

In Canada, the newspapers reported that had there been that kind of conflict of interests in Canada, those committing it would have been put in prison. The Courts of other Nations had a duty to try US officials for that conflict of interest as a war crime in the making. That is, it was virtually inevitable that war would follow and when the first talk of going to war occurred, the crime of that conflict of interest was no longer a potential crime but the pre-meditation to commit mass murder for profit.

When a person buys a life insurance policy on their wife and then circulates rumors that she is so bad that she should be killed, who is it who is so blind not to see that murder for profit has been pre-mediated. Yet, the world allowed the Bush and Cheney Administration with its ties to Carlyle, Halliburton, KBR, and oil companies to not just circulate rumors that it intended to go to war against former Bush, Sr. partner Saddam, but did not challenge the lies.

The first Bush, Jr. Secretary of Treasury, O’Neil, is quoted in the book The Price of Loyalty as saying that at Bush, Jr.’s first National Security Council Meeting in January 2001, the discussion was how to go to war in Iraq without even providing evidence that Saddam was bad.

In fact, the US government under Bush, Sr. sold Saddam biological and chemical weapons to use against the Iranians. Kissinger was quoted in former US Attorney General Ramsey Clark’s book The Fire This Time; US War Crimes in the Gulf as saying that he didn’t want either side to win in the Iraq-Iran war, he wished both sides to die in large numbers.

It seems to me that letting men intent on mass murder (as Kissinger as a follower of the Rockefeller eugenics family was) make policies in a State is the same as giving a murder a license to practice medicine. Not it is far worse as the people of Laos and Cambodia found out, not to mention those of Argentina and Chile under Operation Condor.

How many genocides around the world do the Rockefeller and Rothschild Families need to start before a court will try them for mass murder? The Kissingers, Bushes, Cheneys, and Clintons are their handy frontmen. But at the CIA it was clear who was giving the orders behind the scenes which made these genocidal policies which endured regardless of whether the Democrats or the Republicans were in office.

I have the unfortunate experience of having been an intelligence/sex slave to the Rockefeller Family and many of their downline, the Bushes, Clinton, Kissinger, Rove, McLaughlin, and others, so I know what they really think and do behind the scenes. Perhaps I should just right down who was appointed by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds to be “my Master” each year by way of introduction to this topic. I have started a file called “My Slavery to the New World Order of Satanists”.

Was it legal for anyone in the US to authorize the use of nuclear weapons? This is a very important question; does a government or a Commander-in-chief have the right to damage the DNA of the human race for at least 4.5 million years in an exponentially increasing fashion as the resultant radiation would? I assert that no one has the right to destroy the DNA of the human species, not even to protect their nation from genocide!

I believe that God can grant us the miracle of the restoration of human DNA, but only if we sincerely resolve never to use radioactive weapons again! If we do not do that then, I believe the damage to the human DNA which is already in progress from the radiation we have released onto the surface of the planet is already not consistent with the survival of the human race.

Knowing the accuracy of my war forecasting abilities, the Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff [JCS] asked me to write a report in Summer 2004 on the consequences to the human race of the depleted uranium which had already been used up to that date. The results already, without the need for any accuracy in forecasting at all, are perfectly clear–defects in the DNA so severe as to make life on Earth a living Hell of disability, pain, and mental retardation. Only those people wanting to live without eyes, limbs, intelligence, and health need apply to be born in the future to this planet–unless we have a miracle from God.

The JCS wanted to know how soon the birth defects would affect people in the US, not just in Iraq. I said, “Go to the homes of the veterans of Gulf War number 1 in 1991 and you can see that you are too late in asking that question!”

They then wanted to know when their own families would have birth defects. I listed 3 men sitting at the conference table at that meeting with grandchildren or great-grandchildren with damage to their DNA so severe as to impair their futures. Two of those men had not been to the Middle East at all, but they had lived on bases or commuted to the Pentagon where soldiers returning from the US wars came through.

The US is not decontaminating the returning soldiers, planes, and equipment. It is acting as if the problem does not exist. In truth there is no way to decontaminate when soldiers are living in the fallout, eating the dust with their food, and have the radiation incorporated into their bodies and their bones.

US officials are just ignoring the problem, not dealing with it intelligently. The only way to deal with it intelligently is to prevent it.

It was a war crime to use depleted uranium; there was no one on the planet who had a right to order its use! It is still being used in the war zones, including now in Pakistan, because the New World Order of Satanists wants to drastically reduce the population.

That was why they developed and used HIV as well. But as in the use of HIV, they had high hopes that Africa would be left quickly free of people and they would have the resources.

David Rockefeller was upset that HIV took so long to kill people. He thought that HIV and depleted uranium were good solutions to overpopulation; he was wrong. Each genocidal method causes more problems than it solves. Like destroying a village in Vietnam to save it from the Communists, depleted uranium destroys the future of humans on the planet supposedly to save it by having fewer people.

What good is having 500 million people on the planet when they have all deformed mentally retarded mutants? The JCS wanted to know when there would be no more intelligent regular humans left.

There is a mathematical puzzle that asks, “if you take any two people on the planet, how many people are there in the closest chain linking them by people having met each other?” The answer is about 5.

It is relevant because the answer to the connection by DNA is about 20. According to mathematical modeling in another 7 generations, most people would be deformed or mentally retarded and about 20 generations [less than 400 years], there would be no more normal people.

That was the answer I gave the JSC in Summer 2004. Much more depleted uranium has been used since then because the White House and Pentagon refused to see the Light of Day and kept on following the paths of Darkness.

Now the answer is that in 15 generations it is likely there will be no normal people left–even if they try to marry only healthy people. Dust travels. Planes travel. People travel. Even if you closed all the airports and did not let people travel across borders, it is too late. The Coalition of the Willing should have been called the Coalition of Those Willing to Have their DNA destroyed!

Even if all of those returned soldiers were killed, something that the Pentagon considered doing, the dust will still spread the radiation. The Middle East is prone to dreadful sand storms. This is not at all like in Japan where the radiation stayed in place and one could scrape off a layer of dirt to rebury the radiation. And the US did not even try to clean up the radiation.

Each round of depleted uranium looks like a metal rod the size of a thin cigar. But most of it atomizes into hot liquid and vapor when it is fired into something. It is not like you can just go in and pick it up in a rod again and get most of it. Only about 11% of it remains in pieces large enough to pick up.

That dust does not just travel 50 miles and then settle permanently down. It is constantly being kicked up and moved further away. If one had tried to clean it up in the first 2 days afterward, you might have had a chance! The movement of people and equipment accounts for only 4.3% of the dispersal of the radiation! The US is adding much more than that amount every year.

Estimated Number of Generations until human DNA is unable to make intelligence normal people;


  • 1945 115
  • Chernobyl 83
  • Bosnia 46
  • Kosovo 34
  • Afghanistan 2001 30
  • Afghanistan 2002 27
  • War Zones 2003 23
  • War Zones 2004 20
  • War Zones 2005 19
  • War Zones 2006 18
  • War Zones 2007 16
  • War Zones 2008 15

Unless there is a miracle or a competent cleanup! Any cleanup would have to start by ordering no more depleted uranium or nuclear weapons be used.


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