Russia: Syrian rebels/terrorists used chemical weapons—but NWO agents will not attack them

Where is Samantha Power when you need her?
Where is Samantha Power when you need her?

…by Jonas E. Alexis


I used to watch Tom and Jerry when I was a kid, and I was always glad that Tom was not a real person because I thought that no one would be that stupid in life. Tom usually gets trapped in his own matrix, and Jerry is usually the guy with a plan. Kids are often fascinated by things like this.

But when people become grown-ups, we all expect them to “put away childish things.” Grown-ups and certainly government officials are supposed to frame their worldview within the bound of reason and logic and even common sense. They are supposed to follow what Kant would call practical reason, which incidentally transcends cultures and creeds.

But New World Order agents aren’t doing that. They are following an essentially irrational system which can never correspond to the way things really are.

What are we talking about here? Well, it has been shown that the so-called rebels in Syria have used chemical weapons again.[1] They used them in the area of Maarat Umm Hawsh village in Aleppo Governorate, which left at least 40 people injured. The Russian Defense Ministry issued a statement which said:

“An analysis conducted in strict accordance with the [the UN Organization for Prohibition of the Chemical Weapons] OPCW procedure requirements confirmed that the samples [taken from the mortar shell and the shelling site] contained … mustard gas.”[2]

The interesting thing about all this is that “when the Russian Ministry of Defense addressed the leadership of the UN watchdog OPCW ‘with the demand to urgently send its experts to Aleppo to participate in the sample analysis,’ the organization ‘refused to carry out this simple task, citing security issues.’”[3]

It was never a “security issue” when much of the West was falsely accused Assad of using chemical weapons. It was never a “security issue” when UN officials fantastically wrote a ridiculous report blaming Assad for using chemical weapons.[4] It was never a “security issue” when Zionist outlets like CNN and the New York Times jumped on the bandwagon.[5]

But when Russia presents serious evidence showing that the so-called rebels that the West has been supporting for years repeatedly used chemical weapons, everything becomes a “security issue.” As Gordon Duff has rightly pointed out during a recent interview with Press TV, this is madness, and this has been going on since 2013.

What is even more astonishing is that Zionist organs like the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, among others, are completely silent about this issue.


Well, New World Order agents are just as stupid as the cat we mentioned earlier. They set up their own standards, but they never have the guts to follow them all the way. Russia has been winning the war in Syria because Vladimir Putin is more consistent than NWO agents and their marionettes.

NWO agents have obviously poured a lot of money on the so-called Syrian rebels, who are known to commit brutal terrorist acts. It is hard for NWO agents to let their buddies go because that would inevitably show that they lost the war.

In short, NWO agents have to support terrorist cells such as the Syrian rebels in Syria because, “according to basic math,” Politico tells us, the US spends about $4 million dollars for each Syrian rebel/terrorist![6] Even the BBC has reluctantly said that the US was wrong about arming the Syrian rebels.[7]

Now get this. General Lloyd Austin, commander of US Central Command, declared last year that the US spent $500 million to train about “four or five” Syrian rebels![8] Who is paying for this essentially diabolical enterprise?

The average American and people who are trying their best to raise their family and to put food on the table.

There is more: the government has wasted at least $2 million dollars per fighter in Syrian,[9] and decent taxpayers will have to pay the consequences as well. The bigger question is this: who got us in this mess? Is it really the US government that’s pushing the ideological button?

No. The main villain that needs to be teased out of this political discussion is the Israeli regime:

[youtube tv3CPBzH5rU]

As long as New World Order agents continue to follow the commands of the Israeli regime, which draws its political substratum from the Talmud[10] (an essentially diabolical book which treats the “Goyim” as beasts[11]), they will continue to live in a state of confusion and chaos.

This is why Russia continues to morally and politically obliterate those people in Syria. This is why Russia continues to rise. Russia now does have enough moral and political muscle to defend itself. As my dear friend and colleague Mark Dankof put it in our conversation a few months ago:

“Mr. Putin’s frustration with the duplicity of the United States and NATO is compounded by the inherent madness in the direction taken by the West in all of this.  This comes forth very clearly in the brief clip of his airing of frustrations aimed at the Western media after the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum of June 17th.

“What is breathtaking is their full participation not simply in the lies, but in their stupefying failure to see the slope toward world war and apocalypse obviously steepening in the continued pushing of the envelope by the United States, NATO, and the EU in making global conflict and some form of nuclear exchange likely.  And over what?

“It certainly isn’t the legitimate national defense of the United States and Western Europe.  It has everything to do with the ongoing exportation of a brand of coercive globalism and World Government which threaten Russian autonomy as a sovereign nation-state free of the tentacles of the Beast.

“The implication may well be that failure to subdue the Bear by economic sanctions, demonization, and cultural subversion, will leave overt military aggression as the weapon of final resort.

“Duplicity is more than matched by literal madness and insanity.  Does the American Cabal of Empire and New World Order truly believe Russia will fail to defend its national honor, history, culture, autonomy, and homeland from this unfolding onslaught? 

“Has The Cabal and its fawning paid agents in the Western media forgotten that Russia, unlike Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, and Iran, is a nuclear power with a bona fide army and navy to match?”

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