Tick Tock… America is Dying


Speer-Williams – Jsw4@mac.com

The left/right division of the 2016 presidential elections brought to America will not heal, but will widen long after the voting ended.

In many ways our political dissection is between the uninformed and the modestly informed.

Americans have a great deal of remedial work ahead of them before our nation regains any of her lost greatness.

Knowledge Protects! 

Ignorance Endangers!

The mass political ignorance of Americans has long been killing America. From the poorly educated upper middle class of Republicans to the uneducated, unskilled, urban Blacks and Latinos of the Democrat Party, our political ignorance has reigned supreme.

Our collective lack of knowledge has become their strength.

Any “democracy” without political knowledge is a tyranny.

Millions of American government employees, entitlement recipients, prescription-drug addicts, and low-information voters have brought Ms. America to her bloody knees, and is in the process of decapitating her in the misguided notion they are only serving their own best interests.

The result of only uniformed self-interest is an ever-growing cesspool of big-government corruption, wars, poverty, and national decline.

So as a result of ignorance and self interest, America seems to have run her course and is spent.

Today, the United States of America is not merely a tyranny, in an hour she will be a third-world tyranny.

Already the US is a banana republic, hopefully one that will not soon have a nuclear haze covering her once beautiful sea-to-sea landscape.

It takes more than fond hopes, wishes, or beliefs to make and keep a great nation prosperous, secure, and free: it takes knowledge, a special brand of knowledge, it’s political knowledge. But then again, perhaps its courage – universal courage amongst our people – that is required. We need the kind of courage that propels us to speak our minds despite the political correctness promotion by the cultural Marxists in universities, government, and the media.

Our disgraceful universities have become an archipelago of cultural Marxism, where free thought and expression is not permitted.

But without an understanding that our Constitutional Republic had the great potential for life and freedom, while our “democracy” has sown the seeds of enslavement and poverty, the American dream will soon become our night terrors.

Once the majority of our great nation bought into the slanderous lie that a democracy was the most superior form of government, the days of the American republic were numbered, with most of us never knowing that democracies always become tyrannies.

And as we followed Satan’s script, any spark of a democratic majority rule was ended with rigged, state-and-national, electronic-voting machines.

Rigging votes is as simple as pie. Rigging an entire election is more complex, but is routinely done.

Majority rule, in any case, has always been mob rule. It was the great Thomas Jefferson who said …

Democracy is two wolves and a lamb deciding what’s for dinner.”

Our unprecedented Constitutional Republic once protected the rights of all citizens, but it was slyly done away with due to our collective ignorance.

Next on the demon’s agenda came the immorality of slavery, a terrible depravity we have all Americans have paid for ever since.

Today tens of millions of blacks are only being used as voting fodder by the Democratic Party, while they are ensuring Black neighborhoods are flooded with drugs from the poppy plants US Marines guard in Afghanistan.

We are all rightfully born with our freedoms, freedoms no man can rightfully transgress.

From slavery came divisiveness, death, destruction, and enduring acrimony, all followed by the heavy oppression of an ever-expanding central government, that is always pretending to right the wrongs they created.

No longer was governance on a state level, but centralized in Washington, D. C., well removed from the individual, with his needs and wants.

Government was no longer a family affair, but one far removed from the kin of man and into the hands of unknown international criminal cretins.

Government was soon a covert power where corruption, rapacity, and an insane craving for the warm blood of war ensued.

Government has become an enormous domain for mad men, a lodestone for psychopaths, career politicians, and bureaucrats.

And still, the people continue buying into it, never aware of the types of insanity of those who seek to rule over them.

Ian Williams Goddard said …

A society whose citizens refuse to see and investigate the facts, who refuse to believe that their government and their media will routinely lie to them and fabricate a reality contrary to verifiable facts, is a society that chooses and deserves the Police State Dictatorship it’s going to get.

Donald Trump, notwithstanding some of his bold and less than circumspect statements, might slow  our descent into darkness. Certainly the wide-spread anathema most Americans had for Hillary Clinton has bought us some time. But with Trump as our new boss, will we advance far with the same old bosses – the warmongering foreign oligarchs who own all of the central banks of the world through their shadow governments?

The die is cast; the collective ignorance of our universal subconscious has ensured us a precarious future.

May God have mercy on our benighted souls.


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