Intel Drop, “the Interweave”


    by Gordon Duff, VT Senior Editor

    We are going to go several ways today.  Part of this will cover a local issue, why the Catholic Church had to go through town holding purification and exorcism ceremonies at their facilities, including orphanages, schools, hospitals, churches and even cemeteries, because all had been used in Satanic rites by priests.

    On a broader note, as we watch world events spin out of control and watch media attention focus more and more on the supernatural, that we just can’t have it both ways.  We can’t be Christians, Muslims or Jews without a “devil” and demons or jinns, we can’t have good without evil and that our religion, even if it is mythology as many insist, tells a story that plays out in the real world.

    If you don’t see the face of Satan when you look at the Trumps or Netanyahu or Kushner or Bannon, if they don’t give you pause to consider a broader game is playing out in front of us, you are only lying to yourself.  We are going to look at Gerry Robinson and a bit at other things.

    I will also remind readers that even InfoWars, the antithesis of VT, exposed the death of Justice Scalia at the hands of a Satanic cult that rules most of Washington.

    We knew that Scalia was part of a child sex ring rooted around the world, reported in the 1990s as the Franklin Scandal.

    At the time, I was “tasked” with looking into this affair and how it threatened national security and the presidency.  I found no evidence of complicity by then President Bush but a conspiracy against Bush on behalf of a secret society that could be called “Luciferian” was identified.  This is fact and also the end of what I can tell.

    I also have personal knowledge of an official investigation that led to arrests tied to the royal families of Belgium and the Netherlands, police complicity there and alleged ties to the murder of Justice Scalia.

    I was also “read in” on a White House FBI investigation that involved AIPAC and child sex blackmail which I believe long involved Epstein and Trump and trafficking of weapons grade nuclear material by Israel.  I do know that witness statements tell of blackmail, stolen nuclear material and top Bush 43 officials compromised by Israeli intelligence.  Arrests were made, more was covered up and the investigation quashed.

    9/11 tells a very similar story.  Ah, but we are talking about the beloved local murdering Satanic priest “Gerry” and how he, with a few close Jesuit friends, butchered a 80 year old nun, peppering her with ritual daggers in the form of an inverted cross?  Sound like a film script?  The Omen?

    I will let you read what was published but provide more background.  I will intimate that the religious struggle over Jerusalem has nothing to do with Jews and Muslims but rather to put the First City of Christendom under Satanic rule.

    This is a war on Christianity, not Islam nor does it have anything to do with Israel.  Are we in a 200,000 year old struggle as some insist or is Earth only 6k years and some change old?  What is real is that the play is moving into the third act now.

    Yesterday was the return of X Files, a hodge-podge of plot lines that parallel a reality some know to be more than real, mixed with what also appears to be some miserable writing.  Is X-Files disclosure?  Yes it is.  Is “disclosure” always wrapped in enigmatic crap?  Yes.  We move on.

    There are times, rare ones, that I miss the selected insights of Stew Webb.  Access, and that word is magical, had given him a front row seat to the reality of Satanic America.  Where his subjects run that direction, his work shines.  I will save criticism of his flaws for some other time likely not to arrive soon.  We move on.

    Webb had married into a family of Luciferian occultists at the highest levels of key banking families closely allied with the Rothschilds.   My own sources describe the Rothschilds as an occult group dedicated to destruction and suffering with one close personal associate a Rothschild “insider” who has attended ceremonies not unlike the Fox series The Exorcist.

    We talk today of “interweave.”  We will then examine hypotheses.  Is/are aspects of commercialized “big church” Christianity, both papal and evangelical, in actuality not Christianity at all.  Yes.

    Then is this the case, is there a Satan?  Does he make deals?  Are there “sub-entities” or an authoritarian/oligarchical structure among non-corporeals that parallels the spiritual values that exalt the human soul?  Does the soul exist?  Is there life after death?  Is there universal consciousness?

    Here it gets nasty.  Do non-corporeal beings exist, perhaps within a hierarchy, that influence events, cut deals, hold powers over time, space and events, and juxtapose “goodness” and “righteousness?”

    Are these relationships with mankind in some way related with a story of creation, perhaps one involving a hundred thousand years or more, where a planetary struggle between what is referred to as “good and evil” plays out almost as it had in the Greco-Roman religions?

    Are there gods?  Is what is described in teachings of the religions of the book allegory for alien creation and control?

    If there is NOT something genetically inherent to the human species that makes us find gods or gravitate toward “good” or “evil” is that not then proof of “interference?”

    Next we go to where today’s questions really belong.  Events are clearly in a tailspin.  It isn’t just Trump, the “flavor of the month” socio-path in residence in Washington.  For everything that is reported, like the phony North Korea crap or riots in Iran or Israeli nuttyness, there are other things painfully omitted.  Let us touch on some of this.

    Years ago Malachi Martin spoke of the consecration of the Vatican to Satan.  We have seen decades of monstrosity within Catholicism, millions of victims, hideous crimes.  I will discuss some things with certainty.

    Back in 2005, here in Toledo, Fr. Gerald Robinson was arrested for the 1980 murder of a nun.  He was convicted, sentenced to life and died in prison.  I have seen the real file, the real autopsy and the real investigation.  This information is available to the public in the transcript, not at nominal cost mind you, but available.

    It seems the Diocese here in Toledo had, for some decades, preyed on the Hungarian and Polish communities as part of a Satanic coven.

    Everyone was involved.  Here is what really happened in 1980.  The “coven” we will call it, held a black mass at the chapel of Mercy Hospital in Toledo.  Here is what was reported, much was withheld:

    “For Toledo police, it was a rare assignment: Search an abandoned house on the edge of a cornfield in western Lucas County where people reportedly took part in ritual abuse ceremonies.


    The Rev. Gerald Robinson was charged last year in the 1980 killing of Sister Margaret Ann Pahl.

    Hires / Blade Enlarge

    The detectives combed the bedrooms, kitchen, and even the dark basement for evidence of cult gatherings.

    The search of the decrepit, wood structure last year was a sign the investigation of the Rev. Gerald Robinson was moving beyond a murder case.

    No longer was the probe focusing solely on the man accused of killing Sister Margaret Ann Pahl, but was expanding into a new direction: accusations that children were molested and raped by priests in ritual services.

    For the past year, police have embarked on one of the most unusual investigations in the department’s history, spurred by leads emerging after the priest’s arrest in April for the killing in the Mercy Hospital chapel more than 24 years ago.

    They have looked for evidence in church attics and basements and have consulted with religious experts on subversive groups and church history. They have even interviewed the founder of a secret fraternity whose members dressed in nuns’ clothing.

    “The police are going into areas they’ve never gone before,” said David Davidson, one of the first police officers to respond to the slaying in 1980. “They don’t have a choice.”

    The investigation started with the details of the crime scene: an aging nun found strangled and repeatedly stabbed in the sacristy of the hospital chapel, her body posed to look like she was sexually assaulted.

    But now, deeper issues have surfaced over accusations of sexual abuse of children in churches and schools by priests and lay members beginning in the late 1960s.


    A hallway to the Mercy Hospital chapel, the 1980 crime scene, was taped off shortly after Father Robinson’s arrest in April.

    DANIEL MILLER / AP Enlarge

    Prosecutors and defense lawyers refuse to answer questions about the investigation, citing a judge’s gag order.

    The priest’s trial is set for Oct. 17 in Lucas County Common Pleas Court in what’s expected to be one of the most watched trials in local history. The 66-year-old cleric has pleaded not guilty, with supporters and relatives pledging their homes to help post a $400,000 bond.

    An investigation by The Blade based on hundreds of police and diocese records, as well as interviews, shows that prosecutors are still examining details of the slaying – including a pattern of stab wounds resembling a cross – while interviewing people about the abuse allegations in an expanded probe.

    Investigators have talked to numerous priests and former students at local Catholic grade schools to determine if they knew anything about children being molested in bizarre ceremonies involving a small ring of clerics, according to several people interviewed by police.

    Four women told detectives about being abused between the late 1960s and 1986 during cult-like ceremonies involving altars and men dressed in robes, the accusers told The Blade. “I’ve had nightmares about this since I was a child,” said one woman, who asked not to be named. “I didn’t think anyone would believe me.”

    The reopening of the Sister Pahl homicide investigation didn’t start with DNA findings or even a tip. It began with a secret hearing in the downtown headquarters of the Toledo Catholic diocese unrelated to the nun’s death.

    A 41-year-old woman appeared before a church review board in June, 2003, with a simple request: She wanted the diocese to pay for more than $50,000 in counseling costs she incurred as an alleged victim of clerical sex abuse.

    But her story wasn’t like dozens of others exploding in the diocese over the last decade. She said she had been a victim of ritualistic sexual abuse by a group of priests.

    She claimed they gathered in church basements and rectories in “cult-like ceremonies” where children were molested and ordered to watch other youngsters being abused. She named four clerics, including Chet Warren, a former Oblates of St. Francis de Sales priest ousted from his order in 1993 after five other women accused him of sexual misconduct.

    She claimed Father Warren had orchestrated her repeated abuse, including arranging one encounter with the man now facing murder charges: Father Robinson.

    The diocese hired two retired police officers, John Connors, 65, and Lawrence Knannlein, 63, to look into the woman’s accusations in an unprecedented church investigation. Over the course of nine months, they interviewed more than 45 people, including priests, nuns, and lay members.

    They spent more than 17 hours with the woman, who described her allegations in detail, claiming the sexual assaults began during her preschool years in the 1960s, usually at night with altars, candles, and chanting.

    Her most persistent abuser, she said, was Father Warren, a family friend who was counseling her mother for depression. Mr. Warren did not respond to requests for an interview, and his lawyer, Martin Mohler, declined to comment.

    The accuser said her only sexual encounter with Father Robinson took place when she was 14 in a room near the chapel of St. Vincent Mercy Medical Center but without any of the rituals that occurred in other sessions.

    The priest’s lawyer, Alan Konop, said Father Robinson would not comment on the allegation.

    Mr. Connors said he initially was stunned by the accusations. “I had conducted a lot of different investigations for the diocese going back a lot of years, but this was the first time I had ever heard these kinds of stories,” he recalled.

    At the diocese headquarters, the review board debated what to do with the case in what became a growing controversy in the church. The review panel was created to evaluate abuse claims and make recommendations to the bishop.

    One board member, psychologist Robert Cooley, argued the woman’s story should be reported immediately to police. But church lawyer Thomas Pletz wrote a letter to diocese case manager Frank DiLallo on June 12, 2003, saying board members were not required to do so. After further debate, Mr. Pletz wrote a letter on June 27 to Frank Link, chairman of the review board, saying the woman’s allegations had been forwarded to the Lucas County prosecutor’s office.

    For the next six months, the case languished, but behind the scene, a local clerical abuse support group pressed the Ohio attorney general’s office to look into the complaint. State agents in turn urged the Lucas County prosecutor’s office to investigate.

    By the end of the year, Prosecutor Julia Bates agreed, assigning investigators to meet with the woman. While evaluating her complaint, they recognized one name – Father Robinson – from an unsolved slaying in 1980.

    Then the chaplain at Mercy Hospital, Father Robinson was questioned several times in 1980 about Sister Pahl’s death. But police said at the time no one was charged because there wasn’t enough evidence.

    In early 2004, prosecutors began to take another look at one of Toledo’s most high-profile unsolved homicides.

    They hired experts to conduct a battery of scientific tests on the original evidence, including a letter opener that police believe was used in the slaying of Sister Pahl. The shiny, long opener with a medallion at the top had been in police storage since it was taken from Father Robinson’s room in the hospital after the killing.

    Police went to experts to study the blood patterns on an altar cloth and other objects from the crime scene. They also listened to the priest’s taped interviews with detectives in 1980.

    On April 23, 2004, prosecutors said there was enough evidence to charge Father Robinson with murder, and shortly after taking him into custody, investigators added one more detail in interviews with reporters: The death appeared to be a “ritual” slaying.

    The disclosure triggered a media frenzy, with reporters descending on Toledo from the national networks and tabloids.

    But even after the arrest, police weren’t finished. There were still unresolved questions surrounding the sex-abuse accusations against other clerics. The more pressing question: Was Father Robinson involved?

    Police launched their own investigation into the woman’s dark accusations. They looked at a remote, abandoned home on Raab Road in western Lucas County that matched the description of a house where the woman said she was raped in group sessions in the late 1970s but were unable to find any evidence the house was used for ritual sex sessions.

    Detectives tracked down another woman who said she was ritually abused by the same clerics in similar scenarios, though the accusers did not know each other.

    Teresa Bombrys, 43, said she was taken to a farm house in the late 1960s by Chet Warren and forced to watch “these rituals.”

    She told The Blade in a recent interview: “I know it’s hard for people to really understand this, but it was real. It happened, and I’ve lived with it for most of my life.” She said she believed her abusers wanted to scare her and other children and to create an atmosphere so bizarre no one would believe them.

    She filed a lawsuit against Mr. Warren, the diocese, and the Oblates in April, 2002, in Lucas County Common Pleas Court, alleging years of sexual abuse by the priest. The monetary portion of the case has been settled for an undisclosed sum, but other terms are being negotiated, said her lawyer, Catherine Hoolahan.

    Another woman, 52, told police she was taken to a house in the 1960s where ritual sex ceremonies took place. And a fourth woman, 24, told a detective she was a young grade-school student when she was carried into a local church at night by several adults who abused her during a ceremony by an altar. She said she could not identify the men.

    Both women asked not to be identified.

    Ms. Hoolahan, who has filed more than a dozen complaints against the diocese in sex-abuse cases, said police should continue focusing on the ritual-abuse accusations. “When you have that many people offering corroborating statements, it makes you wonder,” she said. “You have to take this seriously.”

    After Father Robinson was arrested in April, the church’s own investigation was winding down.

    The two diocese investigators wrote separate reports – totaling 39 pages – and met with the diocese case manager in May in what turned into a heated exchange between the two investigators.

    Mr. Connors found the woman who appeared before the review board credible while Mr. Knannlein doubted her story. “There was a lot of shouting back and forth,” Mr. Connors recalled. “I just felt that if we had kept going, we could have corroborated at least some of her story.”

    Despite their differences, they agreed on one thing: The investigation should continue.

    A key interview was set up with Mr. Warren, now 77, at the diocese headquarters to allow him to respond to the allegations. But on the day the interview was to take place, church officials canceled the session, Mr. Connors said. “I showed up at the diocese, but I was told it was over. There would be no interview,” he said. “They were shutting it down.”

    Church records obtained by The Blade show the diocese closed the case in May when the woman at the center of the ritual abuse case rejected a request to undergo a psychiatric evaluation.

    In an interview with The Blade, in which she asked not to be identified, the woman said she was upset at the church’s request. “My question back to them was why don’t they tell the priest who abused me to undergo psychiatric tests,” she said. “Do hospitals ask rape victims to have psychiatric evaluations?”

    She said she allowed church investigators to talk to her therapist and family members. “I tried to comply with everything they asked.”

    Mr. Pletz, the lawyer for the diocese, said recently he would not comment on the church investigation. Mr. Knannlein, who pressed for the woman to be evaluated, declined to comment. But in his report to the diocese, he concluded that “much more research and investigation should be done before people are accused of these crimes.”

    While the woman’s refusal to be tested prompted the diocese to drop its case, police pressed ahead with their own probe.

    They looked into allegations that some of the ritual abuse took place in local churches, including the basement of Holy Trinity Church in Richfield Center, Ohio, and an Oblate residence on Parkwood Avenue, according to church records and interviews. They did not find any evidence to support the claims.

    They spent several days last month trying to determine if there were any connections between the women’s allegations and a loose-knit group of church lay members who gathered on church properties while dressed in nuns’ clothes.

    Police interviewed Jerry Mazuchowski, 53, a church lay minister and retired Toledo public school teacher who founded the group known as Sisters of Assumed Mary, or SAM. He said he told police detectives that his group did not break church laws.

    “We did nun drag,” he told The Blade. “We gave each other nuns’ names. It was nothing but absolute fun. Camp. Foolishness.”

    He said a dispute broke out between him and Father Paul Kwiatkowski, the former pastor of St. Hedwig’s Church, over allegations the group was responsible for vandalizing the church and holding secret ceremonies – events that led to the pastor to hold a prayer service to cleanse the church. But Mr. Mazuchowski denied vandalizing the church, pointing out he was cleared of any wrongdoing in a special diocese Court of Equity hearing in 1993.

    Mr. Mazuchowski said he told police detectives that Father Robinson was not a member of SAM, describing the priest instead as a longtime friend.

    Since the priest’s arrest, Mr. Mazuchowski has appeared on a local news station to proclaim Father Robinson’s innocence and penned an article for a neighborhood newsletter saying the priest is innocent until proven guilty.

    Prosecutors say they will continue to investigate the ritual abuse allegations, but trying to substantiate claims from three decades ago is difficult. While some of the stories were similar, none of the accusers could pinpoint precise times of their alleged abuse. While they described similar locations, they were unable to recall being in the same room.

    Three of the four women interviewed by police said they did not have vivid memories of their experiences until adulthood.

    Prosecutors said police have not linked any ritual abuse to Father Robinson. So far, the murder case revolves around the physical evidence from the crime scene and anything new they discover about the priest.

    At times, getting details about Father Robinson has been difficult. When police asked the diocese for personnel and other records about the priest, they received three pages showing his church assignments, prosecutors said.

    On Sept. 15, prosecutors walked into diocese headquarters with a search warrant – one of the few ever served on a U.S. diocese in a murder case, according to legal experts.

    During the search, prosecutors were handed more than 100 documents bearing Father Robinson’s name but declined to elaborate on the contents. Two days later, they returned with another warrant – this time demanding access to the office of Father Michael Billian, the Episcopal vicar and the diocese’s top administrator.

    Though they didn’t find more documents about Father Robinson, they found a file stamped “privileged” containing cases of child abuse, Mr. Pletz said.

    Prosecutors said they didn’t find any references to ritual abuse but declined to say what was in the records or why they did not seize them.

    One leading sex-abuse expert questioned why investigators did not take the records. “That surprises me that they didn’t go back with another warrant,” said Jeff Anderson, a Minneapolis attorney who has filed more than 400 clerical abuse lawsuits around the country.

    Mr. Pletz, the diocese lawyer, said the church has tried to cooperate with police and prosecutors, but he wouldn’t comment on the need for search warrants. Father Billian did not return repeated phone calls from The Blade. Bishop Leonard Blair would not comment for the story, a spokesman said.

    With the murder trial in nine months, police are trying to find out more about Father Robinson, a Toledo native ordained in 1964.

    He was the hospital chaplain for six years and worked with Sister Pahl in preparing the chapel, though at times, they didn’t get along, according to police. “It seemed like so many people were telling us the same thing: They didn’t like each other,” recalled Mr. Davidson, the police officer who interviewed numerous hospital employees about the slaying.

    The priest’s supporters say they’re standing by the cleric, who has been temporarily removed from ministry while his case is in court. “Because they didn’t get along doesn’t mean he was a murderer,” said Father Kwiatkowski, who has known the defendant 35 years. “It’s just not in him. I don’t see him as violent at all.”

    In an interview with police two weeks ago, Father Kwiatkowski said he defended the priest, but that wasn’t the reason for their visit. He said the police spent most of the interview asking him about SAM, ritual abuse, and old crosses. “They asked me what kind of template would be used to make patterns on stab wounds,” he said. “I said I didn’t know.”

    Contact Michael D. Sallah at: or 419-724-6272.”

    This is one article in one day in one American town.  This is one diocese in one country.  This is Catholicism only and not the church in its entirety, that one is too complex to put to you with oversimplicity.  There are hours of interview and several important books by Fr. Martin, but this is a short sample.

    Where discussions must go involves judging the global “elites” as they call themselves, the princes of the churches, certainly those rooted in America’s Schofieldism evangelical movements, a bizarre heresy mixing Christianity and Luciferianism.

    Starting in the 1980s when the Army’s psychological warfare command at Presidio established the Temple of Set and began partnering with the Pentacostals to gain control of the military service academies and the American nuclear arsenal, we added another direction.

    In real life, that battle was fought and won by General Martin Dempsey, former Chairman, JCOS.  On TV, we see a convenient version on NCIS Los Angeles.

    What is our message?  In its most common terms, if you believe in gods, you believe in the supernatural.  If you believe in the power of good, you must also recognize the power of evil.

    If you witness reality, you witness evil conquering good around the world.

    Today we talked a bit of Priest “Gerry.”  This is one story from one direction only.  There are so many, as we are “led” by the weak and the weak always turn to one predictable direction.  If that direction exists, and to those who “believe” the answer must be “yes,” then the fact we are serving darkness, as evidenced in our daily lives, can no longer be ignored.

    If you are a person of real faith, it may well be time to take sides.  Those of “faith” have, thus far, chosen poorly generation after generation.  The evidence is clear.

    Is all organized faith Luciferian?  Is it just most of it?  I think that might be the two choices at hand.  Pick one.


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    4. Khalid, The great thing about saying God did it, is that there is no possible way to be proved wrong. Thus it is an excuse for people to either blame what happens to them on something else or to give credit for mens works to an invisible entity to escape their own reality. I believe they were inspired but it is mans hand that does the ink and pen. As for Abraham, it sure sounds close to Brahma, and that would explain the story as it follows the order and schedule of the myth. The evidence to provide is this. God stopped writing books. What a coincidence. When was his or hers last book ? The Koran ? the Bible ? Of Mice and Men ?

    5. I don’t know Gordon, Zerohedge just ran an article on the Clinton foundation regarding soliciting money to fight HIV/AIDS without proper filing. I have trouble on 2 counts; 1. Zerohedge’s cred, and 2. the amount of money involved, seems too high. Who the hell knows what’s real and What’s not? I think Thomas Jefferson also complained about the veracity of the press, but that was in 1790. I thought someone would have fixed the problem by now. Oh well.

    6. “You mean what is called science is possibly the most powerful religion on Earth i.e. superstition.”

      That is more or less what I was trying to say, yes.

      I don’t consider a science of spirit-domains not perceptible to physical sense organs? What makes you say that? Of course I do. Our limited physical sense organs miss about 98% of what is going on in the world. To deny the reality of the unseen forces that shape and define our existence would be an act of willful ignorance.

    7. My son, Odell. My only child was pushing the envelope. The heroin and fentynol. It all goes along with these abusive and demonic fuk sticks. Narcan is a scam. The people who make it bring these addicts back to life so that their misery is capitalized on by the demonic entities for money, David. There are pitiful viable treatment options. Just more jails and suffering for the families and the addicts. That’s what I’m pissed off about. My son has brought people back with the Narcan himself. He’s a soldier. A genius. A gifted writer. When they overdose to the brink of death and then are brought back it’s having an effect on the collective. I’m sick of these manufactured religions destroying the fabric of humanity. I apologize again for any disrespect to you. As far as OConnor there are larger concerns than semantics. I know the drugs are not part of this piece but it’s all part of a disease, a cancer, that is eating us alive as a group or genus or species or whatever humans are.

    8. Origin of phrase Holy Toledo.–sp-1950053719
      The phrase has decidedly turned to one of exclamation and surprise. Where there are many churches, the competition is increased. Who will do what to get an edge is not a complicated thread to follow. It is known in many cultures, that if a loved one is dying, and a person seeks to prevent it, by spiritual means, that it can be done, but the cost is another life. Who, is not known, and that is the wise council, because it will not likely be a stranger. But sometimes there is one who will give their life for another. Catholics know this, yes.

      • More to the question of applied consciousness field, I’ll tell a story that I witnessed. A woman went to a pair of elders complaining of unbearable pain in her legs, it had increased over several years. She could no longer hike for any good distance. One elder could see, and the other could hear. The one who could see used quartz crystals to identify the issue. The one who could hear translated the remedy. It was told to the woman, “we can fix it, but the person who is causing it, is very negative towards you and “it may harm or kill her if we cut the cord”. The woman said , go ahead. A week later the woman’s mother-in-law died of a heart attack. I say this not to start people wondering if their ailments are caused by someone else, but to remind folks that stewing and brewing and focusing negative thoughts can affect others. Don’t do that. Some people have this ability more than others. It is highly likely they do not know. It is good to speak up if someone you know is constantly focusing their negativity onto a certain person for a small reason. It is a matter of being conscious of surroundings.

      • When we see very many churches in a small area, it is an indication of “scared land”. This can mean many things. I wouldn’t build in Jerusalem because it is obviously sacred, but what kind ? Contentious ?
        What kind is Toledo or Rochester NY where the area is called burnout district due to so many religions starting there. This is another reason to question priests of whatever. Do they know this stuff ? Or are they just winging it ? The Welch miners knew some stuff, and nobody listened. Native Americans knew and nobody listened.
        The issue is, hiring whoever will do it, and no training. Just weddings and funerals and collections. The idiots will play when there is no instruction. Nothing is much better than that.

    9. Khalid, you make a lot of assumptions. I am not an atheist and my life has been full of magic and awe in regards to the invisible. My discussions are not ever about that per say, but the reliance on text by religion to make very much money and escape prosecution for very many crimes. I have sought council and learning from many people in different faiths, which is not normal and has definitely formed my opinions about things. But my primary work is the correlation of the thematic and numerical content of alleged sacred texts. When I look at that, I can no longer accept it is written by God or super men or women. They are people and the stories are myths which are repeated in many forms. Therefore I assert Religions that rely on A Book, are frauds. The priests lie about this for many reasons. Chief among them, money and power.

    10. Dr. James my a$$. Emphasis on $$. That guy’s a twobit snake oil salesmen. How can I help it if you’re too stupid to know it. I don’t need protection from Duff although I’d go into larger debt than you can imagine for a 10 minute audience with him. I’m looked after by those much higher up the food chain. In other words I’M THE QUEEN OF THIS DUMP. Did you get that in your cheap seat? Don’t through Ian at me. I got no beef with him. Do you little manboy know the difference between jealousy and envy? Envy says I want to usurp your position and be you. Jealousy is merely a wish for talents you lack but for whatever reason can’t muster through any means at your disposal. You can throw anything you got at me. I DO NOT speak for Jack Heart. I don’t need to. His integrity speaks for itself. As for me, I’m rubber. You’re glue. Whatever $hit you throw at me bounces off of me and sticks to you.

    11. Respectfully, Mr. Duff. My understanding is that Lucifer is the Light Bringer. His beef with this screwed up world is that he is, in fact, Jesus and his bride is trapped in this screwed up hologram reality machine that we are all a witness to. Please correct me if I’m in error. I will always defer to you but then you know this. Despite what anyone may think they know I have nothing but loyalty for you and faith in your judgements as one man among the multitude of walking dead from the neck up and waist down who is not too stupid to live.
      Yours with undying gratitude,
      Terrible Tara

    12. Correction: “…tell ‘me’ why I need help?”

      I’ve had this conversation too many times to count and nobody’s ever objectively addressed any of my concerns. Pathetic insults and slander are typical responses. Telling me I need help then tucking tail and running is cowardly. I’m always ready with many pages of data to support my stance. So if you want to continue this conversation, I suggest you bring a lunch.

    13. Bring it on Peter. Why don’t you address what I specifically said, without putting words in my mouth and tell my why I need help?

    14. My last comment was obviously for Peter. Did I offend your precious religion of science? The idea that there is no creator/designer is an insult to observation. Darwinism is also an insult to observation and common sense. So what’s the problem?

    15. Odell,
      You obviously have no idea what you’re looking at. I do. I know what that son of a bitch is up to. I could easily message Duff but I don’t talk about their backs. You like ice cream go ahead and gorge yourself but keep in mind it’s toxicity. You don’t matter to me. If you had both balls you’d be commenting on Heart’s Patreon site or their blog.

      • Tara, toxicity indeed. Somehow relating my testicles to some blog I have never seen, is bizarre. If folks like you are there, thanks for the warning. You do Jack no favors. Here, I see many people with differing opinions who at times, myself included, flame a bit, but never have I seen such personal disrespect. If I thought it was a case of mental instability I would say nothing or not engage at all, but what I see is a stem of thorns with no flower. There are many inspired comments below, and it is a shame a turd landed on top. At least you left me with one ball. LOL

    16. Science is a religion in it’s own right. Much of science involves faith/belief in theories consisting of data which is so complicated that it’s impossible for 99.9% of the population to even attempt to verify. It’s adherents defend their beliefs with as much fervour as a religious zealot. Science has killed as many, if not more people than religion with its bombs and chemical weapons. Some scientific theories are taught as fact, but can’t stand scrutiny. How many popular scientists have I heard preach the false gospel of Darwin? When nothing man has ever designed and created can compare to even the most basic life forms in terms of complexity and efficiency, how are we supposed to believe that life has no designer? It is mathematically impossible that life evolved by random genetic mutations. Not to mention, what might be considered man’s most important scientific achievement was very likely a giant hoax. Yes, I’m taking about landing on the moon. Science has as many charlatans as religion.

    17. What is “Preston James” doing here? Mr. Duff please do not let him weasel his way back onto your publication. I mean it’s really none of my business but it appears to me that you have outgrown the likes of that character. I don’t mean any harm and people can come on here and scream at me if they want to. It’s not going to hurt my feelings. Just keep in mind that Nine is a friend of mine. Plus, I like Mr. Webb so I’m glad you withhold a critique.

      • I completely disagree with that sentiment. Why would anyone ask an editor anything like that ? One of the beautiful things about VT is the atmosphere is like the bar in Star Wars. There are many pathways to send that message, and it seems odd that you would choose the comment section on an article such as this. Preston James generates lively discussion. The variety on VT is a good representation of America. There is sooo much content in this article, and this is your comment ? Would you also prefer Baskin Robbins just stick to vanilla ? And NYC to stick to English as the only language ? Is your favorite playing card the Queen of hearts ?

    18. Remember the congressional hearing on child abuse ? They brought in the example of a hockey coach. That was appallingly absurd. Keep in mind, that less than 20% of victims come forward. That percentage rises significantly for teachers or coaches. For priests the cover and protection is very high. And frankly, if a 16 year old boy sleeps with his 26 year old female teacher, is that weighed the same as a 60 year old man abusing 8 year old boys ? And is a priest to be held to a higher standard than a teacher or coach ? I say dam right they should be because the trust they are given is even to the Childs soul. By their own proclamation they are in fact God’s representative, not the gym coach.

    19. I suppose it could be argued that the Catholic Church is treated unfairly in regard to pedophilia, but who do we have to compare ? There are thousands of priests who were shuffled around with some having 80 , 90 victims each , and those are the ones we know about. The thing is, the Catholics do not have to change their doctrine to fix it. They just have to tune their hiring practices and conditions under which priests are trained. Also, this is not just external. It is their own parishioners that came forward. It was the church blocking it the whole time. Most Catholics I know, will no longer leave their children with a priest. There simply is no other organization as large and as guilty and as remorseless and uncaring for the victims. Not even close. Just ask Ireland or Belgium, or Australia or America or Native Americans.

    20. “Allah knows best. However, He is planning it.” The ultimate scapegoat and refusal of responsibility. If God is planning war, then worshipping seems more than a bit submissive. We do not need to challenge a belief in God or Allah, to challenge where the responsibility lies. If men are warring, then that is them. If you tell me God is warring, then who cares what a devil does. If the devil has the same power as God, then I see no difference.
      But beyond all of this, is who is interpreting what God or Allah wants and how are they doing it.
      If you tell me a book , then I say what verse and who chooses it and how did they come to the conclusion.
      It always comes back to subjective Bullshit. And it is the same for all 3. I say it is not God or Allah , it is men who screw things up , and it is not written in stone. That crap is dangerous and childish.

    21. The Seth Rich and Clinton Foundation stories you are pushing are entirely hoaxes. Where the heck do you get non-sense like this? Real question? InfoWars? Fox News? Israel?

    22. Mr, Duff,

      Could you give this video a look? I know you are extremely busy but please about five minutes of your time.

      This mans name is Frank Shaeffer who’s father provided the bible theology of the Religious right movement in America as he left the movement decades ago yet feels compelled to speak out against its many outrages Gordon.


    23. and an objective look at all the women Bill did get caught with certainly illustrates his type, pedos don’t do that

    24. I always look for clumps. Sometimes you have to let time pass. Pizza gate, Mandala effect and flat earth were a clump. all did nothing except to keep people chasing wild geese into dead ends. all were supported by trolls, and all targeted folks who are willing to try and find criminals or uncover explosive hidden truths. the dude getting arrested at the pizza place is the perfect symbol for the three , he found nothing but stupidity of himself

    25. “Everyone” knows who the “bad guy” is.

      Who then, is the “good guy”?

      Whatever your answer is, it really really isnt advisable to go down this path of good vs evil, or more specifically I m good u r evil, it will cloud your judgement.
      It is fine if you deem for example the Israelis treatment of Palestinians is an immoral or evil act (that somehow managed to persist for 7 decades) , but I strongly advice against subsequently thinking that you are the good guys and the Israelis are the bad guys.

      Up to you whether you want to accept it, but I am only writing it as sort of returning a favor for getting something that is useful for myself from VT

      • Good point. The extremes are invisible because humans only occupy a small sliver in the center. In our inflated view of ourselves, fueled by opposing thumbs and the ability to count apples, we are certainly myopic.
        One place of common agreement among all systems, is the four quadrant wheel. Of those man occupies one.
        The others are a bull, a lion, and an eagle. Intelligence does not determine strength of spirit. In fact it is more commonly associated with lack of empathy. Lions guard the libraries for a reason. Every species has their own set of scales.

      • Pete, well at least you referred to me in first person this time. What does your psychoanalysis say about this ?

      • Pete, I’m not an academic or a reader. I do stuff. Philosophers think about stuff, psychologists talk about stuff, and I don’t know what you call the ones who just do stuff. But myself and many folks I know, have at times found themselves at a point where, the only option is to go inside and come back out different. I am reluctant to think it can be taught in a particular method or explained. It is simply do or not do. It is perhaps best explained by the stories in myth form, hence the stuff religion is made of. folks who think repetition or observance of a set of practices are simply trying to replace the doing with entrainment. That is one of the many things I don’t like about religion, and the reason why many say it is actually a blockage to spiritual development. My observations have not so far found this to be untrue.

      • There are actually many examples I log of scientists doing this. Robert Altman is one. He changed his major and ended up with RNA. Simply by looking at certain dates, I discerned why he did this. When he was asked during his interview after accepting his Nobel, he explained it off as “something happened” . But it was not trauma or advice from another or money. It was a “mystical occurrence”. A vision of sorts or an experience beyond what a person in his field would admit publicly. Mendeleev of course another one, he got the periodic table from a dream. Life is full of these things. There is no book to explain each persons method,

    26. This is an excellent article and another keeper. Truthful exposures of this satanic pedophile network which is worldwide is the only way to start the process to destroy it and stop their savage brutality toward innocent children. Highest commendations are due for this article.

    27. Could be that more than a few Evangelical iguanas might fall out of tress when the play depicting Christ as gay and other assorted nastiness gets a frosty reception when released in its movie format this year in theaters across the states. The crudeness pushes the envelope here.

    28. We need to learn or relearn some basics. These are and were skipped by small men in their zealous desire to expand their religion, in competition with other religions. This rapid expansion also skipped quality control of students or initiates. Power seekers found an open door and walked right in. There is everything built into our highly organized world and it all serves the purpose of perpetuating life. Some of them are strange, like the weird animals we have. If a person seeks power in the spiritual arts, they find nastiness and it is there on purpose. Displays like the exorcist do not help. It does not hunt us, but rather power seekers hunt it. When they find it, they run back to us like little girls screaming that we too should be afraid. That is obviously not the case. Never put the power hungry in charge of anything. Especially the spiritual arts or military.

      • The mountain, is symbolism. Certain ones are considered spiritual places for various reasons, one among them, low on oxygen. When the brains oxygen content is lowered it makes it easier to connect to spirit.
        Also, they are energetic points that may have this flavor or that. One thing to remember when considering the bearded Jesus, nearly all cultures on earth have a record of him having been there. The teachings did not require a single person to distribute them and certainly not to write them. The NT is heavily edited, but the bones are there. 40 days and nights is repeatedly a time frame used, that has a specific purpose. It is the teaching of the 20 days. The persona Jesus is a specific archetype. The return is when folks figure this out and value that archetype. Ghandi, was one. Don’t forget to read the apocryphal texts.

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