Naming the Enemy: Google


    The Senior Editor

    Russia didn’t rig the American election, Google did, aided by Israel and the NSA. This is the simple truth of it. Why? Google has an agenda, and the advancement of the human species is not any part of it, not by a long shot.

    There is nothing human about Google, there is no room for humanity in the Google agenda. They are something else entirely, something they believe is beyond human. We see it differently.

    We see them as a monstrosity.

    A question asked by many, more each day, as the world seems to be spinning out of control, is this: Does a Luciferian cult exist that has an agenda to destroy humanity as most religions assert, some more publicly than others? If so, how could they gain control of humanity.

    We say yes, it is here; yes, they have gained much control and aim higher each day, and the hate and poison radiates out of them. The organization is Google, the head of a hydra that includes the tech companies that will eventually create the AI that some warn will manifest itself as the anti-Christ.

    Google collects lots of things you are unaware of, including DNA data and brainwave algorithms. They analyze election data in 100 nations and, with Facebook and Twitter, have been tracked to interference not just in the US, but elections in every nation. Google considers elections a form of experimentation and has turned election rigging into a science.

    Russia’s cyber-power is less than one percent of Google’s, which many will sadly learn is why the Russian-loving American president is hated in Russia and seems to live his every day to do the bidding of Israel, even if it ends up killing every man, woman and child in America in a massive nuclear war. Trump’s lack of personal discipline has led him to talk of little else.

    Anyone familiar with statistics will find the recent US election a billion to one impossibility. This wasn’t Google’s “first rodeo” with election rigging and won’t be their last. Though I am uncomfortable with such religious terms, it doesn’t take a genius to see it all coming about.

    There are varying mechanisms of control put into place that are turning earth into a slave planet. Looking past Trump or the Saudis, or even the Illuminati or Bilderbergs, one organization above all is out of control, malevolent beyond imaginings and totally “in our faces” continually.

    That is Google Corporation and its military arm, Google Idea Groups, a Blackwater clone. Along with this is Google Jigsaw, its regime-change arm that trains terrorists, rigs elections and provides logistical and intelligence support for color revolutions.

    Google, Facebook and the Jigsaw corporations, around in one form or another, are all controlled by financial groups run by the Rothschild banks and Israel’s intelligence operations. Alex Jones, god forbid, had it years ago:

    Working with this is the NSA. Let me tell you how. The US has an agreement with Israel that allows full access to all “raw data” gotten by the NSA which includes all email and phone correspondence between US corporations, banks, insurance companies, and, in particular, our stock markets.

    With the means to control internet access, manipulate the news, actually stage terror attacks, and endless access to insider trading information along with every phone call or email made by everyone in the world, powered by supercomputers paid for by the US government and taxpayers, Google/Israel is manipulating markets, currencies, events, our schools, our news, probably our weather and, eventually when they get bored, probably sports scores as well.

    In Google, we have empowered a corporation to control much of the world’s data and communications, to decide what is true and what is fake, to edit what they wish, alter what they wish, and operate with more power than any government. Google, in simpler terms, is like the United Nations run by Heinrich Himmler.

    We have watched them, tracked down their involvement in disinformation at first, then color revolutions, then in Syrian gas attacks, in bioweapons research, and all the while, engineering the internet as a “machine of stupidity” to lull the world into slavery.

    Google Jigsaw trained ISIS to communicate inside private YouTube video accounts they protect; and Facebook chat has supplied terrorists with secure, encrypted, real-time links with American satellite intelligence passed on by the Mossad.

    Ask any military expert, read this to them, see what they have to say. Do it, I dare you. This is what Google Jigsaw does and what they admit to on their website. Check, don’t just take my word for it.

    It isn’t just Google, they work in concert with dozens of interlocking corporations, representing trillions of dollars of funding, that define world perceptions, their version of events, their version of history, their version of humanity; and their version is dark, dark indeed. There is no greater threat to the world than Google.

    While no one paid attention, the tech companies that control this planet were eaten up one by one, until through SPV corps offshore they got control of the CIA, the NSA and most major “outsourcing” contracting firms” that run today’s wars, rig elections, trade in WMDs and disinform the world.

    The real war governments face isn’t an alien invasion – Google is far worse than any science fiction; and it is here now. Governments know this and are powerless thus far to stand against them. Most of all, Google represents Israel.

    Israel is only one nation, supported and kept alive by untold billions in hidden American welfare and military, and with secret alliances. The nation itself is never described; legally it is a hodge-podge of zones, some Arab, some Jew, some used to be Christian, but those were wiped out silently.

    Covering it all is a phony history, a forgotten plot call the Suez Crisis in 1956, a sneak attack and subsequent war crimes call the 1967 War, with education and media here in the US under “corporate,” read “mob” control getting the facts 100% wrong.

    We are now looking at the 1973 War as a partnership between Israel and Saudi Arabia as well, with the US stepping in so that Syria didn’t kick Israel back into the Stone Age, which is what would have really happened; but behind it, the mob set the whole thing up to double then triple oil prices, and where something even worse reared its ugly head.

    Saudi Arabia is and always has been, since the British created it and Israel, a Rothschild-ruled political monstrosity. Oddly, under genetic testing, Netanyahu himself, as with most Israelis, are Eastern European in origin, with no “Jewish” blood at all. The Saudi Royal family, however, is not only Jewish, but the most ethnically pure Jewish nation on earth.

    This has to explain much, now that decades of phony acrimony between them has been exposed as theatricality and their long allegiance is seen. Recently, based on this official reassessment of Israeli-Saudi partnership back to 1945 and broad covert cooperation in supporting, and imagine this, the anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli movement and most of the world’s terror groups, Washington is in an uproar.

    Security officials now are demanding the US abandon Saudi Arabia for a reformed Iran (however that is supposed to be accomplished since the US is the last nation on earth to reform anyone), and are pushing to get Israel to finally jail Netanyahu and those around him.

    What VT announced years ago, that these aren’t governments but part of world organized crime, is now creeping into reality. Think tanks are now being “tasked” with explaining it and why they had it wrong decade after decade. We wish them good luck with that and suggest slitting their own wrists might be better for the US instead.

    There is a more serious threat. When tracking down terror groups, human traffickers and the international drug cartels, we kept tripping over two organizations, Google Corporation and Facebook.

    When looking at gas attacks inside Syria, when looking at terror attacks in Rome and Paris and the rigging of the US election, we found broad cooperation between Google Corporation and its “Jigsaw” regime change group, Facebook, the Mossad, Wikileaks and a criminal oligarch organization closely tied to Donald Trump, currently “serving” as “clown in chief” for CNN in Washington.

    Imagine why the Jew-hating Saudi princes, those not under house arrest at least, would work with a Jewish casino magnate to set up a human slaughter in Las Vegas and try to sell it as a terror attack?

    Then again, we have since learned that in 2014, it was a certain member of a closed down FBI operation who leaked the Saudi-Israeli nuclear 9/11 documents that the Israeli-controlled “truth movement” has tried so hard to suppress.

    Always remember that the chances of their being an uncontrolled opposition is one in a billion. You have VT and beyond that, well, good luck. It is only VT that is continually hacked, banned from Google, hell, YouTube even closed my account, filled with great kitten videos. I nearly laughed myself to death.

    Always remember, Julian Assange, who spent two years “touring” Israel, which was intelligence training, and we have a list of other similar “anti-establishment assets” who have done the same thing, has published endless thousands of classified US documents but has never been indicted.

    If Assange worked with any group, and Wikileaks is the Mossad, we proved that long ago, that coordinated the theft of State Department classified emails, and Wikileaks has claimed to have gone way beyond this as felonies go, they would have been hit with a drone attack.

    There is NO investigation of Wikileaks or Assange or, in fact, no proof such an organization exists whatsoever. They are as phony as Trump’s bankroll.

    Another truth, if we want to use a world abused to such a degree, is the inexorable fact that US elections are CIA-rigged, by a hybrid CIA that is half Mossad, an organization that has rigged elections around the world since the day it was established, an organization with a traceable history of penetration of US election software/hardware companies.

    Behind this is a broader “grass roots” effort simply to push forward an agenda of setting up a slave-labor police state in the US, much as had been since its government was overthrown, time and time again.

    There was little doubt, a century ago, where technology would take us, Kafka and Orwell understood what was behind the social and political movements of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, that humans, or “Goyim” as 99% of humanity is termed by some, live to be farmed, cheap labor and eventually cheap protein as well.

    Who would have imagined a world ruled by “bloodline” families, organized crime and “nerds gone bad?”



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    1. @ Khalid. I will suggest some modifications to your statement. You will want to know that the Greeks view the Renaissance in Europe as a transmission of Greek ideas and learning. Some say that the Rennaisance started in Spain, not Italy; as claimed by the people who benefit from the Papal Bull dividing the world. What the Greeks need to be reminded is that they, in turn were transmitted Babylonian and Sumerian knowledge systems.

      Two people in the West, Finn nationals and Magyar nationalists see their continuity from the Sumerian civilization. Magyar nationalists claim that the original Magyar writing was developed from Sumerian. They claim cultural continuity from the Sumerians; Who, along with Huns & Avars, they consider as part of their ethno-genesis. The Finns claim that the “Swedish” runes was given to the Swedes by the Finns and is developed from Sumerian, whom they see as part of their ethno-genesis.

    2. Johnny & Gordon: Both you guys care for God’s creatures. Whether you believe in God or not, you have your place in Heaven. Keep up the great work. Wish I had met such people earlier in my life.

      Will try and do something like Johnny for the feral cats in my backyard. Currently two of the kittens are night guests in my home.

    3. 20Jan18
      Facebook & Google Promise Congress They’ll Brainwash You With Their Own ‘Counter Propaganda’
      Social media giants have gone a step further and promised Congress that they deploy their own ‘counter-propaganda’ to combat what they consider ‘extremist content.’
      By John Vibes January 20, 2018

    4. Thanks Mr D for timely and hugely important article. Pieces like this are why we all come to VT.

      If I may add one word for our community to research, it would be ‘Talpiot’. I’m sure Mr D already knows more than me about this, but for those who haven’t heard of it; Talpiot is a place in Israel and a military/intel project, and links the themes exposed in this essay.

    5. I had pitbull rescue videos with 2 million hits pulled by Google/YouTube for copyright violations. I filmed them with my IPhone at a public park.

      I have two rescue pitbulls, two guinea pigs and cats. I own two tracts of land designated wildlife preserves and heat a pond (admittedly with several geothermal units) that allows animals all year access to water. It freezes like hell here.

      Tomorrow, a stray cat goes to the vet for dental work.

      Oh, you have some serious animal nuts on your hands here.

    6. so I guess that is a no. So then I have to say, Jewish dogma and Islamic dogma equally despise criticism and historical correction, and rather favor historical revision. And hundreds of years are not the same as thousands and thousands. But they don’t like that.

    7. Khalid, what of the precious Abraham, is it history or bullshit ? You can’t shake the pom poms , and not acknowledge how it applies. Only the useless choose the useless.

    8. I’ve posted this several times before, and I will continue posting it, until I get the sense that people “get it.”

      The “it” is a VPN — a Virtual Private Network. Think of it as a relay. All communication is between your computer and the VPN’s server, and all data is encrypted in real time. Web sites see the IP of the VPN’s server, rather than yours. Even your ISP cannot determine which sites that you connect to.

      Prices vary from about $5-15/mo. Enter
      What is the best VPN?
      into duckduckgo, and read the reviews. Speed, reliability and price are important, of course. The most important feature is that the VPN doesn’t keep logs, so that they cannot reveal your activity if served with a warrant.

      I fully expect this posting to be ignored, as it has been in the past.

      • Thanks, Gordon, for adding your cred to the subject. I’m easy to disregard — you aren’t.

        Something that I failed to mention is that VPNs are available for all platforms — Windows, Mac and Linux computers, as well as iPhones and Android phones.

      • Good suggestion. The best is at

        This will permanently cut you off from the world. Next is giving up all google contacts, no Gmail accounts, no Facebook. Join Linkdin, girls can find you there, if that’s your thing.

      • Thanks Martin, I don’t think will be ignore for those for whom it is new material, and it is a good reminder for those who are aware. My suspicion of VPN’s, and I am not a techie, is that they would be a perfect set up for Intel orgs to set up funnels. After all, people are beginning to see FB and Google that way. The only twist in that is are right out in the open with what they do, and their concern about fake news stops at Israel’s front door where they obey the “do not enter sign”. We were onto this early when the big Iraq data dump by Manning contained nothing about the Israeli operations there, which included the sniper shootings on video of US troops, to keep us hyped up for wanting to pummel the Iraqis.

      • “…My suspicion of VPN’s, and I am not a techie, is that they would be a perfect set up for Intel orgs to set up funnels…”

        I don’t share your concern, Jim. The reason is that there are many dozens of VPNs, each with many dozens to hundreds of servers, located on every continent except Antarctica. The techie expression is “Security Through Obscurity.”

        Your comment gives me the excuse to cite other advantages of using a VPN. To the site that one is accessing, the computer appears to be located where the server is. This gives one the ability to bypass site blockages. For instance, if YouTube displays the “This video cannot be viewed from your country” message, then it’s an easy matter to disconnect from the current server, connect to a server in a different country, return to YouTube and then watch the blocked video.

        Moreover, some countries block access to sites that they don’t want their citizens to visit. Using a VPN enables such access, without fear of discovery.

        Privacy rocks!

      • What about Virtual Shield ?
        Go to Dr. William Mounts channel and look for the promo code.
        BTW since I changed my Security Software to Kasperky the attacks on my PC goes less and less

      • @Jim: You right about tunnels in VPNs. who were the pioneers of the commercial internet. Their specialization was public, private and hybrid VPNs. Suffice it to say that the whole IT Security sector is permeated with people who have worked with some intelligence agaency or the other; be it Air Force, Naval, FBI or anything else.

        You will find it specially amusing that one of our customers was CACI, who had, in turn, subbed out an AFTAC contract to monitor a network used – so were told – for sundries, supplies and expendables like toilet paper. Never could figure out the role universities around the world have in supplying toilet paper to the Air Force and it’s tactical significance.

      • correction. should read: @Jim: You right about tunnels in VPNs. I used to work in the support function of a global telecom, who were the pioneers of the commercial internet.

    9. Instead of viewing them as spirits, try viewing them as scientifically observable invisible magnetic influences that are periodic and actually form the different telluric forces that shape regular thoughts and shapes.
      The periodic table is periodic. So are thoughts.

    10. Catholicism and Islam are controlled opposition for Judaism. It is a trifecta of mind control, and disinformation. Together with the war machine, they provide instant martyrdom for anybody wishing to prove their “faith’.
      If it is good enough for Jesus, it must be good enough for you. Just a little sprinkle of water, say the words, and the place in the diamond castle in the sky where people wear toga robes is yours. Congratulations.
      Money is Evil,…..Give it to us.

      • Khalid, I don’t care about banal practices or habits, or even religion. I’m not anti-religion and I’m not an atheist. What I am is equal treatment of false history. If the Catholics and Jews converted a myth into history with the story of christ and Abraham, and a couple hundred years later another religion adopts the same story with only minor changes, then it is still false. But, it is not difficult to say, that it is partial agreement to a created history. And that is and will continue to be supportive to the overall originally revised history. And it supports the CORE of the other two, by saying Jesus and Mary were real. They were not. They are personalized archetypes from ancient myth. So, how much more is wrong,… I don’t care. But if a person shows me a true and says it’s an apple, I say bullshit.


      Reads like a nightmare intro to a modern-day Ian Fleming … no, not Fleming but Denis Wheatley novel where all control is beyond the realm of governments and international politics but instead hinges and turns on the malevolent machinations of Satanic geeks – the type who embrace Jerry Seinfeld’s worldview and flat-out eccentric tastes: ‘What you want in a pancake is to have the consistency of young human flesh.’ It has merely jumped from Bolshevik Commie power to Bolshevik Computer power (same actors) to nail down control.

      Yes, the same Jerry Seinfeld who recently took his family to an “anti-terror” Israeli training camp where visitors can play the role of Israeli soldiers engaging in operations against Palestinians in the West Bank.
      He might have gone for something a little less exciting and set out to sea west of Hawaii to enjoy the antics of Dolphins at the end of First Watch of a balmy morning and avoided all his fans ashore racing helter-skelter in the streets like people possessed after Chicken Little expecting the sky to fall and the world to end.

    12. Google puts everyone in a filter bubble by feeding each person a different set of information based on what the algorithm thinks you already believe to be true. I tried unsuccessfully to get friends and family to stop searching the net with them a few years ago in favor of DuckDuckGo. Everyone looked at me like I was crazy. They wouldn’t even bother checking it out. It’s a matter of being brainwashed, and too lazy and stupid to live. The internet should be like a library with the ability to challenge the ideas of its users but that is not happening with Google searches and it never will. Based on the information in this piece I would say it’s going to be impossible to stop them now. They have too much power and money behind them. Although horrified by this piece, I appreciate you being willing to take them on.

    13. What ever it is that drives them to such a waste they will doubtless find that having may not be so desired as wanting. And because the universe is larger than comprehension, what if a civilization does come along who views them as nothing more than and has an aversion to, cockroaches.

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