The Shutdown, a Protest Against Criminal Rule and GOP Dictatorship (Duff on Press TV)



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  1. Duff is always right and if you do not agree your brain has become addled due to your conspiracy addiction!

    Alex Jones

    Sean Hanity

    Limburger and his elk

    All domestic enemies

    How much simpler can it be?


  2. Foxangelicals need to be spied on as all those “community ” churches are loaded with Mossad first domestic enemies!

    Gordon should run another gun sale for the cleanup!


  3. A vote not to vote is a vote for Mossad/GOP/foxangelicals as I see by the comments how well the brainwashing works!

    You have to tip your hat to our domestic enemy!


  4. Here is what is allowed as a protest:

    You must vote in the next election!

    Are you registered to vote?

    Do foreign entities tell us if we should even vote?

    For a massive protest one must pull the lever for the democrats!

    It’s all that is allowed as our national security state will crush all else.

    You must give up that addiction to conspiracy just this once…


  5. Larry

    You seem to be the CNN troll. Trump is nuts, working for the Khazarian mob, long proven. Your head is in the dirt. He is making me tons of cash, though. Then again, I am a one percenter.

    Your comment is blatantly bizarre.

  6. I will make this simple for you dumbass trump supporters:

    Current republican equals domestic enemy

    Please return to Alex Jones or Fox noise.


  7. Both political parties are totally corrupt not just Rethuglicans. Look at the pass Hillary and Slick have received? These two criminals seem to be above the reach of all law as are most presidents and Hillary because she is married to one. Oddly it seems this time on the issue of cheap immigrant labor it is the Demothuglicrats who are aiding in this fight instead of the usual Rethuglicans. But both of these totally criminal parties support the military industrial complex and endless borrowing and printing of fake money without bounds, increasing the national debt to obscene levels never envisioned to be repaid, while nature will automatically do the job and crash the dollar and the economy beyond anything ever seen in our history. It could happen in the next instant or the next five minutes or the next year who knows? But it will happen and the results won’t be fun or pretty; both corrupt political parties will share the blame but the people of America will share the pain. Hopefully when this massive event happens, it will provide the impetus for a new beginning or permanent death of America.

    • It works a bit different than that. Dems are small time mob, the GOP is the RKM. Learn the difference. Obvious you haven’t worked in DC. Had Kerry been allowed to take office after his HUGE win in 2004, this would be a totally better world. Buying into the “don’t vote” rhetoric is pure GOP/Mossad gold.

  8. “organized crime and Israel” – G. Duff

    Should that not be “organized crime/Israel”?

    (To be fair the latter is hard to speak in a clear and concise way.)

  9. Pass a budget then protest, after that they can rip each others heads off for all any one cares. The disruption to people who need work more than ever is more important and the service men and woman get the shaft too as they are now working for free.

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