Trump’s $ 100 Billion Vision-Less Wall

Trump demagogues immigrants at State of Union to buttress vision-less agenda and support his upcoming efforts to get his useless wall.


by Johnny Punish

So just after Trump’s first State of the Union speech tonight where he demagogued immigrants as killers (MS13) to buttress his draconian position on immigration and his attempts to get his lovely useless 20th century wall, it occurred to me how far we’ve come from making Mexico pay for it.

If you remember, Candidate Trump said MEXICO will pay for his wall.  Trumpbots cheered and went crazy like drunks at a lip-synced rock concert.  Making Mexico pay for a useless antiquated bad long term investment stoopid wall was, in most cases, the main reason they voted for our esteemed national pussy grabber.  So are they pissed?  Of course not!  But why not?  What happened?

By many insider accounts, they say Trump was just kidding about making Mexico pay for the wall. But when his fans starting going crazy engaging in political mosh pits, he found it a rallying cry the principle-less Trump could NOT resist.  So he kept doing it.  And with the DEMS splintered, it won him the electoral college election.

But alas, this is reality.  And so Cadet Bonespurs began throwing out small numbers to get his base used to idea that a wall would have to be paid by U.S. Taxpayers NOT Mexico.

So he threw out the number $ 8 billion. Then he raised it to $ 12 billion. Then $ 18 billion. And now, he’s at $ 25 billion.

For those of us who actually know how government works, by the time Trumps Wall is funded, if ever, and built, if ever, will cost U.S. taxpayers over $ 100 Billion and take 10 years.  Is that a good investment for our future?  Really?  Can’t think of anything bigger with a vision that connects to our neighbors intelligently that brings actual returns for the investment?

FACT: Immigrants are less likely to commit crimes than U.S. Citizens. So Trump’s continued demonizing immigrants to buttress his agenda is plainly wrong, deceiving and extremely irresponsible

Worse, there is NO WALL built that has ever been successful. Berlin? How did that finally work out? Northern Ireland in Deery?  What a shame!

And in Israel?  Foolish racist people with an agenda will applaud the Berlin Israeli Wall. But the reality is it separates people and worse, encroaches on indigenous peoples land for the benefit of settlers. Frankly, it is a total failure for the good people of Israel and those under occupation; a loss for humanity that gets a huge failure award from future citizens who will eventually knock it down and render it’s builders history’s biggest losers!

Berlin Wall: History tells us this is the future of Trump’s useless wall

So where are we all going with this non-cents?

Well, first, we Americans need to educate ourselves.  First, we should stop listening to Trump the Lying Demogogue and start building bridges with our neighbors so we can collectively learn about Mexico and its people.

Don’t believe me?  Think we know about Mexico?

Then let’s take this simple test!

How many states are in Mexico?  

Oh we have no idea do we?  In fact, we might even be shocked to know that Mexico has states.  If so, guess what?  Yep, respectfully, we’re ignorant.  Mostly not our fault.

In USA, there is no real serious education about it’s neighbors so politicians are given a green light to prey on ignorance and create the fear they need to cash in.  And yep, you’re their victim.

Look, if we don’t know much about our largest neighbors what does that say about our position on the wall?  Think about it.

So instead of getting mad at me for pointing this out.  Remember, I was as ignorant as any of you reading this until I got in my car and drove through Mexico to visit every state and visit with its’ peoples.  WOW!  What an idiot I was!  I was so embarrassed how little I knew about our neighbor.

Mexico is the 4th largest exporters of cars in the world!  What?  Mexicans have a huge young population and access to education rising faster than USA and Canada with a rising middle class!  What?  Culiacan, a backwater cowboy town of dirt and horses just 20 years ago now has over 1 million people driving brand new cars, every kid with a smart phone, a lovely downtown, and new houses going up fast everywhere?  Really?  And I thought I was educated!  Ouch!

Plaza Andares; a brand new city plaza in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico

So don’t project your anger at me.  Instead learn more about Mexico. Don’t listen to those that tell you Mexico is a land of donkeys and sombreros.  That’s stereo-typical non-sense.  Instead, get off your ass and go there.  Listen to its people.  That’s a good start to begin empathizing and learning facts as they are and not as told by fake news organizations like Fox News who have agendas to support.

Oh, here’s another good start.

Former president of Mexico and Coca-Cola Executive, Vincente Fox released his new book called “Let’s Move On: Beyond Fear & False Prophets“.  Read it!

Buy on

In his book, he issues both a denunciation of the current state of American politics and a call to unity and resistance in the face of rising ethnocentric and anti-democratic sentiments.

Vicente Fox offers his unique viewpoint as a former head of state, avid historian, and true admirer of America’s constitutional ideals. He knows where a Trump presidency can lead—and it is nowhere good.

Let’s Move On is a political manifesto written in Fox’s trademark, no-nonsense style where he both denounces Trump’s malignant anti-intellectualism and inspires people to rise up and resist.

Fox knows America. He gets it. He digs it, its big dreams and weird nightmares. He lays down the chords in the key of the American Dream like a master.

Bottomline:  By the time Trump’s Wall is built, if ever, it will be time to tear it down because it won’t have a place in our newly connected 21st Century.  Trump will be a long gone memory and the USA will have to deal with the reality that it lives in a globalized world and not the insulated world of the 1930s.  And in this new connected 21st century, the only path to success will be bridges, bridges, and more bridges!  The winners will be the connectors!  Plain and Simple.


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  1. Pete, that is what is known in naval aviation as a brain fart. You’ll get over it.

    It would not be beneficial to add 200+ million people who do not share our language, have not contributed to Social Security, have never had to comply with US building codes, etc, etc and in general are from a different culture. Having Puerto Rico as a commonwealth is enough of a burden for our country.

  2. Mexico lost a war over a hundred years ago. So did the Indians. Was that nice for either of them to be treated like that? No, of course not. However, things are as they are. So instead of Mexicans coming here with a grudge, they should just get over it.

    I was at a bicycle club event recently and three young Mexican men came walking up. One of them was saying emphatically that “We’re going to take over! Yes we are!”. I said, “What a great idea! That way this country will be just like Mexico!”. As the three walked away, the speaker’s head hung down and the other two were looking at him.

    Y’see, I was kidding. It is not a good idea.

    Mexico is in bad shape because of the central bankers. And Haiti is in worse shape for the same reason. And the USA was emptied of industry and made to go to war by the zionist central bankers who want the world to be occupied only by themselves and their serfs.

    Russia seems to be doing fine after booting the psychopathic zionist bankers.

  3. By all means, free yourself Mexico. We do not need more immigrants. ALL US population growth since 1970 is due to immigrants and their children according to US census data published by US Population.

  4. Guatemala’s public transport is genius. Uber without tech, perfected. Any person with any amount of stuff can just stand on the road and a van or bus will stop and it’s usually a couple bucks. This is anywhere in the country. We’ve been picked up in the middle of nowhere, no houses in either direction, longest wait time was half an hour. Sometimes the buses are packed and have baskets of chickens on top, but they are clean and smell better than any city buses in the US. They are individually owned and beautifully painted, usually with the owner/drivers name painted next to the drivers side window. Just use your own map and yell when you want to get off. The cities where foreign influences come in is where the trouble is. United Fruit company and the history associated is where the answers are , sometimes I think, yea maybe a wall is good, it will protect the people of Central America.

  5. I agree with most of the article. The wall is a total waste of money. People will just dig under it or climb over it or blow a hole in it. However the author failed to mention the massive problem with criminal drug gangs in Mexico which make traveling dangerous. I talk to people from there who confirm this. Even Mexicans fear traveling there. Drugs must be legalized and regulated in both Mexico and the U.S. like alcohol was. Read this article by former Seattle police chief Norm Stamper:
    Of course drugs won’t be legalized because our corrupt government would have to give up all that illegal off the books money it makes to conduct all the secret criminal activities world wide and the wars to steal drug producing properties in Afghanistan and elsewhere. Drug gangs have killed many courageous writers and journalists who have sought to expose their corruption. This is a massive unsolved problem in both countries. Our outlaw governments are also making good money off the illegal laws to confiscate any property without due process involved in drug trades. America is a shameful disgrace today.

  6. “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime.” – Mark Twain
    Mexico is our best neighbor. The people are wonderful. We recently sold our property in San Felipe, would have loved to keep it. Trump is spiteful to Mexico like he is spiteful to Obama, his investment scheme was sniffed out and nixed, and many investors lost money because they had invested in Trumps Mexico rip-off. So, he was very much in favor of Mexico until they stopped him from ripping off the locals. More Americans will be going to Mexico for health care also now because of Trump and the republicans.

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