Clooney’s Goons Planning Sarin Attack on Syria, Another False Flag


Introduction by Gordon Duff and Nahed al Husaini in Damascus, with Russia Today

We got word yesterday that George Clooney’s White Helmets, an “NGO” that is not an “NGO” was planning a sarin gas attack to justify American and British military intervention on behalf of Israel.

With this, sources in Russian intelligence leaked to VT that Israel, in response to the upcoming false flag Sarin attack, were planning to hit command and control within Damascus and to try and assassinate President Assad again.  Many such attacks have been foiled, none reported.

We have lost count of the number of terror incidents or staged including real Sarin gas attacks along with “photo op” incidents.

As far as their NGO status, the White Helmets, subject of the infamous Clooney “documentary,” is pure bull.  Their funding is government money, making the idea of their “non-government” status pure fiction.  Funding is security agency cash, tons of it and the are pure ISIS, White Helmets one day and guns and head chopping the next, all on the payroll of MI 6, the Mossad and Washington.  


Russia’s Center for Reconciliation in Syria says it’s been warned that Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists brought in chlorine containers to a local village, where they aimed to work with the White Helmets to stage “a provocation.”

Late on Monday, the center received a phone call from a resident of the village of Serakab in Idlib province about the planned incident.

FILE PHOTO: A woman affected by what activists say was a gas attack on the town of Telminnes is transferred to Bab al-Hawa hospital, Syria on April 21, 2014 © Reuters
US State Department admits Al-Nusra affiliate using chemical weapons in Syria

According to the source, on the afternoon of February 12, rebels from the Jabhat Al-Nusra (Al-Nusra Front) terrorist organization brought three cars packed with more than 20 cylinders of chlorine along with personal protective equipment to Serakab.











Additionally, according to the caller, representatives of the local branch of the White Helmets, wearing individual means of protection, conducted rehearsals of “giving first aid” to “local residents” who were supposedly suffering from poisoning.

The information received from the Idlib resident raised a red flag for members of the Russian Center for Reconciliation in Syria.

According to the center, this indicates that Jabhat Al-Nusra terrorists along with the White Helmets are plotting another “provocation” with the use of poisonous substances in Idlib province, aimed at accusing the Syrian authorities of using chemical weapons against local residents.

The Russian Foreign Ministry said in October that the notorious Idlib chemical incident in April, which was used by the US as a pretext to strike Syria’s Shayrat Airbase, might have been staged.

Presenting photographic evidence of a crater from the scene of the chemical incident, the head of the Non-Proliferation and Arms Control Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Mikhail Ulyanov, told a UN briefing that the bomb which dispersed the deadly chemical agent was most likely detonated on the ground and not on impact from a Syrian airstrike.

“Most likely, an improvised explosive device was located on the surface,” Ulyanov said.

An Syrian child receiving treatment in Khan Sheikhun, following a suspected toxic gas attack, April 4, 2017 © Omar haj kadour
Syrian Idlib chemical incident ‘likely staged,’ requires real investigation – Moscow

The Khan Shaykhun chemical incident occurred on April 4, 2017, in the town of the same name in the Idlib Governorate, in an area that was under the control of Al-Nusra Front terrorists. The sarin gas attack, which allegedly claimed the lives of between 74 to 100 civilians, reportedly took place when the town was struck by the Syrian Air Force.

Washington rushed to blame Damascus, despite the denial of the Syrian government, which destroyed all of its sarin stockpiles under the deal brokered between Russia and the US in 2013. Even though there was a lack of any hard evidence, shortly after the incident US President Donald Trump authorized the launch of 59 Tomahawk cruise missiles at Shayrat Airbase, from where US intelligence claimed the chemical attack was launched.

In late October, the US Department of State finally admitted that militants linked to Al-Nusra Front are indeed carrying out terrorist attacks using chemical weapons in Syria. Russia’s Defense Ministry noted that a precedent had been set by Washington’s acknowledgement of the situation.

“This is the first official recognition by the State Department not only of the presence, but the very use of chemical weapons by Al-Nusra terrorists to carry out terrorist attacks, which we repeatedly warned about,” General Igor Konashenkov, spokesman for the ministry, said.

The White Helmets have been long hailed by the Western media as “peace-bearing heroes” who save human lives. However, the group has been dogged by allegations of having ties with terrorist groups.

“The White Helmets not only feel at home on territories controlled by Al-Nusra Front and Islamic State [IS, formerly ISIS], but also openly express positive attitudes towards them, providing them with information and even financial assistance,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said in April 2017.

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  • Tip-off received on Al-Nusra, White Helmets plotting chemical weapons provocation in Syria – Moscow
  • Tip-off received on Al-Nusra, White Helmets plotting chemical weapons provocation in Syria – Moscow


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    “At the time, it felt like we were in a car careening out of control and it wasn’t just that everyone was saying, ‘we’ll be fine’ — it’s that they didn’t even see the car,” he said.
    Ovadya saw early what many — including lawmakers, journalists, and Big Tech CEOs — wouldn’t grasp until months later: Our platformed and algorithmically optimized world is vulnerable — to propaganda, to misinformation, to dark targeted advertising from foreign governments — so much so that it threatens to undermine a cornerstone of human discourse: the credibility of fact.

    But it’s what he sees coming next that will really scare the shit out of you. …

    “What happens when anyone can make it appear as if anything has happened, regardless of whether or not it did?” technologist Aviv Ovadya warns.
    Posted on February 11, 2018
    Charlie Warzel

  2. Eric Prince buys the White Helmets and sells franchises world wide. The 711 of NGOs. White Helmets Inc. goes public on the NY stock exchange. Sister Betsy get’s busted hiding shares for Eric. Claims she thought he said “park my car”.

  3. The other day I read that the White Helmets are going global. Business is good. What a way to make a living. $50 million a year from the USA and Britain. Not bad, and who’s going to question a guy wearing a white hat? Why not expand. It pays well. It’s a good way to steal tax payer money. Not as profitable as Obama’s $500 million scheme to train 1000 moderate rebels at some unknown base in Jordan . Two or three graduated from training then disappeared, but not before selling their Toyota truck and weapons to some shady character who was seen hanging around outside the front gate. Also rumor has it the White Helmets fake the chlorine attacks, and sell the real stuff to the Detroit Water Department. Well Jim, can anyone make this stuff up? It’s going to get even more hilarious if Eric Prince get’s his way. I hear he’s buying the white helmets, and if they won’t sell look out for a hostile takeover. The money’s too easy to be left in the hands of, who …? Eric was over heard saying. “I gotta get me some of that white helmet dough”.

  4. I saw Macron say if there is proof of a gas attack by Assad or his allies, France will respond immediately and attack. I suggest Macron change his name to Micron as he surely knows the truth about the White Helmets making his comment absurd in line with his touted intelligence or total lack of it. Boris Johnson of Britain is another gewgaw of the NeoCon play box – Dumpty of the Trumpty-Dumpty duo.

    Russia should see these people, these NeoCon clowns, these Clooney Tunes for the varying degrees of ordure they represent and apply copious amounts of lye to disperse the stench of the lies they tell.

  5. Thanks for the heads up, VT. The White Helmets are total imposters. I have more than 100 screenshots taken from Facebook pages of White Helmets members, showing themselves flying Al Qaeda flags, celebrating with al-Qaeda/al Nusra terrorists, wielding machine guns, and flashing the V for victory while carting away dead soldiers from the Syrian army. Here’s a video of Tahrir al-Sham (al-Nusra) leader Abu Jaber, praising the White Helmets as “the hidden soldiers of the revolution.”

    • As far as I can tell, the White Helmets were founded by James Le Mesurier, a former British military intelligence officer and veteran of NATO interventions in Iraq, Kosovo and Bosnia. They’ve been busted staging fake rescue operations and have even admitted to it. They claim to have saved more than 100,000 people in just a couple of years, but not a single legitimate human rights organization has been able to verify this claim. Different videos show them saving the same kids from different locations. As the article mentions, they are heavily funded by Western governments. USAID is a big part of it, too.

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