Arrests: Was San Antonio Church Shooting Government Staged?

    Pair arrested after harassing pastor in Sutherland Springs


    [ Editor’s note: When massacre’s like this one are quickly forgotten, seemingly purposefully pushed out of the public’s eye, we begin to ask ourselves, as we have over and over, what else in that day’s news needed covering up? Ah, but then that might make me a “conspiracy theorist.”g

    Two more notes on conspiracies.  Jim Dean and I found software in our computers as did Preston James that edit’s in text errors in WordPress and Microsoft Word and other programs.  We traced this back to Google.

    We also caught Google not only snagging credit card numbers but using fake Chrome based screens to get personal information and credit card 3 digit security code numbers by disguising themselves as online retailers.

    Avoid Chrome.  Avoid Google.  Run redundant security on your computer.  Never trust a pop-up screen on Chrome.  And onto today’s story. …Gordon ]



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    1. The same people who feel compelled to threaten a grieving father with hanging and urination, bought Trumps demagoguery hook, line and sinker. They cheer for the economic demise of their own demographic, while taking out their frustrations on those who deserve it least.
      We have no public trust. OK, so let’s work with that. Where is the problem ? The man and woman who harassed this guy, left their driveway going past neighbors they have never met, past the town hall they never go into, past the county office building they never looked at, past their local reps house they have no idea what positions they hold and the function of the office, and to another town, to a crime scene, to harass the victims.

      • One of those survivors from Parkland said it, and they haven’t graduated high school yet. Civic education.
        I can’t tell you how many times, I stand and listen to someone bitch for an hour about all kinds of things, and when I ask them if they attend meetings, they don’t even know when the meetings are, what is being discussed, who the elected officials are, what their jobs are, where does the money come from, or even where the dam meetings are. Yet, they know about Hillary’s emails and whether we can trust this country or that.
        They know thousand year prophecies, but not what day it is. The number of seats in our town halls hold 10 % and the number of seats in the churches in those same towns hold 200 %. Go figure.

    2. The Hollywood Perverts stage fake events like this every day for films. It is easier and cheaper and does not risk the cost of property damage and possible harm to persons from filming real events. They are the experts at fooling people. The real hard proof comes from forensic and medical examinations of the crime scene by independent experts using the well established rules which must connect bullets, if a gun was used, to the weapon and to the dead victims. The autopsy reports by an independent well qualified medical examiner must confirm and be consistent with the physical and other forensic evidence collected at the crime scene. Everything taken together usually proves it one way or the other. However usually these reports are not made public immediately and may never be made public. This is the problem. While anomalies are important and good to observe, they are not hard evidence. A picture of them staging the church the day before would be valuable. Proof that the alleged dead victims were still alive after the event would likely prove it was staged. However if one wants to spend enough money fooling people, even identities can be changed. Our government agencies like the CIA and FBI have the power and money to do this. One must remember millions of Americans own billions of guns and weapons. Obviously they are not shooting up Dodge or we would have shootings everywhere every day.

      • They are absolutely public. Wilson county and this town are small, and in the middle of 2nd amendment USA.
        What is happening, is misplaced aggression and misplaced distrust, spilling over into a segment of the populace that feels helpless, and they show up looking to be internet stars breaking the big case.
        In this process, they are acting on the idea that there are no victims, everyone is an actor, and the whole thing is staged, EMT’s , Police, Pastor, Hospitals, Mayor and town officials, all the people of the town, and every public sector service employee, is all in on it. The ridiculousness of this is tantamount to witch trials, Lynch mobs, and execution without trial. There is ton’s of video, that even basic discernment can vet. This is public hysteria, and it is not helpful to anyone, least of all, the victims and families.

    3. I would hope that any decent person would do some due diligence, and at least check the video from the local affiliates before blaming a grieving parent for the loss of their child in a completely heartless manner.
      There are a million different ways to verify the incident. None would involve a hanging. before the procedure.
      None would involve threatening the victims. I would suggest simply calling the EMT’s but I’m sure hundreds already have and they can’t take anymore. A scene like that is not easily purged from the mind.
      If the public got sidearms and badges tomorrow, there would be 300,000 dead by sundown. 99 % of them would be innocent victims.

    4. Now if only folks would investigate who they are voting for and why with such passion, it would be great !
      I say quite often, the cruelest thing someone could do, is blame a parent for the loss of a child, but claiming they didn’t even exist, during the mourning period is a close second.

      Hey Morons, congratulations on not trusting your gubment, now go to the meetings and learn what the hell you need to know to raise your voting awareness knowledge. If you don’t trust your local police, well GOLLEE Gomer Sheriffs are elected too ! whodafigurd ?

      • 2 reasons this story may have lacked attention, gun country did not want bad press, and the military didn’t either, during a time when recruitment is already waining. If the shooter had been a muslim with a bad visa, it would still be front page. This was a small town, the size I grew up in, the healing will take years. Very sad stuff.
        btw,. O raised so far on this gofundme account for the victims and medical expenses
        this one has 1,750.
        A lady in Rochester a bus attendant, was filmed being picked on for her weight and looks, and received half a million plus in two days, a trip to Disney world, and several talk show appearances

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