School Shootings and The Smoking Gun of Our Moral Hypocrisy


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Growing up in America there is a huge focus on, what I now know to be, dysfunctional rights of passage. Much of this, from my research, is created and promoted through music, film, TV, magazines and advertising narratives. These story lines are designed to shape our worldview and the mythology by which the public, you and I, are trained to establish our individual and collective self-image. Noam Chomsky, famed smartest man on the planet from MIT, calls all of this “manufactured consent.”

Famed TV and film actors once and still portray the style of being cool, hip and looking sophisticated, intelligent and/or sexy when they smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol and/or carry and use guns. So as a result, young people smoke. Drinking a beer or hard liquor is portrayed at the center of fun and laughter were one gets loose and is more likely to pick up someone from the opposite sex. So, young people and adults drink. Gun wielding actors, especially those in crime and war films are modeled as macho, people who have the power (through the gun) to do good, defeat our enemies or disable/kill people who are acting in a life threatening way towards a person being victimized. So as a result, young children are drawn to play with toy guns as an archetype of power over others, the power to take life.

Unconscious parents enable them to act out this way and/or play the most violent video games ever imagined, hey, its only a game right?   Children and teenagers, later become  familiarized with the feel of the grip of the toy gun.   This transitions into a desire to hold and use the real thing. Guns are now used to hunt and kill defenseless animals. Enlisted military personal use guns to hunt and kill people whom our propaganda machine tells us are bad, evil and deserving of death.

The promoted narratives of these dysfunctional rights of passage never seemed to bring a focus to the downsides of getting lung cancer from smoking, injuring or killing yourself or another as a result of driving while being intoxicated, or killing yourself or others as a result of mishandling a gun or unconsciously taking the life of another person as a soldier. Yes, these realities do indeed occur beyond the attractively engineered narrative that is designed to keep us spiritually asleep, stay in the rat trap of consumerism and run on the treadmill of the us vs them narrative.

Yes, these realities and tragedies could serve as a forewarning, yet most of the time, it doesn’t. Most of us know someone who died of lung cancer and yet, society continues to smoke. Yes, most of us know of someone who has been seriously injured, died or killed someone else while under the influence and yet, we society continues to drink and drive. Most of us know someone who has been killed by a gun or taken the life of an animal or another person with one and yet, the individuals of society continue to purchase, keep and use guns.

To bring this close to home, I recently learned of a teenage motocross racing friend who had grown into his 50’s.  As it turned out he had died after a bullet discharged from his gun while he attempted to dislodge it. Yes, these things do happen and with regularly and yet, we continue to pursue the narrative of glamor sold to us by the media machine rather than consider the downside of tragedy that can and does occur. It is perhaps safe to say that those who play Russian Roulette with life feel lucky and/or invincible against the odds that these sort of things can ever happen to them. Indeed, we pray that it doesn’t.

Now as for myself, I rarely drink and when I do I have one glass of beer or wine. Having one to many, at my age and with my responsibilities, is a life-crushing and altering event that I’m not prepared to risk, on any level. I did, admittedly, in my early 20’s and on a rare occasion, probably have one to many drinks and drove as a result, irresponsibly. Lucky, I never had a crash, hurt anyone or got a DUI.

I’m not a smoker and never really have been. I did, admittedly, as a young teen puff (not inhale – it made me cough) on cigarettes because I thought it looked cool. My Dad saw me once doing this and later never said anything about it to me. I reflected about this and because of my respect for my Father I was also introspection enough to think ‘Cigarettes can never make me be cool. Coolness comes from inside.’ Now, I’m actually allergic to cigarette smoke and fearlessly ask people smoking near me, to move or stop smoking.

I’m not a hunter and was turned off by killing anything at a very early age and as a result of shooting a blue bird with my bee bee gun. I painfully watched it die after I had attempted to save it from my lack of good judgment and cruel action. Fortunately, I missed the Vietnam war draft because of my young age and as a result never had to fire a gun at another human being.

Yes, I have an occasional drink and I also don’t condone this. I definitely don’t smoke and don’t condone this. I don’t use a gun to hunt/kill and/or protect myself and also don’t condone this. However, with all this said there here is a bigger picture at hand that stinks of moral hypocrisy.

Simply stated, the US government encourages and allows men and women to enlist in the military once they turn 18. Then, they are de facto authorized, trained and chartered by the US Military, voting Politicians and our society at large to kill and take another peoples life in the name of war. So, let me get this right, at age eighteen you are responsible enough to kill and take another persons life and yet at this same age you’re also not someone who is responsible enough to smoke and/or drink. Does this sound a little crazy?

Franky, I’m philosophically and intellectually befuddled by the blatant hypocrisy and mind numbing stupidity of elected officials and/or our society at large who have voted to mandate that a person who has just turned 18 has the spiritual, intellectual, philosophical and moral discernment to know when and under what circumstance that they can take another persons life. Again, does a person who is 18 (or any age for this matter) really have the wisdom to know when and under what circumstances its OK to kill a person that they know nothing about.  Does any person who wields and uses a gun really have the spiritual insightfulness to understand and be responsible for the horrific daisy chain of events that follows in the heartbreak and suffering for all who have loved this person throughout their life and who is now dead.

History and our madness continues to repeat itself when our 18 year and older US soldiers failed to have the discernment to see through the propagandized lie that lead them to murder some 1.5 million Iraqi people. These people, mostly civilians, had absolutely nothing to do with the 9/11 event.  They were indeed victims of our lying and monstrous  propaganda machine that was designed to lead us to war. And, yes, I could go on and on about this situation and other similar US lead war agendas however, this is not the point.

The point to the craziness is this: We grant God-like (create life or take life) permission to an 18 year old to kill and take the soul of another person and yet, we won’t, until this person turns the age of 21, authorize them to drink alcohol or smoke cigarettes and/or use vapor devices. Come on !!! This is a totally irrational and insane level of thinking. Are you with me on this?

Well, if you are, then here is what I suggest we establish as a moral mandate for our elected officials and/or society who believe in this irrational thinking and have voted for the 21 year of age law that designates adult freedoms and liberties as a right of passage.

Here we go… I propose we implement a special law that makes it a contractual imperative for any and all Board members, stockholders and/or executive team members of any and all companies who manufacture and distribute any part, element or system of military weaponry including: wiring harnesses, nuts/bolts/screws/rivets, circuit boards, computer systems and software, design elements, fabricated enclosures, fuel, oil/lubricants, tires, chassis, bullets, bombs, missiles, trucks, tanks, planes, ships etc. or service thereto, and/or any member of the US Government who votes to go to war, under any circumstances, to be forever required to indenture, enroll and enlist their children and grandchildren into one of the US military branches for first strike and front line battlefield engagement operations.

Maybe with this contractual imperative in place decision adults will step back, understand and embody the wise teachings of the Native American people who require, before entering the sweat lodge of spiritual transformation, to say the prayerful words of “Let Nothing Be Done to Harm the Children.” Perhaps this contract will compel each of us, before we ever consider going to war, to have us search for what the Jesus figure said, “the kingdom of heaven which dwells within.” Perhaps with this place found, and as parents, we will better model only loving and empowering rights of passage to our children…Ones, that inspire spiritual wisdom and healthy habits that honor our soul development and our body as a divine temple. After all, whether we realize it or not, our children view parents in the light of being their God creators. Perhaps with this knowledge of the heart, we will insightfully follow the true meaning of the Jesus figure quote when he stated, “love our/thy our neighbors as ourselves.” Yes, in truth, we are not able to love another until we are first able to hold love and compassion for ourselves.

When each of us are able to choose and express our true and authentic state of BEING, I believe that our individual and collective cultural attractions toward dysfunctional rights of passage will dissolve and fall away. In this truer state of BEING, we will not nor ever see ‘others’ as enemies (meaning ‘Not Friend”), we will only know them as our beloved friends.

All great spiritual texts define that when we are in our truest state of love, when we listen to the heart and honor our body temple, we will most likely choose to attract only life affirming foods, substances and experiences. In this, our truest state of SELF, we can only know each person as our brother and sister. Perhaps with the suggested contractual imperative in place, everyone will mindfully embody the teachings of the Course in Miracles that states, “The Salvation of the World Depends on You.” Indeed, the salvation of our world depends on each of us authentically loving ourselves so that we can BE and then DO our best. Amen. Let it be so.

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  1. JohnZ,

    Important insights about the various NWO entities all rowing in the same direction. Did you happen to catch my Dark Secrets of the Wizards of Oz series ?

    Indeed, if parents would act like real parents and tell the recruiters to piss off the high school and college campuses and remove their BS commercials from feature film trailers.

    Thanks John Z for standing like a man and calling it like it is. Amen. Let it be so. Let nothing be done to harm the children.

  2. The military contract for our children is actually a bit more heinous than stated. They are not considered wise enough to know when to kill a combatant, they are trained to take orders. The military is pretty clear, when you sign up, that your body and person no longer belong to you. It belongs to them. Your wishes and decisions are no longer yours. Those belong to them also. A recruit can be thrown in jail for getting a sunburn because it is considered destruction of government property. You are a meat bag, and your job is to do as told. Your hair is cut, you are stripped naked, and all kinds of needles with nobody knows what are jabbed into the meat bags in a assembly line resembling a butcher factory. Everything that makes you an individual is torn down.

    • Once your freedom and individuality is stripped, you are reconditioned. Mentally and physically. The practice of requiring leaders or those who make war decisions to enlist their children, as a deterrent, is not expected to work as expected in a society that is mentally ill. It should not have to be required, but offered. In assessing the state of honor, dignity and respectability of a warrior class of a people, the US is currently all the way at the bottom. They cannot get a lower grade. If evil exists in this world in any imagination, then we exemplify it by our current warrior class. They are unbridled carnage upon innocent people for materials gains which are already excessive. I would never use them as an example of proper warrior class, or defenders of the people.

    • The relationship with the Native peoples and our founders, was such that they recognized the respectability and honor among people that we as europeans had before the christian invasion. Our ancestors despised the rule of monarchy and loss of dignity that complete submission brought. If anything, it was the inspiration of the cosmology of the Native peoples that motivated us to expel the British. And now here we are, back in their arms and we are meat bags for the Judeo Christian armies, ruthlessly addicted to violence and carnage for the sake of material gain. It is a mob, ran by the Vatican and Israel, and contracted with Britain. We are nothing more than unscrupulous henchmen and unwitting fools. It is disgusting and morally evil to consider Honor or Dignity in this context.

    • The US is a very long way from spiritual health. And there can be no advance in this direction, unless the people recognize that there is a problem, and act accordingly. No warrior class can be built from insanity and dogma. No morality can be found in pillaging. No integrity can be found by following liars and cults. And there is no honor in a any book. The proof is in front of us, and it is plain as day. The book brings death and submission. It is the icon of death and submission. And those who follow it, bring death and submission. They are hypocrites and cowards of the most evil kind. It is the zombie class. The US is the most spiritually corrupt warrior class the planet has ever seen. This is the product and it is undeniable.

    • This is not just some rant, or emotional outburst. It is an assessment. I grew up methodist, my mother was a Sunday school teacher, my wife’s father was a baptist preacher, and I have visited and learned from all denominations. I have lived free as any person could, and served in the AF. My family has veterans from every generation including the middle of the Revolution. I have visited and learned from several Native peoples from various tribes. One could say, I have spent my life seeking information to make this assessment. If anything, I am understating the state or condition of our madness as a people. I’m not proud of it. It’s disgusting.

  3. Early 20th century the leading cash crop; oil for the diesel engine, the plastics industry, fiber for paper, rope, cloth. Made illegal to kill the farmers and support the bankers.

  4. Robert, thanks for your kind words, reading the article and your insightful view on the very very common sense perspective of Hemp and Cannabis. The issue behind the veil of lies is that there is so much money to be made from withholding various cures, imprisoning people and all current revenue models that would have to be retooled and died … the Cabal will keep demonizing all this and waiting everyone out to do an end-run in order to monopolize the whole and related industries.

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