Trump’s jihadi chemical weapons factory captured in Ghouta in living color



…from South Front

These are some of the launching tubes at the facility

[ Editor’s Note: The US Coalition jihad chemical weapons operation has been uncovered in living color, as retreating jihadis did not even have the sense to at least burn it up when they left.

Hence, we have these wonderful photos. I also found a video tour of the place on Sana. The jihadis had talent come in and set this up for them.

This will be a non-event in Western media because they will do their usual thing of not publishing the story or any of the history of this long running chemical weapons scam.

Prosecutors routinely have to establish motive in a murder case. In a mass murder, motive has to be established early and fully even at the grand jury level, yet what we have seen is that the Western Intel psyops people have chosen their only feasible option, which is to never mention motive, like that does not matter.

Mass media has completely rolled over, whereas in the old days, good reporters routinely tracked down prosecutorial bias in big cases. But that was back in the day of relatively independent media.

The US has gone quiet on the gassing charade, morphing the attack excuse into “Syria refusing to stop its assault on East Ghouta”, as in assault on the inhabitants. That was shot full of holes when the first civilians coming through the corridors reported quite clearly what living under the US Coalition terrorists was like.

Have you noticed that no big-name US reporters are stationed in Damascus now to shoot interviews with these civilians coming out of Ghouta. That would have been a stable of war time reporting in former days, but not any more.

Corporate media does not want to do any war reporting that will piss off the White House or the Pentagon, much less the CIA. It’s considered “not good business”, and that would make the board and the stockholders unhappy, who tend to make changes in management to “fix” the situation.

No bad news yet from Syria today. We are watching carefully … Jim Dean ]

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Who has killed more children in all the countries that the US has invaded, more than the US has? Riddle me that. Above is an old headline. The Pentagon now admits that it has no evidence of Assad using chemical weapons on his own people. This admission is simply ignored by the professional psyops gas-aholics… Jim W. Dean

– First published … March 14, 2018

More photos are below. This is a smoking gun, a make shift set up but all the components and equipment needed.

On March 14, the Syrian Arab Army (SAA), the Tiger Forces, the Republican Guard and their allies advanced on the village of Jisreen in the southern part of Eastern Ghouta and captured a number of buildings inside it, according to pro-government sources.

We see no coverage on this in the western press

As soon as Jisreen is liberated, government troops will start operation to liberated the villages of Kafr Batna and Saqba.

The SAA and its allies also advanced on positions of militants in the area of Harasta but failed to achieve any notable gains there.

The SAA has discovered a chemical weapons lab in the recently liberated village of Al-Shifuniayh in Eastern Ghouta. Previously, the village had been controlled by Jaish al-Islam.

This proves that militants had been able to produce and use chemical weapons to stage chemical attacks in the pocket in order to accuse the Syrian government of conducting them.

On March 13, Speaking during a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing, Commander of US Central Command Gen.

Joseph Votel said that Russia’s support to the Syrian government increases the complexity of the anti-ISIS campaign in Syria. The general also accused Moscow of undermining the US-Russian relations.

“So I am concerned about this role that Russia plays in northern Syria and how it impacts all of our relationships and especially relations between us and Turkey,” Gen. Votel said.

So, the US military has found who is “guilty” of its failures in Syria and Washington’s ill-advised policy in the country.










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  1. You should not blame this on Trump. Do you think he really knows what is going on. This as you know is a secret group that is doing this, very compartmentalized and prob a three letter agency.

    We refer people to your site as a reference. When you make bold proclamations like this, it totally ruins your credibility.

    You have no proof that Trump knows about this or even ordered it. I mean come on. And so it makes any reader wonder what else is speculation.

    You have great stuff and great facts. Please stick to the facts and avoid innuendo.

  2. General Votel is an unindicted international war criminal who aided and abetted the crimes of the U.S. in Syria totally illegally without any legal authority whatsoever. He, like his outlaw supervisor the U.S. is a total outlaw criminal disgrace who should be arrested and tried for war crimes just like the Nazi’s in WWII. The U.S. is a criminal expletive deleted international disgrace today. Every citizen must boycott the totally outlaw corrupt insolent incompetent, lying, cheating, worthless, ignorant, …expletive deleted lying military today. If not one will serve this evil monster, they will be forced to abandon it and shut it down. If they try to force you with a draft, leave the country before lowering yourself to killing innocent children and civilians for Israel and the worthless thugs and traitors in Congress who sold out the country for Israel. America is doomed.
    How did the four star traitors of our military do “defending” the country on 9/11 when they didn’t lift a finger to do it?

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