Col. Lawrence Wilkerson: Israel is dragging US to World War III


    …by Jonas E. Alexis

    Former Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson has recently taken the cat right out of the bag by saying that Israel is actually dragging the United States into “a massive confrontation with the various powers arrayed against it, a confrontation that will suck America in and perhaps terminate the experiment that is Israel and do irreparable damage to the empire that America has become.”[1]

    Wilkerson even identified some New World Order agents in the United States who are actually working hard to getting America into perpetual wars. One of those agents is none other than Avigdor Lieberman, “Israel’s Russian-born Defense Minister.” Wilkerson continued:

    “Lieberman will speak in April in New York City at the annual conference of the Jerusalem Post. The title is, ‘The New War with Iran.’ It is clear that he’s [at] the forefront of promoting this war.

    “And nowhere does my concern about such a war focus more acutely at the moment than Syria. As [the] president of France Emmanuel Macron described it recently, ‘The current rhetoric of the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and Israel is pushing the region toward conflict with Iran.’”[2]

    Wilkerson destroyed Benjamin Netanyahu’s position that Iran wants to annihilate the Jewish people by pointing out the fact that the largest Jewish population in the Middle East outside of Israel and Turkey is none other than Iran. In fact, the Jewish population in Iran thinks that Netanyahu is a maniac. In fact, they call him an “insane vampire.”[3]

    When Netanyahu was running around like a wild buffalo saying crazy things like Iran vowed to annihilate the Jewish people, Iran’s sole Jewish parliamentarian, Siamak Moreh Sedgh, said:

    “Netanyahu is an insane vampire drowned in crimes from head to toe and the recent remarks made by the racist Israeli prime minister [are] not surprising to me.”[4]

    Sedgh continued: “To sell bigoted lies against a nation which has saved Jews 3 times, Netanyahu resorting to fake history & falsifying Torah. Force of habit.”[5]

    The Times of Israel reported: “Putin was the first to reject Netanyahu’s Purim parallel, telling him that the events described had taken place “in the fifth century BCE.”[6] Putin humorously said to the mad man in Tel Aviv: “We now live in a different world. Let us talk about that now.”[7]

    Sedgh said elsewhere that Iranian officials know that launching a war with Israel is suicidal, therefore they take every precautious measure to approach things diplomatically and reasonably.[8] The historical record agrees with Sedgh.[9]

    But how has Netanyahu been able to perpetuate his lies through the years? He used the United States of America, commonly known as “The Great Satan.” He produced false flags and declared that Iran is the enemy of the Jewish people. He dragged the United States to produce a so-called war on terror.

    But the United States can no longer declare that it is fighting terrorism in the name of “democracy” and “freedom.” In fact, the Pentagon was actually exposed in 2016 for perpetuating really fake news about terrorism. This was quite stunning:

    “A former contractor for a UK-based public relations firm says that the Pentagon paid more than half a billion dollars for the production and dissemination of fake Al-Qaeda videos that portrayed the insurgent group in a negative light.”[10]

    Did you catch that? The Pentagon spent millions upon millions of tax payer dollars on fake videos in order to perpetuate the categorical lie that the United States is fighting terrorism. What we are seeing here is that the so-called war on terror is a fight for Israel.

    Keep in mind that Israel has already sent a six-trillion dollar bill to the average American. Now they want to send more bills, more deaths, more casualties, and more disasters.[11] It is time for the American people to say enough is enough. It is time for them to ask Trump to stop buddying up with the criminal syndicate.

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      The blind oversight, deception – call it what you will, in the NeoCon/Zionists taking seven countries down after September 11 is that the NeoCon/Zionists had surreptitiously taken down the United States of America first! Trump is showing his true colors by raising his glass to the daily Zionist toast of world domination – “America First!” It isn’t a national economic rallying cry! We are (a) Zionist toast! We could not see the woods for the tree. That is the whole point and ALL Americans missed it: America IS the first country to go down. We are being sucked dry by vampires: media, financial, political, military for the sole benefit of Israeli Zionists. We are puppets, pawns, prostitutes of the engorged Israeli pimp. Blinded by a glaring oversight – like a nuclear flash in the eyes, we stumble like Lot’s wife to our end. Israel should have been made to pay along with the snake-pit of home bred collaborators. Trump is after Iran and Syria solely for Israel; a fact that filters through and made apparent through his stupendous stupidity, chutzpah, of the anti-American lie that Muslims were dancing on the streets of Jersey on September 11. Ask yourselves, did any sane person ever think that? And yesterday’s threat of American carrier group formations coordinated in the Red Sea, Mediterranean and Persian Gulf following the joint Israeli/US military preparations Juniper/Cobra are surely indicative of war soon to follow.

    2. London and the Vatican have done a brilliant job of creating Israel and using it as “bad guy political’ muscle.
      And sure it’s great that folks recognize that , but the time has come to focus attention on the true powers.
      Are we convinced that the reason no pope has visited Russia is because of some religious dogmatic principle ? Are we convinced that Britain is such a good friend that they bear no responsibility for being behind it all ?
      And that a simple paper, like the Magna Carta , made it all better and our boo boos were kissed, and no attempt to subvert it has been successful ? The Bible needs to be examined carefully and without bias, because if you think google and facebook have been effective at steering wealth and power, they are two bit pawns compared to the Catholic creation and subsequent deals involved with all of that. Bookkeepers with a penchant for exceptionalism, have always been favored as front men. That is what the New Testament is.

    3. We are all being played, including the Jews. The only way to find out who is pulling the strings is to find out who pushes back when the domination is resisted. You read more on that here at VT than anywhere.

    4. My attitude towards Israel is a recent change. Years ago my uncle, a WW2 vet, commented that there were no gas chambers. I asked how he knew. His reply was short and terse, “because I was there”. I thought to myself my uncle has a problem. I didn’t press it. But he was there, a liberator of camps. But, he was a hard working stable man. Since then I began to pay attention, I took a long look at WW2, and the holocaust story didn’t hold up. I urge everyone who cares to research the holocaust story. It’s a business. That’s all it is. Hollywood fiction. They were labor camps not extermination camps. Labor camps! If you have doubts study the Ernst Zundel trial, or David Irving’s.

      • Watch 5 min you tube video, “sorry mom I was wrong about the holocaust” Monika has been throw in a maximin security prison for making this video. Also read the recent book “Breaking the spell” by N Kollerstrom

    5. Unfortunately the ballot box is far too weak a remedy to deal with our massive problem of the hi jacking of America by Israel while the whores in Congress helped them do it. We need some real tools for ordinary citizens to bring indictments and criminal trials of treason against members of Congress who have obviously been bribed and more to sell out the country to criminals in Israel. Ditto for traitors Bush, Cheney and some four star generals who did not lift a finger to defend the country when it was attacked by Israel on 9/11 while blaming Muslims for the dirty deed. Congress is a bunch of criminals getting away with crime and giving America its massive middle finger. This must end.

    6. The real question is who are those really hiding behind the name “Joos”, because names are used as smoke and mirror to hide in the dark

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