Putin Won Election; New World Order Agents Obviously Panic


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Putin won the recent Russian election by a landslide. Communist presidential candidate Pavel Grudinin was defeated big time. The propaganda machine in the West lost again. The Polish government and Angela Merkel are sad because Putin once again is in charge.

“The Polish deputy foreign minister, Konrad Szymański, called on Germany to cancel the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that is due to send Russian gas through the Baltic Sea into Germany and Europe.”[1]

China, Venezuela, Iran, France, and Japan have all congratulated Putin for this historic moment. But obbviously New World Order agents are freaking out and trying to flesh out an incoherent response. They are also scared because they knew that things haven’t been going well with them over the past seven years or so, when Russia decided to act in the Middle East and make a difference in the political landscape.

Last December, the Irish Times declared that “The Middle East has a new kingpin: Vladimir Putin.”[2] Lee Smith of the Neocon magazine the Weekly Standard lamented in 2015 that “Putin is the new sheriff in town.”[3] The Economist acknowledged last December that “most of Mr Putin’s aims have been achieved: Russia’s military bases in the Middle East are secure; Western attempts to isolate Russia have failed; and Mr Assad remains Syria’s president, halting what the Kremlin sees as an American-backed wave of regime change.”[4]

Putin is hated by New World Order agents not because he has his own shortcomings like every human being on the planet but rather because he has taken a position that is at odds with the New World Order ideology itself. Putin sees reality in moral terms, but New World Order agents do not. Putin said:

What can be better evidence for the moral crisis of human society in the West than the loss of its reproductive function? And today nearly all ‘developed’ Western countries cannot survive reproductively, not even with the help of migrants… without rules and moral values which have formed, and been developed, over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity and become brutes.”

As I argued elsewhere, the New World Order’s most enduring legacy is contempt for morality and for what Immanuel Kant calls practical reason in the comprehensible universe. New World order agents do not care about how many people have to die in order for their plan to thrive. They do not care about how many nations they have to destroy. They want their plan to survive because they are operating under a principle which does not allow them to think in moral terms. This is one reason why New World Order agents are also Satanists. They want to submit the moral order to their will, not the other way around.

Putin obviously understands this moral and spiritual dimension. That is why he also mentioned that people are taught that “Faith in God is equal to faith in Satan.” In other words, when morality is not your guide, then you are bound to declare that what is reasonable is unreasonable and what is unreasonable is reasonable. What is morally repugnant to the vast majority of people in the world is actually “morally” satisfying to New World Order agents, Neoconservative hawks, and Zionist ideologues. A classic example again are perpetual wars in the Middle East.


Putin continued to deconstruct the New World Order ideology when he said: “One has to respect the right of every minority to self-determination, but at the same time there cannot and must not be any doubt about the rights of the majority.”

Well, the people who have been pushing perpetual wars in the Middle East are none other than a small group of people who go by the name of Jewish Neoconservatives.[5] They have been doing this for Israel. Irving Kristol, one of the fathers of the Neoconservative movement, said way back in 1973:

Jews don’t like big military budgets. But it is now an interest of the Jews to have a large and powerful military establishment in the United States… American Jews who care about the survival of the state of Israel have to say, no, we don’t want to cut the military budget, it is important to keep that military budget big, so that we can defend Israel.”

Trump has recently fired Rex Tillerson and replaced him with Mike Pompeo, a Neocon puppet. Mark Dubowitz, “an executive at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies who has close ties to the Trump administration,” said:

For anybody who thought that Trump was bluffing about his May 12 deadline to fix the deal or nix it, the appointment of Mike Pompeo as secretary of state should be a wake-up call.”

By doing this, Trump again proves himself that he is an agent of the Israeli regime. He is also in cahoots with the Deep State, the very diabolical entity he said he was going to drain during his presidential campaign. In that sense, Trump is dangerous.

But the question is this: how is he going to respond to Russia’s stand in Syria? Will the Israeli marionette listen to the voice of reason and suspend the covert operation in Syria?

Let’s just see.

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  1. jonas riding his high horse again, conflating morality with god. presenting zero shred of evidence for the existence of his implied xtian entity. while jonas knows science holds to a higher standard requiring statistical and independent sources of evidences to support hypotheses which authors want so badly to turn into a laws of nature. (show me a single human who can presently walk on water an i may reconsider the myth of jesus.)

    rather, neurological studies support the hypotheses that humankind are hardwired with moral concepts, like fairness, e.g.. but organized religions will have none of this, as acceptance of such renders the need for their collectives’ existences pointless. and so their pointy hatted bishops and costumed liturgists continue propagandizing and selling life’s purpose in the service of stealing/ killing/ and destroying. ugh.

  2. I congratulate mr.Putin for his reelection and also congratulate mr.Alexis for another great morality check. I fail to imagine though how the demons, vampires and others from the bloodsucking famiglia in US Wehrmacht and its alliance web are going to suffer another 6 years of Putin. They will probably lose it and attempt to start a global war, as they did so many times before.

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