Breaking: Hamas betrays Syria by backing terrorists


by Nahed al-Husaini , Damascus VT Bureau Exclusive

[ Editor’s Note: These photos below are just a few hours old, and we know the person who shot them today. The Syrians found this unhappy surprise while canvassing the recently evacuated East Ghouta terrorist underground facilities.

We see that they not only had US Coalition support, but Qatar, who backed the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and some of the terror groups in Syria, leaned on Hamas to reroute this tunnel-excavating equipment back to East Ghouta to help the jihadis kill Syrians, who had helped Hamas, getting played on the age old divide and conquer game.

The jihadis were safe as can be from Syrian bombing and shelling inside their vast tunnel networks, which this machinery could knock out as needed.

Made in America, 2015, by Hill-Rom Company, Michigan

In the beginning of the war, both sides were using the ancient tunnels around Damascus. When I was there for the elections, the Syrian Army was having an underground duel with the jihadis on counter tunnel building, blowing them up, and caving them in – dangerous fighting and fatal for many.

VT has more info today on the chemical weapons equipment captured by the SAA that nailed the US Coalition for running the jihadi chemical weapons operations.

This big gas concentrator photo shows it was manufactured by Hill-Rom Company in Michigan in 2015, bought via an intermediary, of which there were many available in the World War against Syria.

So it was brand new equipment brought in, probably flown in from Jordan by helicopter. This would have been used to concentrate gas for loading into shells. Western media of course spiked the story; but it has life here at VT with good old-fashioned on-the-ground work with people who really care … Jim W. Dean ]

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“Not with love” – from Hamas

– First published … March 27, 2018

This was Google translated from the Arabic

For the first time, the Syrian leadership publishes the ditches dug by the terrorists in Syria, the trenches and tunnels, their headquarters and their weapons stores. And the news here is not strange of course …….. but sad !!!!!

That the Syrian leadership was shocked and saddened when I saw these rigs on the land of Syria. Because these excavators themselves given by the Syrian leadership to Hamas to be used to dig tunnels and trenches to destroy the Zionist entity and liberate the land of Palestine and their wounded.

And found it on its soil and treachery in the back and these excavators of the old Soviet Union and serial numbers have been seen as a property of Syria. But some Hamas traitors have seized money in exchange for treachery and betrayal of their brothers

Syrians are witnessing the world that Syria is the only one who was providing weapons and training for them.



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  1. Genetically what? I’m sorry Peter, but this is the most silly post I’ve read for a while.

  2. No leadership, no outside support, the Palestinians have been abandoned to their fate. For what you describe to happen, it would require Palestinian leaders of integrity and bravery, but sadly Israel has killed off anyone who even looked like becoming such a leader. The other Arab nations have not really done anything of consequence to help the Palestinians since 1973 when the last attempt to oppose Israel militarily took place.

  3. I agree. They killed both Arafat and Rabin to destroy the peace process then created Hamas to replace the PLO; they then placed Hamas in power in rigged elections and that was the end of democracy in the Palestinian territories. This is an old tactic, once described by Lenin: ‘the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves’.

  4. I have long been certain that Hamas was in reality under Israeli control, this just reinforces that belief.

    • Qatar was also a major backer of the East Ghouta jihadis, and with all it has given to Hamas it could have put the squeeze on them to shift some equipment to them. We have probably never had so much evidence now for the major US Coalition partners aiding and abetting terrorists for regime change and it is getting late in the day for seeing any action taken against them.

    • Well, yes, the British ruling class has been utterly infiltrated and coopted by the Zionist Jews from Amsterdam and Frankfurt, a process that began over 300 years ago and was completed by the end of the 19th century. Marrying a daughter of a rich Jewish family to the son and heir of a noble family was how the Zionist Jews infiltrated and took over.

    • Remember what Joe Biden told us that “You mustn´t be a Joo to be a Zionist” Perhaps I can find it again, I look for that link

    • I agree, the Muslim Brotherhood has been the instrument of British meddling in the Middle East for a long time, perhaps even from the start, Of course, when I say British, I am really refering to the Zionist banking oligarchs who run Britain and created Israel, primarily the Rothschilds.

    • @ Ian Greenhalgh. The process began much earlier, with the expulsion from Spain. Saville Row is named after the traders from Seville. The merchants/traders of Netherlands were also from the same population. Hence you see the historic collusion between the Dutch and the English – eventually the Portuguese – against the Spanish. Many of them also married into impoverished Portuguese and Spanish nobility. The screws were being positioned from the days of the Tudors. They became visble much later.

    • Yes, the Spanish Inquisition to get rid of the Jews from Spain began in 1492, many of the Jews moved to the Spanish Netherlands, especially Amsterdam and they setup the banking houses there. The Jews had been expelled from England in 1294 by Edward I, and the only Jews in England in the 400 years after that were a few that were pretending to be Christians. Once they had control of England, they immediately began to attack the Spanish Empire, beginning with the abortive attempt to seize Cuba that instead captured Jamaica.

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