Proof: Intel Drop UPDATED Trump, Bolton behind Syria chemical attacks, confirmed

    Germany, Britain, America, Israel - VT provides proof of chemical warfare and war crimes.


    …by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor

    SAA captured gas concentration unit. Made in America, 2015, by Hillrom Company, Michigan

    [ Editor’s Note: VT has long covered the “aiding and abetting” of terrorists by the US coalition, and by derivation NATO, for some time. We view its going on unchecked as a major national security threat to all countries.

    Unfortunately Western corporate media, with financial resources far beyond VT, has played Mickey the Dunce on this whole story – the case usually being that the respective country intelligence agencies have warned them to stay away from it all, or suffer the consequences.

    VT has also followed closely the long series of false flag chemical weapons attacks, both sarin and military-grade chlorine because we knew the Syrians would never be so stupid as to hand their heads to the US Coalition in a silver platter by doing something with no chance of any gain, but exactly the opposite.

    We were also concerned that the longer “they” got away with doing this, the more innocent people would be murdered by the alleged protectors of freedom and democracy in the world, but who we know to be currently among the worst enemies of mankind.

    Unfortunately, despite our best labors, the citizens of these countries have done almost nothing to hold those accountable in their own countries.

    The SAA capturing this chemical weapons facility was a huge turn of events. The guilty parties knew what the Syrians had on them now. We have been waiting to see who would do what.

    Now that might have changed, with our long pleadings for the Syrians to give us photographic proof of the chemical weapons assets they have been capturing – serial numbers and all – so we could cram it down the throats of the guilty, thinking maybe someone inside the respective countries might want to start asking some hard questions.

    The flurry of military accidents also caught our attention, as we know historically that this method is used by the military to hide overseas combat deaths for which any public investigation would be embarrassing.

    In Vietnam, if a thousand of our troops were lost in one week, the announcement would be spread out, the families lied to. Welcome to the dark underside of America.

    The impending attack on Damascus by the US was partially due to what the SAA might uncover in East Ghouta; and because they were able to move fast, they overran the US Coalition’s chemical weapons operations faster than anyone thought possible.

    Our pleading with Syria has been rewarded with these new photos. The SAA has US Coalition chemical weapons officers in custody; and Russia has told the US, Brits, Israelis, and Saudis that they will have to deal with Damascus.

    How long US media and our own Congress can pretend they know nothing about who some of the major terrorist elements are that most are afraid to mention? Their house of cards is crumbling, and “they” will be more dangerous in that situation, as we are talking about some serious crimes here.

    We are suspicious of why the Brits would throw together what appears to us to have been a sloppy false flag, even to use against Russia, for putting Russia’s feet in the fire to get the Brits people back from Syria and keep this story out of major news distribution.

    Is now the time for some of the really guilty to have to pay the piper? We shall see. But for that to happen, what is left of non-compromised public institutions has to step up to the plate, when they have shown a hesitancy to do so when their countries really needed them.

    We hope they will get to see this and start asking the obvious questions… Jim W. Dean ]

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    A chemical artillery shell

    – First published … April 08, 2018

    Today another chemical weapons stockpile was found in East Ghouta, produced in Germany, fully weaponized and commercially produced by Merck. 

    Merck was the primary producer of chemical weapons for Germany in World War I and George Merck founded the War Research Service along with Frank Olson in 1944, which using captured Germany and Japanese scientists and research facilities, took control of America’s biological and chemical warfare production which continues to this day in facilities at Fort Meade, Maryland and at the Lugar Lab in Tibilisi, Georgia in partnership with the current government of Ukraine.

    Chlorine gas-filled shell from Porton Down, Salisbury, found in East Ghouta with al Qaeda

    [ Editor’s Note: Sure, this canister has “smoke colored” staring out at us. For those who think we did not see that, what do you think Intel operatives do when they are moving banned weapons around, label them as Vx or Military grade chlorine or whatever? No, they just put them into a camouflage container in case someone is taking a quick peek at a shipment. Used ones are even better, as they look like old stock being shipped out to a third-world conflict.

    As for what these could be used for – how about for throwing into a cellar filled with human-shield, pro-Damascus family members to generate a nice pile of bodies for our “un-free” Western media?

    We are still waiting for the first verifiable report of a jihadi and/or family that has been killed by one of these “attacks”, or a cemetery of the gassed martyrs, or even a headstone for such. The amateur script writers forgot about that part.

    Of course, experienced Western journalists and all the professional Intel people have been aware of this; but how many have come forward for the people to blow the lid off this gassing hoax garbage when it is so obvious? Even if they were not involved, they are now stained for going along with it.

    If they did not have any of this stuff, they could just do a Hollywood chemical-weapons attack, the kind where you see White Helmet people dealing with “victims” without even wearing any kind of face mask Jim W. Dean ]


    Last week, Russia and Syria announced the capture of British chemical weapon stockpiles in East Ghouta along with the capture of a “coalition” command and chemical weapons facility with all personnel. Taken from the combined statement censored from the western press, from March 25, 2018

    “The Syrian Arab Army and with the help of Russian captured a shipment of chemical weapons destined for the Eastern Ghouta. These were British weapons produced at Porton Down in Salisbury.

    Russian suspects that the Skripal incident is related as by their records, Skiripal was working at Porton Down as a chemical weapons trafficker in partnership with a Ukrainian firm. Russia denies attacking Skripal but admits he was under surveillance for his activities involving support of terrorism in Syria and arms trafficking.

    Russia also confirms that there are British, American, Israeli and Saudi intelligence officers who were caught by the Syrian army in one of the heavily fortified operations rooms during the invasion of the Syrian army and its allies of the East Ghouta.” 

    VT asked the Syrian government for serial numbers and closeup photographs of chemical weapons used. Syria sent them to us today.

    Today, the Syrian Army captured the following German made poison gas shells, shipped into Syria though Ukraine and Turkey and delivered to Jeish al Islam by a US CH53 helicopter, according to statements “allegedly” gotten from POW interrogations.

    American, British and Israeli military personnel captured in Syria have confirmed they were ordered to stage chemical attacks in East Ghouta by their governments.

    The Americans are still being held along with Israeli’s while British prisoners are being negotiated for. Sources in Damascus told us that representatives of Oman in Damascus approached the Russian Office of Reconciliation on behalf of Britain for the return of British chemical warfare personnel.

    The shells in the above video are identified as VX gas from British stockpiles.

    Russian officials in Syria informed Britain through Oman that they would have to directly deal with Syria for the return of their personnel. We have received no further information since, Damascus has remained silent on how or if negotiations were proceeding.

    We do know that US Representative Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, a US Army combat veteran of Iraq, met with both President Assad and Donald Trump, in order to arrange for covert exchange, for substantial financial consideration, of captured Americans.


    Via email to VT, Emily Latimer, State Communications Director for Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (HI0-02) disputes the statement made above by independent writer Gordon Duff that Rep. Gabbard

    met with both President Assad and Donald Trump, in order to arrange for covert exchange, for substantial financial consideration, of captured Americans”.

    She says “There is absolutely no basis or fact behind this statement and it needs to be removed immediately.”

    Emily Latimer can be reached by phone at 808-541-1986 (office)


    Initial introductions for this meeting were done by VT.

    Israel bought back a Brigadier General (they claimed he was a colonel) in 2015 that we know about.

    The recent gas attack in Syria, timed as the last terrorists were surrendering for relocation inside the Douma region of the Ghouta pocket, was planned personally by nominated presidential advisor John Bolton and President Donald Trump personally, according to highly placed sources.

    Our sources in Russia, highest level, told us the attack was coming based on information they received from US and Israeli prisoners taken in East Ghouta after an evacuation attempt failed.

    US casualty announcements in this effort have been released over the past few days as happening in other areas to cover US complicity in terrorism. This dishonors families of the dead, not just in the misuse of service members to support terrorism but in lying to families about combat deaths. This shame goes directly to coward Trump!

    The Marine Corps identified four Marines killed on Tuesday in a CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter crash near El Centro, Calif. The Marines were assigned to Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron (HMH) 465, Marine Aircraft Group 16, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar.

    “The loss of our Marines weighs heavy on our hearts,” Maj. Gen. Mark Wise, commanding general of 3rd MAW, said in a statement.
    “Our priority is to provide support for our families and HMH-465 during this critical time.”

    The four Marines killed in the crash were Capt. Samuel A. Schultz, First Lt. Samuel D. Phillips, Gunnery Sgt. Derik R. Holley and Lance Cpl. Taylor J. Conrad.”

    Other US casualties were listed as a US Air Force F16 that allegedly crashed at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada and up to 6 Americans who the US claims were killed by “Kurdish forces” in the north of Syria.

    All died in a failed combined US/Israel rescue operation to remove not only communications and command personnel but also chemical weapons operations teams as well.

    Last week, VT Damascus received evidence that Americans, US Army Special Forces along with Israeli chemical weapons officers had been captured in East Ghouta. We were told that not only was a command facility captured with modern weapons but a stockpile of British made 81mm poison gas mortar shells, numbering in the hundreds, was seized as well.

    Video’s were viewed by former MOD weapons specialists who identified the green stripe on the shells seized in East Ghouta as VX gas from British stockpiles.

    The Obama administration investigated alleged chemical attacks in 2012 and 2013 and advised Syria to turn over chemical stockpiles as a way of discouraging terrorists from continuing to stage chemical attacks to blame on Damascus.

    Most efforts had their roots in Britain’s MI6 and its affiliates, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights and the White Helmets.

    The US is currently facing combined military operations against its occupied zone in Syria by Iraq, Syrian and Russian forces. The US has been told to remove forces from Syria or face a wider conflict.

    The US and Russia have been at war against one another inside Syria for about a month now.

    More coming…

    © 2018 – Gordon Duff

    Sergei Skripal

    ESAG = European Security Advocacy Group

    “A group organized after 9/11 in the belief that terrorism is a constant and growing threat. More recent attacks in Madrid and Amsterdam have reinforced the need for our work.” “ESAG The European Security Advocacy Group was formed in direct response to severe increases in terrorism activities.”

    Yulia Skripal


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    1. Why is it the burden of the accused to prove their innocence when it should be the accusers who must prove their scurrilous accusations? But here in the Bizarro World of AmeriKKKa, all sense and logic has been banned. Instead of us questioning the proof put forth by the Syrians, we should be asking our government to offer one iota of even the most flimsy evidence they can concoct. They have’t even done that. All we got was a lot of hot air from our Zionist controlled leader and the new Rasputin-in-Residence, John Bolton. Yet, moronic AmeriKKKans line up behind the BS by the millions as if the Liar in Chief suddenly discovered the meaning of truth.

    2. Trump supporters are the dumbest people on the planet as Mr. Duff has so clearly documented that Trump is mobbed up and in this up to his fat little neck and I would advise you to go to one of the thousands of other alt right sites that are pro Trump that are run by our domestic enemies!

      What else can one say to people after reading this who still support Trump?


    3. There are big problems with the german cartouche of clorine presented as evidence.

      First, the cartouche presented is in no way a military grade thing. Such cartouches are used for disinfection of swimming pool water, so it is at best a “dual use” thing which can be used for military uses.

      Second, the provenience label reads clearly “Schuchardt, 8011 Hohenbrunn bei München”. The last time that 4-digit postal codes were used in germany is about 28 years ago. Presenting a nearly 30 year old commercial chlorine cartouche with something like an improvised detonator at its tip(?) as proof looks like a desperate act to present at least “some something”.

      I don’t know what the presenters are talking, since I have no arab. But this is the most prominent label presented in that video clip, which, to put it mildly, doesn’t add much credibility to the whole affair.

    4. So the question I ask is? Where would we be right now if Hillary had got in? Oops Rosie McGowan would be dead and Harvey, Spacey etc would be untouchable.

    5. As one who ‘defended’ the Wessex canister in a previous thread I’ll eat my words as you guys know more than I ever will.

      I am really puzzled as to why the Syrians are putting money before a big Syria/Russia PR identity parade of the western SOF especially given the publicity Russia gave to Gary Powers all those years ago. All I can think of is they believe that there will be no publicity due to D notices or similar so better the bird in hand.

    6. Thanks for the article. I have a question for Gordon or anyone else. What do you make of the American spelling of ‘coloured’ on the smoke canister? If they were originally manufactured for use by US personnel would the spelling be changed at production? I wouldn’t have thought so but I don’t know about these things. Thanks.

      • Colour is British English, for some reason you colonials dropped the ‘u’ from many words – labour, harbour, etc. You won’t see the US spelling, i.e. ‘color’ on anything produced in Britain so this canister having the British spelling is a sign of authenticity.

    7. I have increasing anger over war crimes in Syria. When the Neocons were never confronted in the USA for what they did in Iraq, why would they even think to stop? Al Qaeda never had an airforce (if you don’t Boeing’s under the control of US Treasury paid Americans) yet the Mid-Eastern conflicts that followed the Neocons’ 9-11 destroyed five auto plants in my State of Missouri and ruined most of our state and federal civic institutions.

      Do these people that have never read even an Economics History book have even a clue what restarting the Cold War (their best case scenario) will do to the West? How soon will US Army and Marine Infantry units be on the ground to fill in for the failing Al Qaeda (now rebranded as ISIS) and having to fight weapons systems not made by the corrupt incompetent Raytheon/Hughes/Northrup/Lockheed/GE/Haliburton cartel that can’t make competitive consumer products? No wonder the mainstream media (also owned and controlled by the defense contractors) has to vilify Putin.

      The New Cold War won’t work unless they replace Putin with a corrupt incompetent government to run Russia because right now, the work of the Neocons has even destroyed American schools, replacing hard sciences with the social engineering required to maintain their Big Lies about 9-11, the ending of real elections, and the rule of law. Where could the USA even get the people that can design aircraft and computer systems that can counter what Russia already has deployed in the field?

      Please tell me we are not doing all this for an oil pipeline!

    8. Talmudic Ploy; I gave up on seeing someone use those words, I believe you’re correct, members of these modern day money changers have written books concerning how they would go about enslaving the world, they’ve boasted about starting the major wars, including the American Civil War, here is one book “A Racial Profile For The Twentieth Century” I think I know the author but I want to be sure. A man who became a Christian, written by Doctor Benjamin Freedman “Facts Are Facts” Look up Colonel Jack Mohr a WW2 and a Korean Veteran also a POW, he has much information and the name of some books, he uses quotes I believe you will like.

    9. The photo (5th from top)of the light green container that has the caption “Chlorine gas-filled shell from Porton Down, Salisbury, found in East Ghouta with al Qaeda” is just a smoke grenade (white) manufactured by Pains Wessex Ltd. of Salisbury (
      The photo was taken closely to look like a cylinder.
      Stop writing nonsense and pay attention, otherwise the credibility of the VT will be the same as WaPo, WSJ and stuff.

      • Okay that photo does say SMOKE on the cannister but what about all the others pics and videos ? VT`s credibility is the same as anybody else`s , no more no less but you would never see anything like this on Western MSM !

      • Sergio:”Was” a smoke grenade, refilled with sarin using the Hill-Rom supplied equipment manufactured in the US in 2015 and shipped in through Saudi Arabia and by US helicopter from our base near al Tanf.

        It is YOU that needs to give up non-carbonated soft drinks.

      • To Mr. Duff: While I can easily agree that VT has–what appears to be–a higher level of media presence and willingness to alert others to hidden facts, I absolutely don’t take everything as carte-blanche. For example, you give no intel or a factual basis–merely assumptions and assigned a name due to an odd location of discovery–that those “green canisters” are indeed loaded with chlorine gas. Have you, the Russians, Syrians, anyone (??!) actually determined that, either by operation or investigative ingredient? Yes, I like the “education” and possible intel emanating from VT on all of this, but I am way more discerning about what I read. Grains of salt are very high in the desert…

    10. Holy you know what just hit the fan. Thanks for allowing truth to see the light of day. I’m glad those weapons will not be used. Assad and Putin take the moral high ground again.

    11. Thank you for this great article!
      Historically, what is done when one captures enemies of this caliber? Do govts just sell them back, do they have trials, hang them??
      Do you have strong confirmation this was Trump’s and Bolton’s doing and if so this is an impeachable offense isn’t it??
      Thank you so much, I so hope this story marks the beginning of the end of the US’s ME slaughter, as stories of US govt atrocities in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos ended that US slaughter.
      May we see peace in our time:)

    12. Just a thought,..if folks get tired of sending links to senators or reps, or politicians in general, send a link from an article like this, with a short descriptor to your local County or Town Clerks office and cc as many employees as you can. County Clerks are often a good place to plant seeds, like a hairdresser in a small town, they always serve as a hub for the latest, …. County sheriffs usually have an email also.

    13. Now. You are a juror. Please inform your local officials of your verdict. Wear something snazzy, like one of those sea captain hats Hefner used to wear and an orange suit so they remember you.

    14. How many of the Brits, Israelis, Americans and Saudis captured in East Ghouta had valid visas for entry into Syria? Public trial for unlawful entry followed by a jail sentence of some sort would discourage others.


    16. I think back to a flow, a surge of operations, starting around 2000, with the largest restructuring in corporate media history, just before the Bush election, and the dwindling or evacuation of massive numbers of journalists, combined with internet affects of craigslist and just an overall purging in media. As we go through the turnovers in Washington up to today, we see senators and reps evacuating/retiring, and the ability to watch really dumb people taking a turn at being in charge. Conservative by nature, they continue to double down on things, and it worked for the election, but only on a group of low information voters. But now into the main game, it doesn’t work to just double down on stupidity. Great job on this report. It feels like catching the ones left holding the bag.

    17. Certain Paul Antonopoulus reports today that the chem. attack, obviously blamed on Dr. Assad’s
      administration, occurred “these days” in Duma (part of East Ghouta), apparently still under
      control of “good terrorists” Jaish-al-Islam, causing deaths of 70+ people, obviously women
      &children. Apparently, intellectual (or rather lack of that property) sister of Haley, Heather Nauert
      together w. Trump call for an “immediate response by the World community”! In addition P.A.
      reports that both Syrian and Russian forces are “on red alert”? There doesn’t seem to be
      confirmation from other sources – so the big Q. = “is it happening”? Considering that Skripal’s
      affair is withering away in the most peculiar way, it is plausible that another flag affair is concocted
      to punish R.F. (and Dr. Assad) for not lassoing Pres. Putin for “Skripals”. It may also be a “threat”
      part of negotiations to release the captured Western chem. experts from Syrian custody? Your
      view of the above Gordon D.?

    18. This morning ABC news was busy advertising the latest FF chemical attack placing it squarely on President Assad’s shoulders. It’s wearying listening to the politicians/hucksters lie through their teeth knowing that the American public believe them or, isn’t listening, doesn’t care, or are as tired as I am. Common sense should be all one needs to understand the Syrian government is not the beneficiary when this shit happens, but sense common or otherwise is to a large degree absent.
      A few weeks ago I came across news that upwards of 300 US and, coalition forces were lost in Syria when Russia retaliated for the killing of over 100 of their mostly civilian contractors. I haven’t been able to verify this maybe VT can shine a light on it and, let us know if it happened.

      • I have not had a TV for years and get my news on line , one of the advantage’s is the comment section, and in this section No One was buying the lie’s no one including the FOX viewers along with the usual Sunday talking bubble heads..this is unusual and refreshing…

    19. Syria ransoms their POWs probably with a non disclosure. The world will not know the truth of what is happening so it is still open season for the perps. I am hearing the MSM reports here in US..If the public
      Had the truth rubbed in their face would it be a turning point? Previous article states ransoming captives has been on going, Is the ransom money being applied to Syria’s defense?. Is it going into some ones pockets? Why isn’t Syria exposing this is stuff?.

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