Dear Russia: Now is the time to challenge Israel

Russia obviously needs to start sending the Israeli regime an ultimatum which basically says that the regime cannot continue to perpetuate the war in Syria.


…by Jonas E. Alexis

Russian officials have done a marvelous job over the past six years or so. They have challenged the New World Order and its finest puppets on many fronts, and we have discussed these issues on numerous occasions in the past.

But Russia seriously needs to flesh out a rigorous policy with respect to the Israeli regime in Syria. We all know that Trump is Israel’s finest marionette and that he lift a finger in Syria without consulting the regime in Tel Aviv first. Russia again has resisted and is still resisting the diabolical activity which the United States has been desperately trying to impose on the Syrian people and their government.

But what about Israel? As we have argued in the past, Israel wanted to remove Assad from power since the beginning of the Syrian war. We have also pointed out that Israel has been behind virtually every single false flag operation in the region. As has been demonstrated here at VT, there is no doubt that Israel is behind some of the recent attacks in Syria as well.

But why has Russia continued to openly criticize the United States and not the real culprit? Alexander Zasypkin, the Russian envoy to Beirut, has recently declared: “If there is an American strike, then we… will shoot down the missiles and target the positions from where they were launched.”[1] Will they shoot down an Israeli strike as well? If not, then why not? As one observer has rightly pointed out,

Russia must reconsider its current relationship with Israel because it is wrong for so many reasons, not least because it sends mixed messages to Russian allies in the Middle East…

“Why is Russia keeping silent when Israel bombs Syria, but threatens the US when it says it wants to do the same? Where’s the logic? Why can Israel do it and the US, as a world’s first superpower, cannot? If Russia is not ready to retaliate against Israel, why do they claim that they are ready to retaliate against the US? It makes no sense. Therefore, Russian should not give Israel a free pass and should impose a similar set of economic and political sanctions as in the case of the U.S.”

The New World Order has invented an old lie in order to demonize Russia in the region. Trump, obviously taking his cue from the Israeli regime, has declared again that “Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria. Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’ You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”[2]

This is completely crazy. The Syrian government, by all accounts, was winning the war. In fact, they have liberated one area after another. So right after Trump declared that the United States was going to pull out of Syria, then Assad used chemical weapons on his own people! How stupid can that be? Do these people really think that Assad is the dumbest man who has ever lived?

Jewish Neocon John Podhoretz and his gangs have declared that Assad has recently gassed his own people because Trump wanted to pull out of Syria. They also perversely argued that “Assad is a thug. He’s a schoolyard bully, and he wanted to send a message.”

These are the kinds of arguments that these diabolical agents are propounding. They are treating the rest of us as little children. They expect us all to believe their own lies and swallow them hook, line, and sinker.

The Jerusalem Post has recently said that “Israel seeks to avoid Russian interests in Syria,”[3] but the same regime continues to bomb the Syrian forces and falsely accuse the government of gassing its own people. There is no logic behind this whatsoever.

Russia obviously needs to start sending the Israeli regime an ultimatum which basically says that the regime cannot continue to perpetuate the war in Syria. If Russia wants to fight forever in the region, then fine. But if they want to complete the mission altogether, then the Israeli regime must be warned of their diabolical/Talmudic activity.

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  1. It is easy to ask from Rusia to go against Israel…..yet at least in the west NOBODY dared to go against the Zionists ( UN, USA, EU,,,etc) they held a lot of power and politicians in their pockets.
    Should Mr Putin go against Israel….who would support him? Hitler tried to end their ruling and look where he end up.

  2. Bingo! It is easy to blame Putin about Netanyahoo, sitting in cinema CNN, devouring pop-corn, watching someone risks and does dirty job. To all VT guys who consider Putin as CIA agent or jews protector or a coward: you are not Ceasars in the Coliseum. And we, Russians, are not going to be gladiators for your entertainment. Everything has reasons. And the evening kitchen verbal debates, as a rule, melt down and disperse like etherium in the morning.

  3. Right and good questions, Jonas! Today Bibi called Putin. I think the serious talk was there. About Syria. I’ll try to get info about Rus-Isr attitudes on Syria.
    Second: Trump, calling Assad the animal, shows low political and moral cowboy culture. Syria is the member of UN, Assad is legitime president, no one Court judged him. Who has the right to condemn him and remove him? We do not know what was Putin’s talk with Bibi, but if i was Putin, i would help Syria to hit israel’s jets. This is why i’ll never be Putin. Politics like cold mind and no emotions. Maybe some things happened but it is not covered by media.

    • Would be great if you can find some info on Russian and Israeli interactions and behind the scenes stuff. It seems to me Putin has been playing a defensive game so far, a sensible option to be sure. Attacking Israel would be the point of no return strategically. Russia would have to commit blocking Gibraltar, Suez and Hormuz Strait, and create an E-Mediterranean no-fly zone. Saudi would cave in quickly, and North Africa would likely join a Russian protectorate and keep trading with China too. North Africa stabilised and under sensible governance might warm the Europeans to the idea too – no more refugee waves! Ou vey, I’m starting to feel optimistic.

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