Syria: A word to my Westminster MP

A reminder to my MP that his party boss Theresa and her out-of-control foreign secretary impatiently jumped the gun on Iraq and look like making the same mistake on Syria in an apparent attempt to provoke war

Any real democratic solution for the Syrian people is being bulldozed out of the picture by US-Israel_Saudi machinations

I well remember being on constant alert during the last cold war, and I’m not going through that again just to satisfy the pathological hatred some of your colleagues have for Russia, Iran and Syria while cosying up to the world’s truly vile regimes like Saudi Arabia and Israel, and even rolling out the red carpet for them.

May I respectfully suggest you sit Theresa and Boris down in a comfy armchair and read them extracts from VT, which has unparalleled connections with US and Russian intelligence communities.

Let’s remember that Theresa and Boris enthusiastically supported the loons who took us to war in Iraq and both “voted against saying that the case for war against Iraq has not yet been established” (see Both were impatient to commit the gravest crime in the book, namely taking a nation to war without being sure of the facts and without even bothering to run basic checks that would have told them the info fed to Parliament by Labour was bollox. Millions of ordinary citizens had managed to work that out for themselves, so why not MPs who are entrusted with getting it right?.

Boris, as we’ve seen, still hasn’t learned the lesson and is still none too careful about the way he seeks, interprets and broadcasts intelligence. Or the way he recklessly hurls accusations when he’s actually paid to make friends and do trade. And what he hasn’t been told he’s happy to make up to fit his own warped agenda, it would seem.

We now hear that Theresa May is under pressure from ministers and allies to join a US-led military strike against the Assad regime in retaliation for a suspected chemical attack. She says that President Assad and Russia will be “held to account…. if they are found to be responsible” for the “barbaric” attack in Douma. And she’s been warned Britain risks losing influence in Washington and Paris if she refuses Trump’s request to join his murderous military adventure. Crude and despicable from our nice allies.

There are insistent counter-reports that the Douma chemical attack never happened.

Funny Theresa isn’t so keen to hold the Israeli regime to account for its barbarism in recent days. Or the Saudi regime to account for its genocide in Yemen…. But of course money always trumps principle among today’s political elite.

So here’s a snippet from VT’s Senior Editor:

On the tongues of everyone in Washington: ‘when is somebody going to yank Trump’s security clearance, he has obviously lost his mind’.

Too many are saying ‘America has it coming’ and we finally need to be on the receiving end of shock and awe, and if Russia can do one thing well, it’s kick ass. I am not part of that group but I understand how they feel, real patriots are starting to hate the United States.

And a note from the Managing Editor:

It should come as no surprise that Trump is about to attempt to attack Syria, for that is one of the reasons he was installed in the White House – so that the US military can be used to fulfil the nefarious agenda of the criminal elite that control Trump.

I say attempt as it is by no means certain that such an attack would meet with any success, especially since the last attempt, in the wake of the Khan Sheikhoun false flag gas attack last year was an abject failure as most of the cruise missiles were shot down, either by conventional air defences or by state of the art Russian electronic warfare systems.

Trump has deployed the USS Donald Cook off the Syrian coast, the same warship that was humiliatingly disabled and turned into a sitting duck off the coast of Crimea in 2014 by low flying Russian jets using some kind of highly advanced electronic weapons system.

Reports from Syria say that Russian aircraft have already begun to make low level passes at the USS ‘Sitting Duck’, so unless the ship has been completely overhauled with new systems immune to the Russian electronic technology, it is liable to once again be disabled and left floating helplessly, unable to harm anyone.

Perhaps the whole point of this US attack is not whether it succeeds militarily, but rather, that it ignites the seemingly inevitable war with Russia, a very real possibility given that the Kremlin is already extremely angry due to the ludicrous Skripal case and the further provocation of the fake gas attack on the civilians of Douma.

Perhaps the US intent is to provoke the Russians into sinking the Donald Cook in order to be able to propagandise the event and turn it into a casus belli….

And a bit more:

The FBI has “all onboard” looking at Trump and in particular, John Bolton. Sources rated “highest” say that the Bolton nomination is the “deal breaker” as Bolton’s long list of misdeeds, covered by his Israeli friends for years, can no longer be overlooked.

Word is that Trump himself has flunked a security clearance background check for even “confidential”. This means he can’t even read his own tweets. Yes, Washington actually works like that.

That’s probably enough to give most people pause. Trump, like Boris, might not last long. Let us pray for that. Meanwhile the whole insane caper has a high chance of going badly, and I do mean badly, wrong and this time there’ll be no hiding place for the warmongers who were part of it.

Kind regards etc…


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  1. Russia doesn’t need to turn of ‘Cooks’ electronics to sink her, if she fires missiles at Syria, best to keep secret these new electronic measures Russia has. until the war really heats up.

  2. Stuart, the circus, initiated by “chemical horse rider May” and crazy rabbit Boris (Alice in Wonderland) is obvious to all people. What now happens near Syria is the brutal attempt to initiate a war. Because chemical provokes and WHelmet fake movies do not work well, as it was before. Best wishes and peace to simple people of England.

  3. T. May is now simply leaning back and watch how the fate she ignited went on for the world. Let the Goy do their dirty work while washing their hands in innocence.

  4. This sorry business is making me even more angry than I was before the invasion of Iraq.
    How any politician or spokesperson can stand in front of a camera and go on record talking unmitigated lies and propaganda totally defeats me. They either have no brains or no scruples.

    It seems to me, if the info filtering through is correct, that we are not talking about a simple surgical strike here – but a full on, boots on the ground invasion of Syria. Obviously there will be British, French and American casualties, possibly in big numbers.

    The pathetic excuse of children killed or injured by chemical weapons is quite ludicrous, considering the number of innocent children, babies and pregnant women who will be killed in the “retaliation” – the number already killed in this unnecessary conflict and the possibility that millions more infants may die as the result of a wider conflict.

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