Bolton leads new charge for Arab NATO occupation force

The Saudis are ready to send troops into Syria as part of an Arab NATO contingent


… from Press TV, Tehran

[ Editor’s Note: Welcome to the Deep State’s revealing its “pea and shell” game. Bolton’s first big move is “occupation substitution”, to bribe Arab states using the deep pockets of the rich Gulf States to replace US troops, to complete the Balkanization of Syria, which has always been the plan.

Notice that while the Assad-as-the-cruel-dictator mantra has been dug up for public consumption again, the US coalition will never mention a word about the Syrian Astana group that agreed to move forward on a draft constitution and election planning.

And once again, we see a new effort to jumpstart the Arabic semi-NATO entity, with this attempt having the Gulf States offer a lot more money, I am sure. This would be the tool to “Arabize” future takeovers of Mideast States, to keep them all at each other’s throats.

It is also a move to block the softer approach that Russia and China are doing to expand their influence in the region. Players like Egypt will play both sides off against each other to get the most from both.

We can clearly see that the US and friends focused all their attention to kill the Astana momentum, with the cherry-on-top being the recent fake gassing attack as the final shot-to-the-head to demonize the Assad regime – despite that story having been widely exposed for the fraud that it is. But we find no corporate media moguls jumping off buildings in shame.

The UN charter is just a doormat for the US Coalition to wipe its feet on. The institution has become a cartoon show – its weakness and acceptance of having been taken over by the former colonialist countries right out in the open for all to see.

The UN has become a bad joke, with Nikki Haley acting like a carnival barker

It is way past time to replace the UN with a new, real institution, where all memberships are conditional on adhering to its charter. And we need to stop this silliness of postage stamp-sized countries, the size of a city, being considered a country for voting purposes.

That setup was created as a cheap way to buy votes; and there never has been any pushback to reform the initial “rigging” of the UN. UN employees are, first and foremost, concerned with maintaining their jobs and lucrative benefits, unfortunately.

If we cannot replace the UN, then a second one needs to be created to compete with it. For starters I would call it the Real UN, just for spite … Jim W. Dean ]

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– First published … April 18, 2018

John Bolton, US President Donald Trump’s new national security adviser, is spearheading a push to establish a coalition of Arab military forces in Syria to pave the way for an American withdrawal, according to reports.

The White House is considering putting “a compelling reward” on the table in order to convince Arab states like Saudi Arabia to deploy forces to Syria, CNN reported, citing a source close to the White House.

The idea of creating an Arab force recently gained traction after Trump declared earlier this month that he wanted American troops out of Syria “very soon” and have other countries “take care of it.”

The United States in particular is enlisting assistance from Egypt, Bahrain, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates should the US significantly reduce its troops size in Syria.

The US and its regional allies have backed militants opposed to the Syrian government since the conflict broke out in 2011.

Bolton recently called Egypt’s acting intelligence chief, Abbas Kamel, to determine whether his country would be willing to deploy to Syria, according to CNN and The Wall Street Journal. Mike Pompeo, Trump’s pick for Secretary of State is also involved in the initiative.

US officials are in contact with other Arab countries about the possibility of building a regional force, but a formal agreement has yet to be reached.

A spokesman of the US-led coalition in Syria, Colonel Ryan Dillon, said Tuesday it was up to individual nations to announce specific force contributions.

“As far as the coalition and individual nations that are contributing forces to Syria as a request by those nations we have not announced that and we will respect their request on that, so whether that’s providing air support or ground support or trainers, we’ll leave that to individual nations to personally make that announcement,” he said.

Meanwhile, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir announced on Tuesday that Riyadh was ready to send troops into Syria as part of this contingent.

“We are in discussions with the US and have been since the beginning of the Syrian crisis about sending forces into Syria,” he said at a news conference in Riyadh with UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres.

Jubeir also noted that Saudi Arabia made a similar offer to the Barack Obama administration, but that the US did not consider the proposal.

The Trump administration’s overall strategy has come under close scrutiny after the president ordered missile strikes against several government positions in Syria last week.

The strike, carried out in coordination with Britain and France, was in response to an alleged chemical weapons attack outside Damascus, which the West has blamed on the Syrian government. Damascus and Russia have strongly denied any responsibility in the suspicious attack.


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  1. The most interesting part is the possible involvement of Egypt against Syria, a plan that was also vital under the muslim brotherhood president Mursi. This smells like a typical Israeli tactic: let the Sunnis fight themselves to the death, we will gladly watch them die.

    Lets talk about Putin. He did may advances political and military towards Egypt, now he might get another problem with this, like he already has with Turkey. All this also smells… I’m not sure if he couldn’t anticipate one or the other problems evolving from his policy of being friends with each and everyone. If he continues this way, his real enemies will bring him down sooner or later.

    I totally agree with Gordon’s lately remark about Putin inability to “learn”, especially in his current presidential term. I also want to mention that some growing doubts can be heard even well known ardent Putin supporters, who also question – mostly mild and friendly in tone – some of his last decisions.

  2. Where is Saudi going to find troops that would actually fight? Not among Saudi citizens.

    Of course, they could always issue uniforms to current Daesh and al Nusra members.

  3. Don’t know if it is only me but I had a sense of a palpable seismic shift in the Middle East after last weekend’s Western debacle against Syria. The Israeli army general staff must be having palpitations against a reinvigorated Arab military and robust reverberations through the various officer corps., not least that of the Egyptians, Iran, Iraq and Lebanon. A few tweaks here and there and Putin will make a formidable Syrian defense even more of a deterrent. Bolton has arrived at the barn door after the horses/camels have bolted clutching at straws of hay and irritated by fresh dung outdoing the rancid stench of the Swamp that envelopes him. Let him stew. And piss on the Saudis and that rag-tag tinker’s bag of Gulf States that couldn’t muster a corporal’s guard between them.

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