Trump Really Was Peed On By Russian Hookers

Otherwise why issue such a tissue of lies about his trip to Moscow...


The old truism ‘the truth will out’ is making Donald Trump very uncomfortable right now as the most salacious part of the notorious Christopher Steele dossier appears to be accurate.

Trump’s blatant lies have been exposed by a few simple checks by mainstream journalists, making it highly likely that the allegations of golden showers are accurate.

We hope President Macron has been properly briefed so that if Trump asks if he has an interest in watersports he makes sure he says ‘non’ otherwise he is likely to learn firsthand about Donald’s favourite pisstime…..


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  1. When you have this kind of Creature you Great Friend you got to be a worthless entity called Zionist Ragim in Palestine.

  2. Ian or Duffster…is there something going on here at VT? I cannot access an up to date home page. I am continually taken to an April 2 page. This happens even when clicking on a VT logo while on an up to date page (which I can only access by a link in the email alerts I receive). Typing in takes me to the same page with trumps rump prominently displayed. Strangely, although the date at the top bar is correct (apr.26), all articles are from Feb 10-April 2. WTF? I’ve dumped cookies, deleted history and internet files and tried setting new link…no soap.

  3. Reminds me of an old Redd Foxx monologue that was recorded on vinyl. They were all adults; who cares. I am more concerned that Trump is bombing and killing normal people trying to live their normal lives.

  4. For those who still have doubts, what can be said ? An arrogant, rich, self professed playboy, racist in Moscow for a beauty pageant, would not turn down a chance to rent the same room Obama slept in and he would not sleep in that bed. What he would do, is pay a couple girls to pee on it and brag about it to his buddies.
    A germaphobe would not have sex with a porn star sans protection either. So, memo to Trumps base, you have been conned and the con even told you he was going to con you right before he did with relative ease.
    So, if democracy is going to work, we need informed citizens with discernment, and anyone who voted for this guy, has a severe discernment disability, or are the type who wishes to ride his filthy coattails.

    • No, the other choice was Bernie Sanders or a protest no-vote. I don’t hold my nose and vote for anyone. If they are genuine and qualified, then I vote. Otherwise I demand better quality candidates. BTW,.. this is thew first election in my memory where a large group of people actually figured out how broken our electoral system is. Our 2 party system is more like, 2 factions one club. Bernie is honest and consistent. Even the IMF has admitted Capitalism is unsustainable.
      your screen name is a misnomer unless you are hunting Catholics. no other group comes even close to the number of pedo’s they have currently operating

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