TCK: Fake Pope, Fake Theology, Fake Alien Invasion Coming



3 hour program


Special guest Peter McCarthy joins me to discuss: project bluebeam, “aliens”, ufo deception, and fallen angels (ascended masters) already here? Maitreya, new age, Synagogue of Satan, Vatican II, fake pope Francis, the rise of the robots, end times prophecy, 3 days of darkness, Denver airport, CERN, ww3, Fatima, Rosicrucian’s, Freemasons and MUCH more!

Peter McCarthy is the creator and host of The Creepy Little Book on youtube. A channel with a focus on fringe topics with emphasis on the subject matter and not opinion, and information over editorial. His goal is to create content that provides people with an accessible entry point to larger and broader truths about the nature of reality, belief, and governance.

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  1. To spot fake theology, all you have to do examine how they apply time keeping, and how this is both implemented and taught to the people. If it is not correct, then you have a fraud or worse, a conniving sociopath or psychopath.
    The current days of the week are 7 and are implemented as a work week for slaves. They follow the planets in this order, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and the Sun. You have to ask yourself, where is the Earth day ? Pay day is Venus Friday, Sabbath on Saturday and Mass on Sunday. So when you get your paycheck, the first two days after want theirs first. Maybe that is too simple for folks, but it is a Fraud nonetheless. The entire time keeping system is based on confusion or obfuscation, and finance. It was a financial system installed by frauds, who are pretending to be spiritual , but are actually funnels. They know the correct and natural system, so you have to ask yourself, why avoid and obfuscate it ?

    • If the entire book talks of 20 being a score, then where is this applied ? If it is not applied at all, then it is a fraud. Even if there was no money collection and massive land grabs, it would be considered fraudulent.
      The cycles of time, and the natural cycles, are the core of the study of spirit and the invisible world in all schools of theology or cosmology. It is the one area, where lies cannot exist and it is easy enough to teach a child. If your religion or school of thought lies to you about something as simple as “what day it is”. Then simple discernment should beg you to ask, “What else are they lying about ?” People do not need Faith to be instilled by a Fraud, they can affirm their own Faith by knowing the cycles, because that will expand their awareness of confirmation by 300 fold. A personal and impenetrable relationship with spirit. Frauds will tell you, that is not allowed.

    • Perhaps the most misunderstood aspect of time keeping in academia and theological circles, is the attention to stars and planets and structures which seem to incorporate these things as worship. That is a gross assumption, because when proper cycles are observed and illustrated, everything synchronizes. Perhaps the best way to think about it, is the comparison between the clocks we have in our kitchens, with everything else.
      The stars are easy to read, like the clocks in our kitchen, but that does not mean we worship them. A simple alignment of a planet, does not itself have meaning. What correlates with the alignment is the study, and it is immature and narrow sighted to automatically assume causation from a single synchronicity. Tons of things, in fact all things, are synchronous , and it is just a matter of understanding the cycles. If you think that is a beautiful thing to know, it is ,.. and your question should be, so why are we not teaching it ? In this alleged age of knowledge and technology, people do not know what day it is. How astounding. Who is responsible for this, ?

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