American Auschwitz: Will Trump Round Up the Jews Next? (video)


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  1. PS…

    A raped child today is the terrorist of tomorrow ! Roman Empire never ended… The Roman Catholic Church / Satanic Vatican is the same cabal !

  2. LS…
    A few things to consider: The white man and the Jews are responsible for all the looting of the third world and the suppression of the intellectual underdeveloped part of the human race and all the never ending wars. The white man and the Jews have the duty to fix all the mistakes of the past in a human way. Close the borders in America and Europe send all the immigrants back to where they com from. Also the Israelite who live in the stolen land of Palestine. Ban all man made religions and destroy all churches, synagogues and mosques. Including the Vatican etc. Start a Marshall plan, stop using oil and gas and use 0 point energy etc. Eliminate all so called Royal Families. The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia and the Jesuits.
    I had a dream !

    • LS…

      Zero Point Energy is one example. There are lots of possibilities ! It is all been there and we just have to reinvent it or release the knowledge if we want to. But it seems to be easier for the cabal to keep mutilating mother earth and wage wars over energy sources. In the meantime they rape the children because the satanic energy of fear, pain and horror brings satisfaction for the monsters and followers of Yahweh ! Power to the Human Race and down to the Monsters that are ruling OUR World ! (Wes Penre Papers…)

  3. In Brazil, there is a large group of people so malnourished that studies of the Zika virus had to rule them out as their brains were already underdeveloped through starvation. There is no corporate trickle down.

  4. Each child must be accounted for, their is a chain of custody, each child is assigned a guardian. A real investigation will turn up discrepancies; possible patterns that will illuminate any wrongdoing. Look at whom blocks or stymies any investigation. Just my $0.02

  5. Yeah, you’re right, corruption and guilt are widespread in this issue. You’re also right about controlling immigration, but could it have been handled much worse? Well, yeah, they could be shooting them like the Israelis are with the Palestinians, but short of that, it’s been horribly mishandled. Immigration must be controlled, but not in such a cruel way, this is a horrible situation that could have been easily avoided.

  6. I think you’re missing the point entirely, the way these refugees are being handled is cruel and inhumane. They are legitimate refugees fleeing poverty and violence that is ultimately, caused by the US and it’s meddling in the affairs of central and south America. Go read Smedley Butler’s ‘War Is A Racket’ to understand how the US has treated it’s southern neighbours. It’s not just the US government, big US corporations like Dole, Coca-Cola and Chiquita (formerly United Fruit Co.) have a lot of blood on their hands too, such as when they hired the Colombian Army to massacre innocent fruit workers who went on strike to protest the awful pay and rotten conditions on their US-owned plantations. Instead of treating these poor, displaced people like criminals, the US should show some humanity and treat them as refugees, housing families together in decent conditions, instead of packing them into holding cages in converted Walmarts or into stiflingly hot tent camps. Of course, if these people had white skin, it would be a whole different ball game…

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